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AGRI 1211 Introductory Seminar in Agriculture David Agnew Arkansas State University 2005.

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1 AGRI 1211 Introductory Seminar in Agriculture David Agnew Arkansas State University 2005

2 Three Topics Today 1.Intro to Agricultural Education 2. Internships in Agriculture 3. Leadership development & your future

3 Ag Ed…..

4 Intro to Agricultural Education What is Ag Ed? Why do we need Ag Ed? Why should I consider Ag Ed as a major? What is required to get a degree in Ag Ed? What can I do with a degree in Ag Ed? What minors are related?

5 What is Ag Ed? Broad Degree – Mix of: Technical Content Communications Skills Teaching at the secondary level is the number 1 choice Extension Education

6 Why do we need Ag Ed? Vocational Purpose Advances in technology New production areas/applications Service industry Recreation – hunting, fishing, Agri-tourism Misinformation abounds Aids in learning other content

7 Why should I consider Ag Ed? More Career Opportunities Wide range of courses High demand for Ag Ed majors Good benefits Help young people Potential to make a positive impact on the future of young people, the community, the economics of a region, and the environment. Good starting pay.

8 Salaries: National Prospective Arkansas: 12 month contract, 32-34,000 starting, high as 43,000 starting

9 Requirements of a degree in Ag Ed? 128 hours (Gen Ed and Ag Core) 33Technical ag 15 Ag Mech related 15Education related Adult education Youth Organizations 12 Hour internship

10 What to do with a degree in Ag Ed? 1 st Choice is Teaching 2 nd Choice is Agribusiness Sales and services Credit and lending Anything anyone else can do you can do with a degree in Ag Ed Career paths of an educator Examples

11 What Options or Minors are related? Option in Ag Communications Minor in Ag Mechanics (18 hours) Adult Education Certification Career Education Certification

12 Misc.. Ag Ed.. Double majors are an option—Ag ed &… International Ag Education Leadership Education Collegiate FFA Alpha Tau Alpha – Honorary Organization for Ag Ed Majors

13 Misc..2…. Ag Ed.. Ag Ed is a part of the core in COA Ag Mech- 5 courses possible in (3 hrs ea) Youth Organizations – FFA 7 4H (2hrs) Adult Education (3 hrs) Intro to Ag Ed (1 hr) International Study Tour (3 hrs)

14 Past international study tour trips

15 International travel 2002-2005 Costa Rica Other trips are planned (Europe or Central America) Can count as a core course in the college ! Usually in the summer or during spring break

16 Internships

17 Internships in Agriculture What is an internship? Why have an internship? What are the requirements for an internship? How do I go about getting an internship? What is expected of me if I have an internship?

18 What is an internship? It is a work experience program where you in agreement with your advisor seek to gain practical experience in an area of interest. This is for credit Must be approved Must meet standards established by the college

19 Why have an internship? Employers want to see this can of experience on your transcripts/resume. Helps you connect classroom, academic experience to the world of work. It is motivating It is usually paid

20 What are the requirements? GPA 2.5 Sophomore status Internship must be career related Approval from the Internships Committee, faculty advisor and the Dean of the College of Agriculture Completed Application, submitted by deadline Completed Internship Agreement, submitted by deadline

21 How to do an internship? Review the info sheet on internship Talk with advisor Start early looking for an internship experience Talk to potential provider/employer Complete application and submit to Associate Dean’s Secretary Committee will review and approve if it meets COA standards. Pay course fees as usual

22 Expectations if I have an internship? Bi-weekly report Completion by you of your Final Evaluation Form Completion by employer of your Final Evaluation form Technical report (written paper) that meets COA standards Oral presentation of your report


24 Leadership development & your future Employers want you to have certain knowledge and skills in agriculture, science, oral communications or presentation, problems solving, and of course work ethics… How do they know that you have these skills…..? Resume… Interview…. Academic record – GPA, kinds of courses you took Experience -- like those gained thru internship, and Leadership – Like those you gain thru clubs and organizations.

25 Leadership What leadership opportunities do you have? What Student Organizations do you have thru the COA? What is the purpose of the COA Student leadership Conference? What is the nature of the leadership conference?

26 Leadership Opportunities? Community Organizations Church Student organizations Workshops, conferences, and Seminars Courses

27 COA Student Organizations Alpha Tau Alpha Block and Bridle Rodeo Club Agribusiness Club Collegiate FFA Pre Veterinary Medicine Club Plant Science Club Delta Tau Alpha

28 Annual COA Student Leadership Conference? The two purposes of the conference are: to help student leaders develop the skills they need to have a successful year within their student organization. To help individual students develop the skills needed to have success in their career.

29 COA Annual Leadership Conference 14 th annual – September 17 th ASU Convocation Center 30-35, COA Student leaders Alumnus, speaker at the luncheon Agri-business sponsored because… Certificate of completion Invitation to student leaders, others,

30 Leadership……

31 Any questions about… Ag Ed as a major Internships Leadership

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