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IBREA W ORLD Y OUTH L EADERSHIP (WYL) PROGRAM Brain Education for Peace A tool to advance the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

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1 IBREA W ORLD Y OUTH L EADERSHIP (WYL) PROGRAM Brain Education for Peace A tool to advance the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

2 I NTRODUCTION IBREA’s Mission: to increase awareness of the brain’s potential through the study, application and dissemination of a revolutionary holistic educational method called Brain Education, both in the UN forum and around the world. IBREA’s Vision: We envision a world where each individual reaches their full potential through greater understanding and proper use of their brain. As more individuals accomplish this, we will witness health, happiness and peace for humankind at the community level, the national level, and eventually the world.

3 W HAT IS BRAIN EDUCATION ? Brain-based education  aims at maximizing the potential of the human brain  recovering true nature Holistic methodology combining Eastern medicine and neuroscientific advancements in the West Works at 3 levels (physical, emotional and cognitive) at the same time. Based on experience and practice

4 W HY BRAIN EDUCATION FOR GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ? Education is the key to solve global problems (MDGs) Importance of an education that helps establish goals and give confidence Technical knowledge is an important part of education but does not go to the core of the human being As the world is today, young people need an education that changes their perspective of things and life, an education that helps them recover their human nature

5 IBREA Brain Education IBREA Brain Education Self- development for leadership Community, nation and world development CONCEPT UN MDGs World leaders

6 W HO IS IT FOR Recent graduates of BA and MA programs in the social sciences, law, politics, humanities Who want to lead change in developing countries and aspire for global peace.

7 W HAT IS THE P URPOSE To provide students with practical Brain Education tools contributing to human development and the UN MDGs To promote a better understanding of major global problems confronting the world and to give insight into how we can find solutions to these problems To expose the students to IBREA and its Brain Education projects and have them become good will representatives of Brain Education in their countries To enable students from different parts of the world to exchange information during and after the program to appreciate cultural diversity amongst different peoples and have them become contributors to world peace To allow students to be candidate interns in IBREA’s projects in Latin America and Africa

8 P ROGRAM DESCRIPTION 10 days, 9 nights 5 days in New York City Brain Education Conference in the UN Interactive presentations in UN Missions that have brought or want to bring Brain Education to their countries Interactive presentations in UN Agencies: UNEP, UN Global Compact, UNICEF, UNDP Exposure to Brain Education outreach projects in NYC: YAI, Brain Education for kids in Tao Yoga Center, Union Sq 4 days in upstate New York, Honor’s Haven: Brain Education intensive training and practice: (1) Body, (2) Emotions/Energy (3) Purpose/Vision  FINAL TEST AND INTERVIEW for candidature for future IBREA field projects in the developing world

9 C URRICULUM I UN system basics: history, institutional and political framework UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Education for All (EFA) goals The role of NGOs in the UN system: consultation of policy and programming (HQs level) & partners in the field (local level) IBREA in the UN: Consultation: annual conference in New York + side events in ECOSOC meetings or GA meetings Partnership on the ground: projects in developing world: El Salvador, Philippines, Liberia, Tajikistan, Burkina Faso

10 C URRICULUM II Brain Education basics: Brain-Body basics, 5 steps of BEST (Brain Education System Training) Awakening the senses and enhancing flexibility of body and brain Energy points, meridians and the principle of energy circulation Brain Wave Vibration: a methodology to balance the brain waves, release stress and integrate brain functions Releasing emotions and traumas Endurance: overcoming emotions The origin of emotions and removing negative information stored in the brain from the past Integrating brain functions and unleashing creativity Understanding Goals and Vision The power of choice One mind: moving beyond obstacles in a group setting Mastery: constant practice body-mind-vision and PDCA WRAP UP: Brain Education and Earth Citizen Movement for advancing UN MDGs Self development  Community Development  Country development  World Peace

11 R ECOGNITION AND CONTINUED EDUCATION The 10-day program provides participants with a 1-year certification as Brain Education instructors from IBREA It shows your capacity to teach Brain Education basics in your community, workplace or other group settings There are many levels of Brain Education, participants are encouraged to continue with further training and practice after the IBREA World Youth Leadership (WYL) program

12 L OGISTICS Total program fee: $2,950 All lodging and meals are included (except for meals during the 5 days in NYC) Flights are not included, students must take care of their booking and payment

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