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California State University, Northridge College of Business and Economics Dr. Daniel Degravel Internship Management Fall 2009 MGT498C Class 12623 W 07:00pm-09-45pm.

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1 California State University, Northridge College of Business and Economics Dr. Daniel Degravel Internship Management Fall 2009 MGT498C Class 12623 W 07:00pm-09-45pm August to December 2009 August 26, 2009 1

2 Day Outline I. Professor: introduction II. Course Objectives III. Course Structure and Schedule IV. Evaluation V. Teaching Method VI. Work for students VII. Contents VIII. Students: presentation 2

3 Professor 1- Internal consultant 2- Project manager 3- Faculty 4- External consultant Four perspectives Daniel Degravel, Ph.D. Office Phone (818) 677-2402 3

4 Professor 1- Internal consultant 2- Project manager Advisor, “Implementor” Study and make recommendations Preparation of Material for Decision Follow-up of Solutions Implementation “Constructor”, Pilot and Teamwork Animator Change Management Construction of Method, Tool, Process First Cycle and Preparation of Resources to run it after start Company Electricité de France Gaz de France HR Department, Paris, France Topics Strategic Integration of core competences towards individual and collective competences Link Strategy - HRM Job Evaluation and Classification Integration of new hired people HR Performance 4

5 Professor 3- Faculty 4- External consultant Professor and Communicator Constructor of Knowledge Knowledge “Tranferor” Knowledge Builder (Searcher) Class and Groups Animator School USC, Los Angeles, CA., USA Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA., USA Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA., USA Cal Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA., USA CSU Northridge, CA., USA CSU Pomona, CA., USA CSU Fullerton, CA., USA Paris Créteil University, France Paris Dauphine University, France Topics Strategic Management B497A Change Management HR Management Fields of interest Resource-Based Approaches Corporate and Core Competencies Managerial and organizational cognition in RBV and strategy Management Knowledge Market Business internship and its role Consultant Diagnosis builder as a generalist Problem-solver Recommendation maker Solution implementor Market Small-Businesses Publishing and Advertising industries General strategic and organizational diagnosis 5

6 Course Objectives According to the CSUN COBAE catalog: MGT498C = individual study regarding the application of management principles to the workplace 6

7 Course Objectives -Understand complexity of corporate world -Understand/apply ethics -Build your representation of place of work in your life -Build your future and your career and personal goals -Diagnosis -Power relationships -Classic managerial skills such as group animation, teamwork and leadership -“Functional skills” -“Relational skills” -Learn what you have learned and how you have improved your skills (measurement) 7 Apply management principles and practices to the workplace 1- Learn and develop skills 2- Build your own vision of the corporate world within your life

8 Course Objectives 8 Accompany and help students in their internship itself and to maximize its benefits “I strongly believe that the Internship is extremely valuable in the improvement and learning of students, and I do not consider it as an additional assignment only needed for the purpose of graduation, but a real airlock between two worlds: educational and corporate”. Daniel Degravel, CSUN, 2009 a)All the assignments are I-centered, and pursue a specific goal b)The assignments facilitate the completion of the main report, and emphasize students’ learning c)The syllabus is designed to minimize students’ workload d)The instructor’s goal is to enhance the I’s learning benefits

9 Course Objectives 9 “The MGT498C arrow” Internship project Goal Report Task completed Study Shadowing & Training Position held A- Conceptual tools Practical tools Methods B- Advice and support Prepare for “life after graduation” Assess learning and improvement impact C- Develop tools for: -understanding I impact -learning assessment -matching I-student

10 Schedule 10 Discussion syllabus and material Elaboration and discussion of AI Discussion material Harrison (diagnosis) and Mgt360 (management) FF Class 44 Reading material Work of I project Redaction of pre- project Redaction Weekly journal NC Discussion of pre- project Guidance Weekly journal Supervisor feedback Internship package OL Section 32 Weekly journal due Supervisor’s feedback due Internship package NC Internship package due I De-briefing FF Class 2

11 Class and assignments 11 Material Class Discussion Illustration on companies Contribution from students Mobilization of outside material M G T 4 9 8 C Class PRE-PROJECT The pre-project helps understanding and building the final project. It acts as an intermediate step of achievement WEEKLY JOURNAL INTERNSHIP PACKAGE Personal reflection, network construction, and reflective analysis SUPERVISOR FEEDBACK Work completed and student’s learning

12 Evaluation Participation (Individual) 10% Pre-project20% Weekly journal20 % Internship package20% Firm’s feedback30% Total100% 12

13 1- Personal Preparation 2- Attendance 3- Contact and feed-back with Instructor 4- Quality of production Students’ contribution 13

14 1- Harrison, Michael, Diagnosing organizations. Methods, models, and processes, 3 rd Ed., 2005, Applied Social Research Methods Series, Vol.8, Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91320, 181p., ISBN 978-0-7619-2572-9 2- Textbook of MGT 360 3- Readings of Business Magazines dedicated to the specific industry 4- Professor’s website Contents 14

15 I.Education II.Professional Experience / Position / Current Organization III. « Contacts » with corporate world IV. Career orientation V.What are your expected benefits for MGT 498C? Students: Introduction 15

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