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ETHS Freshman Biology Internship Experience. ETHS Biology Internship Student participation in a science internship has been an integral component of the.

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1 ETHS Freshman Biology Internship Experience

2 ETHS Biology Internship Student participation in a science internship has been an integral component of the honors biology curriculum at Evanston Township High School for almost 20 years. Over the course of its rich history, the internship has provided students with opportunities to better understand the variety of professions that incorporate science. Our students are growing up in an age where there is an increasing demand and incentive for people to pursue careers in science. The original focus of the internship has broadened beyond the life sciences and encompasses the extensive and rapidly growing range of careers in science, math, engineering, and technology.

3 All students taking biology for honors credit are required to complete an internship by the end of the spring. ETHS strongly believes in the educational value of this independent project. The lessons learned on- site can never be taught in the classroom or read in a book. Students often ask the question; “Why do I need to study science?” The goal of the internship is to help students build connections between their science classroom and the real world. Additionally, it challenges students to look forward toward their own futures as they make their initial steps to map out their career goals.

4 How Do I get Started on my Internship? Setting up the internship is the responsibility of the biology student. Below are some questions that will help get you started. What do I like to do? Are you interested in medicine, animals, or the environment? Completing your internship in and area of interest will make the experience more meaningful. What is my time availability? You can spend 2 hours a week or dedicate 3 full days to your internship. The timeframe will help you with deciding your best options. Think about your school breaks and extracurricular responsibilities. Who can help me find a location? Talk to your family and friends. Explain your interests and ask if they know anybody that can help. You don’t know who they know until you ask. Someone can have an aunt that works at Northwestern in a lab or a friend that attends prairie burns. Is there information on the net? Search your area of interest on the internet. There are often opportunities for volunteering and names to contact for more information. What are my peers doing for their internship? Talk to your classmates. They might have ideas or phone numbers. Going to the same place can help with transportation. Don’t procrastinate!!! If you get stuck, talk to your teacher as soon as possible. They are more than willing to help, but you cannot wait until the last minute.

5 Opportunity vs. Convenience Opportunity vs. Convenience: This is an opportunity to explore a scientific field of interest or to discover the science that is the fundamental basis for a “non-scientific” field. Do you like music? What is the science behind it? Do you like blueberries; maybe you’re interested in agriculture? Do not choose your internship because it was convenient to have a chemist in the family, even though you are not interested in chemistry! There is a classmate who is interested and you can make that an opportunity for them, while you pursue your real interests.

6 Internship Requirements The internship must be at least 20 hours. The internship location must be decided before winter break. It can be completed anytime between November and April A journal must be keep to record the science experiences occurring in your location, as well as personal reflections of the internship experience Photographs must be taken to provide others with an idea of how you spent your time Your on-site mentor will be required to complete an exit evaluation of your performance as an intern You are expected to follow all safety and privacy regulations at your internship location. Always get permission to enter a restricted area or to take photographs.

7 What are you interested in? Ideas for Internships Your biology internship must be related to a field of science. Approval from your teacher is necessary before beginning your internship. Please ask for help if you are having difficulty finding the science of your interests. This section contains a very small list of possibilities. Hopefully this list will give you an idea of where to begin your search. Remember to not procrastinate about finding your location. While the internship is not due until April, there are many biology students completing this project and many places might have a limit to the number of interns they will take. Your doctor or dentist office Environmental Protection Agency Northwestern University Professor/Lab Animal shelter/ Veterinarian Office Metropolitan Water Reclamation Plant Forest Preserves of Cook County Evanston Garden Club Personal trainer Museum volunteer/ Attend Lectures Evanston Department of Public Health Alliance for the Great Lakes Chicago Wilderness Volunteers Evanston Northshore Bird Club Chicago Botanic Gardens North Park Village Nature Center

8 Questions If you still have questions about the internship after you have looked over all the information, please contact your biology teacher right away. Our goal is to provide students with an authentic science experience that they will remember after they finish the course. It might even be the spark for a career decision.

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