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Internship Opportunities 2009 Working in Finland Outi Isotalo, Jaana Mutanen CIMO International Trainee Exchanges.

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1 Internship Opportunities 2009 Working in Finland Outi Isotalo, Jaana Mutanen CIMO International Trainee Exchanges

2 Internship Opportunities 2009 Finnish working culture Punktuality Informality Equality Dependability Honesty

3 Internship Opportunities 2009 When applying for a job… be active, contact employers, network visit career services visit employment offices write your application with care be aware of your abilities and what you can offer for an employer remember that you compete with Finnish students and recent graduates  you have more to prove learn Finnish

4 Internship Opportunities 2009 Erasmus Students registered at a higher education institution A placement between 3 and 12 months Host organisations may be enterprises, training centres, research centres and other organisations including higher education institutions in one of the 31 participating European countries Excluded are EU-institutions, organisations managing EU programmes and national diplomatic representations (embassies etc.) of the country of the student Students may be awarded an ERASMUS grant, the student has to turn to the international office of his or her higher education institution Students may get a financial contribution or a contribution in kind by the host enterprise/organisation

5 Internship Opportunities 2009 Minna Söderqvist: How do Finnish employers see foreign job applicants What contributes and what hampers foreigners in finding a job in Finland? Employers aren’t able to use the abilities of foreigners: no previous experience Companies having international contacts employ more foreigners Multicultural work community taken as more innovative Foreigners seen as a possibility Training placement important for future job

6 Internship Opportunities 2009 Söderqvist: A Foreign applicant should Have a BIG network of Finnish persons! Be able to handle the ”You are a bigger risk in recruiting” Be able to show your expertise and professionalism in the interview Find out about Finnish way to recruit and to work  Ask help from those Finns you know, from studies, neighbours…

7 Internship Opportunities 2009 Söderqvist: A foreigner should Be educated Be professional Have intercultural skills Have own initiative Be reliable Be able to use Finnish as working language, in a long run

8 Internship Opportunities 2009 Rights and duties Registration, residence permit and visa Insurance Written employment contract Working hours: usually maximum of 40 hours a week Annual vacations: 2 days of vacation for each month Salary: usually paid at the end of month Taxes: work period less than 6 months, 35% tax at source; more than 6 months, tax at the normal rate Social security insurance (about 6%) automatically deducted from a total salary

9 Internship Opportunities 2009 How to apply? Application forms from Finnish language teachers at your home university Deadline for applications February 15th Application should include: - two cpmpleted application forms - two recent passport-sized photographs - two copies of a letter of motivation - two copies of a letter of reference

10 Internship Opportunities 2009 Statistics 2004 Trainees to Finland 525 Finnish in Finland trainees 39 2005 Trainees to Finland 510 Finnish in Finland trainees 31

11 Internship Opportunities 2009

12 Internship Opportunities 2009

13 Internship Opportunities 2009

14 Internship Opportunities 2009

15 Internship Opportunities 2009 Finnish in Finland Training period from one to 18 months Work placements are mainly in the cultural sector: museums, libraries, various organizations, local summer festivals CIMO grant 500-670€/month (only for 6 months) Placements in Finnish families

16 Internship Opportunities 2009 More Information Employment offices Career services, if allready in Finland CIMO

17 Internship Opportunities 2009 Be active!

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