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INTERNSHIP: A Chance, A Challenge Or An Opportunity Part I Engr. Abdul Basit Lecturer & Member Continual Professional Development Cell Institute of Chemical.

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1 INTERNSHIP: A Chance, A Challenge Or An Opportunity Part I Engr. Abdul Basit Lecturer & Member Continual Professional Development Cell Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. 1

2 CONTENTS ◘What is internship? ◘Benefits to industry / employer ◘Benefits to university ◘Benefits to student / internee ◘How to be a success? ◘How to end it well? 2

3 What is internship? ◘Internship is a system of on-job training for white- collar jobs (office related jobs, administrative tasks etc as opposed to a blue-collar job involving manual work). internees are usually university students, seeking skills for a new career ◘Internship is a win-win situation ◘The host company benefits ◘The university benefits ◘The internee benefits 3

4 Benefits to industry / Employer ◘A pre-screening tool for potential employees ◘Expand the interpersonal, training, and supervisory skills of current employees as they mentor internees ◘internees can bring specialized and up-to-date knowledge that they gained from university to be applied in the company ◘Reduces recruiting costs ◘Decreases training time and costs ◘Create a ready pool of candidates ◘Apply the concept “try before you buy” 4

5 Benefits to university ◘Fulfilling university credits ◘Indirect partnership with the industry ◘Exposure to Market needs and demands ◘Improved reputation of the university 5

6 Benefits to student/internee ◘Enhanced social skills needed at work; ◘Communications ◘Adaptation ◘Team work skills ◘Opportunity to explore personal interests ◘Better carrier choice ◘Opportunities for improvements. ◘Building and expansion of professional networks. ◘The internship program will help the internee link what he/she learned at the university with the world of work 6

7 ◘E◘Exposure to latest technologies a nd Business Procedures ◘I◘Instill workplace values ◘D◘Develops Problem solving skills ◘M◘More prepared for World of work ◘R◘Résumé b uilders – project-work ◘V◘Various financial incentives ◘P◘Provides an advantage over their peers ◘D◘Develop resume writing, interview and job search skills Benefits to student/internee (contd..) 7

8 GREATER CHANCE TO BE HIRED 8 Benefits to student/internee (contd..)

9 How to be a success? You, the internee, play an important role in your success and largely determine if you will have a worthwhile experience. It’s All Up to You! 9

10 Do your homework/research ◘I◘Introduction about the company ◘T◘The company, history, structure, people, work, and your internship ◘O◘Organizational culture, goals, and strategies. ◘S◘Size, age, location, history, ownership ◘P◘Products or services, major competitors, recent development, expected growth. ◘R◘Recent employment activity (# employees, turnover, hiring trends ◘R◘Rope Up ◘C◘Colleagues ◘ Friends and family ◘R◘Revise basic engineering knowledge 10

11 Your behavior and attitude a)Be Professional b)Meet with Your Supervisor c)Have a Good Attitude d)Immerse Yourself e)Always Do Your Best Work f)Take Initiative 11

12 a)Be Professional Eliminate “ just an internee” mentality Take this experience seriously. The people you work with now could very well be your colleagues in the future. 12

13 Be Professional (contd..) While completing your internship be sure to: ◘Arrive on time ◘Do not leave early ◘Follow the employer’s dress code ◘Watch your language and topics of conversation 13

14 Meet with Your Supervisor If possible, try to schedule regular, weekly meetings with your supervisor. During this time you can: ◘Confirm the details and specifics of any projects ◘Determine your work hours ◘Learn about and volunteer for upcoming projects ◘Update him/her on the status of your projects ◘Establish a good working relationship, which makes asking for a recommendation much easier 14

15 Have a Good Attitude Y our attitude plays an important role in determining whether you have a great experience or a horrible one. While completing your internship remain: ◘Flexible ◘Enthusiastic ◘Courteous ◘Willing to learn 15

16 Immerse Yourself Take advantage of all that is provided to you. Get to really know the company and its industry. Be sure to take time to read: ◘T◘Training manuals ◘C◘Company policies ◘M◘Memos ◘P◘Press releases ◘T◘Trade publications, etc. 16

17 Always Do Your Best Work Sure, some things are going to be boring and repetitive in nature, but everyone needs to be a team player. Take assignments graciously and don’t complain. You are more than likely going to get bigger assignments once you demonstrate that you are capable of completing tasks in a professional manner. 17

18 Take Initiative Don’t sit around bored in your cubicle or office. S eek out opportunities to become involved. If possible: ◘V◘Volunteer for projects. ◘A◘Ask questions. ◘C◘Conduct informational interviews 18

19 Build Your Portfolio A portfolio is an excellent way to demonstrate to potential employers your accomplishments. While completing your internship, be sure to make copies of your work to include in your portfolio. 19

20 Build Your Portfolio (contd..) Materials to save include: ◘Projects you worked on ◘Presentations you made ◘Letters of recommendation and thank you notes that you received Remember to ask permission first. Some organizations have policies regarding what information can leave the office. 20

21 To do list ◘Line tracing ◘Understanding of the process ◘Process details ◘Design of vessels ◘Utilities ◘Instrumentation 21

22 Watch Out ◘Don’t ask about pay ◘Right question from right person 22

23 ◘A◘An internship is a great time for you to develop and expand upon your professional network ◘W◘While working you will begin to establish contacts ◘B◘Be sure to introduce yourself a nd get to know your colleagues ◘R◘Remember, the hidden job market ( the jobs that aren’t advertised) is the most effective way to find a job ◘A◘Approximately 80% of available positions are never advertised ◘Y◘You can make contact before an employer knows they need you Is it about machines or people? 23

24 How to end it well? ◘A report ◘Comments on report ◘A recommendation letter ◘ Thanks letter/card/email ◘exchange contacts and stay in touch in a decent manner 24

25 25

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