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Yahoo! Confidential 1 1 90 days Intern at Yahoo! Lab (6/1/2009~8/21/2009) Chun-Sheng Chen 11/12/2009.

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1 Yahoo! Confidential 1 1 90 days Intern at Yahoo! Lab (6/1/2009~8/21/2009) Chun-Sheng Chen 11/12/2009

2 Yahoo! Confidential The Application When to apply: Late January ~ Middle March How to apply: Send your resume to Yahoo through Internal reference Website: Yahoo! Hot Jobs My Case: I sent my resume in both way, and I got the interview opportunity by internal reference. (middle of March) 2

3 Yahoo! Confidential The Interviews Two phone interviews for an internship position. First interview (45 minutes): Questions cover all past experiences on my resume that related to data mining/machine learning. Question asked: fundamental data mining/machine learning knowledge: data cleaning, data preprocessing, feature extraction, feature selection, Neural network design, decision tree… Second interview by the manager of the research group (30 minutes): Less technical questions Focus on my data mining/machine learning work experience: Knowing my previous projects The size of the largest dataset I have ever deal with The programming skill (languages used, familiar OS…) 3

4 Yahoo! Confidential I passed and I went 4

5 Yahoo! Confidential The Places !! Place I lived: East San Jose Place I worked: Yahoo! Lab. Commute 40 minutes one trip by light rail (VTA) 5

6 Yahoo! Confidential The Yahoo! Theme Color: Purple My Office: Great America Campus, Santa Clara, CA (not the headquarter) My intern manager: Abraham Bagherjeiran Headquarter: Yahoo Sunnyvale Campus. We went there sometimes for free food, talks(Jerry & David) and some intern activities 6

7 Yahoo! Confidential This First Day New hire orientation: Company Policies Corporate Environment, Buildings… Get my Badge Get my laptop ( You can pick a HP window laptop or a Macbook) Set up accounts (email, intranet, VPN…) Yahoo perks Meet my intern manager and coworkers in the afternoon. 7

8 Yahoo! Confidential Working Culture and Environment Office Environment: One cell for each person, Linux based desktop computer for work Several computer clusters(thousands of nodes) are available for heavy computing tasks The projects you can work on: 1.Assigned by supervisors 2.Apply for joining an existing project, there lots of data mining/machine learning projects inside Yahoo! Lab: 1.Ads serving system (similar to recommend system) 2.Pricing (learning a good pricing structure for selling the ads) 3.Content filtering / categorization 3.Initiate a research project and work on it if it get approved 4.Publication of paper and pattern application are encouraged I normally went to the office before 9:00 am and left between 6:30~7:00pm 8

9 Yahoo! Confidential 9 My Project: Contextual ads ranking using user profile Keystone Page  Text ads Behavior Targeting (BT) User  Display ads Existing System: This project: Keystone User Modeling User profile, Page, Ads  ad click Keystone and BT data are joined by same bcookie and date

10 Yahoo! Confidential 10 Experiment Design : Baseline Models (Maxent) Baseline features : –Matching unigrams on the ad- side and unigrams on the page- side –Matching bid phrases on the ad-side and bid phrases on the page-side The baseline model will be trained by the following dataset and each model will be tested by each of the three dataset –Ksgrid5 : Keystone data –10% : 10% uniformly sampled Ksgrid5 data –Bcookie: Only the Ksgrid5 data that has bcookie Yankees' Wang has shoulder surgery The Associated Press Posted: 07/29/2009 02:56:55 PM PDT Updated: 07/29/2009 02:56:55 PM PDT ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—Yankees starting pitcher Chien- Ming Wang has had season-ending arthroscopic surgery on his injured right shoulder. Noted orthopedist Dr. James Andrews performed the procedure Wednesday to repair what Yankees manager Joe Girardi said was a tear in the capsule. The team is awaiting reports from the surgery before setting a potential timetable for Wang's return next year. After winning 19 games in 2006 and 2007, Wang missed the final 3 1/2 months last season after injuring his right foot while running the bases in Houston. He was 1-6 with a 9.64 ERA in 12 games this season, after missing time from April 19 to May 21 with a hip injury. Also, the Yankees obtained right-hander Jason Hirsh from Colorado for a player to named, and pitcher Brett Tomko, designated for assignment on July 22, was released. Yankee’s ticket sale Low price everyday Page content Baseball, Player, games Ad. bid terms Ad content unigram match Bid term match

11 Yahoo! Confidential What I Get from the 90 Days New experience: The Business nature of Yahoo! Learned about many different machine learning/data mining research projects inside Yahoo! Science Lab. Talked to other researchers and got advices from them. Attended some interesting talked from outside invited speakers. Knowledge and skills Parallel computing skills using Hadoop software, Pig script language and Mapreduce framework. Data processing on a huge data set (hundreds gigabytes to several terabytes) Read a number of machine learning papers for internet data. Free T-shirts, Jacket, Cups, Toys, Lots of Coffee (Avg. 2 latte a day) People: Interns and full time researchers at Yahoo! 11

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