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2 Content  Overview  Eligibility  Financial Assistance  Insurance  Assignment and Duration  Pre-departure trainings and activities  Application Process  Frequently Asked Questions

3 Overview  The Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) is the official partner in Hong Kong of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in China.  In cooperation with the UNDP, the PDF is mandated to engage in advocacy and awareness raising, capacity building, and fundraising for the UNDP, in relation to issues of human development and climate change in Hong Kong, the Peal River Delta, and Mainland China.  The UNDP is the United Nations’ global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help build a better life. It is on the ground in 166 countries, working on solutions to global and national development challenges.

4 Overview  The UNDP-PDF (United Nations Development Programme-Peace and Development Foundation)Internship Programme is an unique opportunity for university students in HK to gain working experience at UN agencies, and develop a better understanding of the United Nations’ global commitments and its work in China.  Through this programme, interns will 1. Be exposed to UNDP’s development activities, thematic priorities, and technical cooperation practices. 2. Have an opportunity to apply their studies in a practical setting 3. Acquire project implementing skills for the development of their future career. 4. Have an opportunity to work in Mainland China. 5. Develop networks and lasting friendships with their mainland counterparts.

5 Eligibility  As a minimum requirement, applicants must be: 1. Enrolled in a full-time university degree programme in Hong Kong, at the time of application and during the internship. 2. Currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree programme, or in a final year undergraduate degree programme and holding an offer to commence a graduate degree after the summer internship. 3. A Hong Kong resident. 4.Able to communicate fluently in English. Knowledge of Mandarin Chinese or any other working language of the United Nations is considered an asset. 5.Good research and analytical skills, good drafting and language skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good IT skills.

6 Eligibility  Applications for the UNDP- PDF Internship Programme is very competitive, and candidates are chosen from a rigorous, open and above selection procedure.  The applications will be considered according to programme priorities of the UNDP in China: 1. Relevance of the Applicant’s academic qualifications 2. Relevant skills and ability to contribute 3. Motivation and willing to work hard Applicants who are not in a field of study of direct relevance may still be considered if it can be demonstrated that the Applicant will benefit from the assignment and can make a contribution to the project.

7 Financial Assistance  The Internship Programme is unpaid. However, the PDF will provide financial support for living and travel allowance in Beijing for all interns.  Interns are responsible for arranging their own travel to Beijing and find accommodation there.  The United Nations Country Office will assist the Intern in obtaining a visa if required.  If project-related travel within the country is requested by UNDP during the internship period, per diem and travel costs shall be covered by UNDP.  The PDF will assist in making recommendations and providing documentation where necessary.

8 Insurance  The UNDP and the PDF accept no responsibility for costs or hardships arising from illness or accidents incurred during the internship.  Interns must carry adequate travel and life insurance.  Interns are responsible for arranging and covering their own medical insurance, and proof of medical coverage must be provided before the internship commences.

9 Assignment and Duration  Assignments may vary in length and tasks, depending on availability, skills and academic requirements, as well as the need of the Office of UNDP China.  Internships are full time (8 hours/day, 5 days/week), and last for between a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.  Interns are required to submit an exit report to PDF after the end of their internship within 31 days after the end of the internship. Failing to do so will result in a return of internship allowance to the sponsor.

10 Assignment and Duration  UNDP-PDF Interns have been placed with the various teams within the UNDP, including the: China-Africa Business Council; Energy and Environment Team; Social Economic Development Team; South-South Cooperation; Governance and Gender Team; Greater Tumen River Initiative Secretariat; Media and Communication Team; Procurement Team; Finance Team; Human Resources Department.

11 Assignment and Duration  In the past interns have been assigned various tasks including: Supporting the assigned team leader and members; Compiling briefings and educational kits; Assisting in drafting and preparing official documents; Organising training, workshops, bilateral or multilateral meetings; Coordinating press conferences and media events; Document, legal and internet research and interviews; Evaluation of projects; Media Analysis; General administrative tasks, as required.

12 Pre-Departure Trainings and Activities  To prepare the interns ahead of their internship, the selected interns will undergo pre-departure briefings organised by the PDF. These will introduce the interns to the United Nations, including developing an understanding of the history, structure of the United Nations and its Agencies, as well as the Millennium Development Goals and other issues related to the UN Agencies to which the interns are assigned.  Interns will also be encouraged to research in advance to enhance their learning experience and help prepare them for their internship.  Interns can also visit PDF website

13 Pre-Departure Trainings and Activities  Before and after their internship, Interns get invitations to attend related events organised by the PDF, so they can be informed of the work of the UNDP and the PDF, and learn about the issues of concern for the internship.  Upon completion of the internship, Interns automatically become part of the UNDP-PDF Intern Alumni Network. The network is intended to be informal, and the purpose is to keep the interns informed of the work in progress of both the UNDP and the PDF.  Furthermore, the network will help the PDF to stay in touch with the fellow interns, and to participate in future opportunities and activities.

14 Application Process  Candidates applying for a particular post must submit their applications to their respective University Liaison Officers at the Student Affairs Office on campus.  The University Liaison Officers will pre-select and short-list the candidates whose application will be recommended to PDF for interview.  Recommendations and notes of interviews for each candidate will be sent to the UNDP China Office for final selection.  Please see the Terms of Reference and previous interns’ report for further details regarding the positions and intern’s experience on the Internship page of the PDF website:

15 Application Process Application Dates (subject to change) 15 February:Deadline for submission of application 28 February:Nominated applications forwarded to the PDF 11 -15 March:Interviews of nominated applicants 31 March:PDF selection forwarded to UNDP 15 April:UNDP selection & notification to final candidates 30 April:Deadline for acceptance of internship offer

16 Frequently Asked Questions PDF monthly allowance PDF will sponsor about HK$6000+ every month (pro rata) Accommodation and Insurance You'll have to act like an adult and arrange air travel, accommodation and insurance (make sure coverage available in mainland China) yourself. It's all part of this internship experience and you can write about the challenges and problems you face and resolve afterwards. Letter of acceptance PDF Executive Officer will get in touch with you on sponsorship once you have signed the letter of acceptance. There are a long line of other candidates waiting if you decide you cannot make it. Please reply as soon as possible.

17 Frequently Asked Questions The following web links are for your reference of youth accommodation in BJ: To join YHA China will enjoy discount in youth hostels. Do bring your student card as you'll benefit from many entry discounts in Beijing. Please make sure you have all the required insurance to work at UNDP China. Do have your own cup and drink plenty of water as weather is dry and hot in Beijing summer. i. ii. iii. iv. ( 北京兆龙青年旅舍 ) close to UNDP and can walk or bike. v.

18 Frequently Asked Questions Exit Report Interns are required to submit an exit report to PDF after the end of their internship. Failing to do so will result in a return of internship allowance to the sponsor. The exit report should start with details as follows: i.Your name ii.University iii.Degree iv.UN Host Agency v.Assignment vi.Photos Resignation If any intern would need to resign before the agreed job period, s/he must notify his/her supervisor, PDF and career center at university with applicable reason by letter, email and phone. Refund of PDF sponsorship payments would be needed if necessary.

19 Frequently Asked Questions Enquiry Should you have any other enquiry, please email to

20 Thank You! - The end -


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