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Dear Mr. Miller, I am currently studying at ESADE business school in Madrid and will graduate next June. Last year I completed an internship with Air France.

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1 Dear Mr. Miller, I am currently studying at ESADE business school in Madrid and will graduate next June. Last year I completed an internship with Air France in Paris where I acquired extensive knowledge of the airline industry. I am also now working as a part-time check-in agent for Iberia in Madrid. At present, I am focusing on profit centre business models, and I am keen to pursue my career development in the field of air transport. Access Airlines is well-known for its innovative approach to financial management: with the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience I have acquired, I feel I could make a significant contribution to profitability as a future profit centre manager in your organization.

2 I will be available to work from the beginning of July next year. Please find enclosed my résumé and a copy of my Air France internship report. I would be grateful for the opportunity to meet you to discuss the possibility of a position with your company. You can reach me at the above address. Thank you for your interest: I look forward to speaking to you in the near future. Sincerely yours, Adriana Fernandez

3 How much does the covering letter tell you about Adriana’s educational and professional qualifications? How much does it tell you about her relevant experience?  What position is Adriana applying for? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the letter? What words indicate she learnt American not British English? Comprehension

4 Internet research Look up ‘internship’ on the Wikipedia website at: Wikipedia, which is an online free-content encyclopedia, is a great source of information when doing research on the Internet.

5 Interviewer: Did you find the advice to interviewees on our website useful? Candidate for job: I did not spot that. Interviewer: You say in your CV that you speak Spanish. Where did you learn that? Candidate: Actually, I’m not that good at it really but I learnt it on a summer job in Argentina. Extracts from an interview

6 Interviewer: Why have you decided to apply to our company? Candidate: Well, I need to get a job to pay off my student debts and with a chemistry degree obviously I thought about pharmaceutical companies. Interviewer: Have you got any questions you’d like to ask us? Candidate: No, I don’t think so at this stage.

7 Keep in mind that every interview is based on three underlying questions: What makes you the ideal candidate for the job? What is it about the role that interests you? Why have you decided to apply for GSK? Tips and preparation: Reread your CV before the interview - you need to make sure you can demonstrate your areas of expertise with live examples Practise your technique and get feedback from friends - this will also help with the nerves Think about your attitude - be positive, enthusiastic, natural and honest

8 The key to a successful interview lies in preparation: Find out as much as you can about GSK before your interview If you're new to the pharmaceutical sector, find out about it by reading newspapers and looking online Try and anticipate the questions you may be asked and think about how you'll answer them Have a few of your own questions ready to ask Check the format of the interview - will there be any personality or skills testing? At the interview: First impressions are vital - make the most of them Guide the interviewer towards a discussion of your strengths Show you've done your research - mention the facts you've discovered If you're asked a difficult question, don't feel you have to answer immediately Take your time and think about your response Keep your answers concise and be confident

9 Education 1989-1995 Milton Road Primary School, Cambridge 1995-2000 Chesterton Community College, Cambridge: 10 GCSEs – Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, French, German, Latin, Art, Religious Studies, Geography 2000-2002 Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge: 4 ‘A’ levels – French (A), Italian (A), Classical Studies (A), Business Studies (A) 2002-2006 BA in Modern Languages (2.1) from the University of Newcastle

10 Justine Dominga Collier Date of birth4 November, 1986, Auckland, NZ NationalityNew Zealand Address14 Green Street, Newcastle NE13 8BH Telephone01879 122 7789 Education 2004-2007BA in Economics at Newcastle University (Expected final grade 2:1) 2002-2004Northern High School: 3 ‘A’ levels – Mathematics (A), Economics (B), French (B) Work history Oct-Mar 2005 Internship with Arbol Oil I played an integral part in the finance department. This position required familiarity with accounts software, and involved liaising with colleagues in South America. June-Sept 2004 Information officer with Newcastle Social Security I was responsible for managing a confidential personnel database. I coordinated a three-day visit for a representative of the Spanish government.

11 Positions of responsibility 2006 Secretary of Newcastle Junior Chamber of Commerce I was responsible for communications and edited a monthly newsletter. I also liaised with guest speakers and the local authorities. 2005-present Voluntary work for the charity OUTLOOK I devise and organize events for disable children. Social Secretary for the University Basketball team. Other Bilingual Spanish First violin in a string quartet Typing speed: 90 wpm References Mr Bowers, tutor, Newcastle University Mrs Broadbent, Principal, Northern High School

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