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Co-Op Ed Internships for Human Services Students.

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1 Co-Op Ed Internships for Human Services Students

2 What is Co-Op? Cooperative Education (Co-Op) internships create educational partnerships among Montana State University Billings, the business community, and students. It is a unique academic program that allows students to earn academic credit while combining classroom learning with practical work experience.

3 Course Numbers & Credits HS Internship and Seminar Course Numbers Credit Hours Each HS internship is 3 credits = 135 hours of work The internship is a restricted-entry course. Co-Op Ed will register you for the course and seminar after all necessary and completed paperwork is submitted to Co-Op Ed in LI 100. HS 496Field IHS 387Seminar I HS 496Field IIHS 487Seminar II HS 496Field IIIHS 489Seminar III

4 Steps to Obtain an Internship Starting the Process… Getting Started: Register in CareerLink at If you have registered in CareerLink, please edit your profile and be sure the “Miscellaneous Information” section is completed/updated. Upload your résumé in CareerLink (to be critiqued by Career Services staff and then corrected). Upload final copy. Set up an initial appointment with Mandy, Co-Op Ed Specialist. For your initial appointment, bring a list of internships you are interested in pursuing from or your own list of possible Contact Mandy Brottem, Cooperative Education Specialist, at 406.657.1717 or with internship Contact Leslie Olson, Office Manager, 406.657.2169 with CareerLink questions.

5 Steps to Obtain an Internship Continuing the Process… *Download from the Career Services & Co-Op Ed web site. Securing an Internship: Contact potential sites to set up interviews. You are responsible for pursuing internship leads. Getting Registered: Contact your faculty supervisor for specific academic requirements. He/she will act as a mentor/supervisor throughout the Co-Op experience. Complete HS Goal Packet and upload into CareerLink. Email copies of the goal packet to your faculty and site supervisor. If you developed your internship you must include your job description which must be approved by faculty supervisor. Complete the HS Learning Agreement, with signatures of employer, faculty, and Co-Op Ed. All areas must be filled in! HS 387Seminar IMs. Patrica Nichols HS 487Seminar IIMr. Wayne Dagel HS 489Seminar IIIMr. Tom Dell

6 Steps to Obtain an Internship Completing the registration… The following must be completed prior to registration: Register in CareerLink with MISC. section complete/updated. Upload critiqued & corrected résumé into CareerLink. Upload HS Internship Goal Packet: Upload job description into CareerLink (if not obtained through Co-Op). Submit complete HS Co-Op Ed Learning Agreement: The last day to register for your internship is the “Last Day for Registering/Adding Classes” as determined by the University Calendar. Please plan accordingly.

7 HS Field Experience Internship Goal Packet which includes: HS Application for Internship HS Internship Goal Statement and Evaluation Email completed HS Field Internship Goal Packet to: Faculty Supervisor Agency Supervisor Yourself HS Seminar Requirements

8 Internships = Jobs! Just the Basics… Dress professionally. Be on time. Be prepared. Practice good hygiene and good office etiquette. Résumé, cover letter, and thank you note are key. The last day to register for your internship is the “Last Day for Registering/Adding Classes” as determined by the University Calendar. Site must be confirmed and documentation must be completed prior to registration. Internship postings are available online, but you are free to develop your own placement. Keep in mind that applying for an internship is similar to applying for a job.

9 Finding the Forms You’ll Use CareerLink Co-Op Ed Learning Agreement: HS Goal Packet: *Obtain copies of forms and view current internship opportunities at:

10 Questions? Contact Mandy Brottem at 406.657.1717 or

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