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BCoE Student Leadership Workshop 2014 Fall Jun Wang Director of Student Development Office: Bourns Hall A143 Tel: (951) 827-2708

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1 BCoE Student Leadership Workshop 2014 Fall Jun Wang Director of Student Development Office: Bourns Hall A143 Tel: (951) 827-2708 Email:

2 Pro Student Organizations  BCoE LC (Leadership Council)  ACM (Association of Computing Machinery)  AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers)  AWMA (Air and Waste Management Association)  ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)  BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society)  Electrochemical Society  EWB (Engineers Without Border)  IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)  IEEE – EDS (Electric Devices Society)  IOM3 (Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining)  MRS (Materials Research Society)  NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)  SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)  SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)  SWE (Society of Women Engineers)  TBP (Tau Beta Pi) – Honors Society  Theta Tau – Honors Society  SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science)

3 Student Leadership Is responsible Loves those who they are serving Has a good attitude Knows what they stand for Has vision and Inspire a Shared Vision Model the way Enable Others to Act and encourage the Heart Ethical, Integrity, and Fairness

4 Why People Join Organizations? Want to be involved Want to meet People Want to Develop Leadership Skills Believe in the Cause/Purpose of your org ALL TYPES of PEOPLE are NEEDED to have a STRONG ORGANIZATION! Task-orientated Process-orientated

5 Recruitment, Retention & Motivation Announcement in Classroom Flyers and Digital Multimedia Facebook, Twitter, Podcasting Useful and productive Meetings Skillsets Training Workshops Project/team building opportunities Field-trip or Social events Give responsibilities, show appreciation Better Meeting time

6 8 Steps to Effective Delegation 1. Select 2. Explain 3. Define 4. Discuss 5. Support 6. Follow-up 7. Evaluate 8. Praise

7 How to host a good Meeting? Select discussion topics and prepare in advance, have a meeting agenda printout Create a PowerPoint or Video presentation Advertisement & incentives to attend Theme, Goal, Purpose of meeting Prepare questions to ask the audience Ice-breaking activity, group project Signup sheet, surveys, and follow-up emails Involve Faculty, Staff, Grad Students, Guests


9 How to planning your Org Event? Determine the purpose of the event Determine a specific goal for the event to give people a concrete target to work with. Plan your program: o What the need is; o Form a focus group to make suggestions, determine feasibility o Contact potential speakers or training company o Determine materials/Supplies Select Venue Determine target audience Plan your program: what the need is Design a budget and be prepared for many upfront cost o Catering/ o Audio & Visual equipment o Print materials o Parking o Honorariums for speakers and guests o Advertising Consider who might be a sponsor Volunteers Backup Plan Publicize Registration Notice / Tickets Thank you letter & Database

10 Tips for Creating Effective Meeting/Event Emails Subject line Tell them exactly what to expect Make them want to open email 50 characters or less (including spaces) No attachments What’s in it for them? Include a “call to action” Include how/when/where to buy tickets Include contact information Provide a sense of urgency (deadline, limited tickets etc.) Include contact information Provide a sense of urgency (deadline, limited tickets etc.) Make the message scanable Over packing your ad = overwhelming your reader Use active voice, avoid acronyms & use appropriate logo/name Use font size/color/type to emphasize key information









19 Student Club Fundraising Jun Wang Director of Student Development Office: Bourns Hall A143 Tel: (951) 827-2708 Email:

20 Funding Dean’s Funding Application available at beginning of Fall ( Application needs to be approved by Faculty Advisor Awards up to $1000/year ASUCR Funding Fundraising & Matching system Donation Funding Donation check made to “UC – Regents” 5% process fee

21 Dean’s Funding Money Good for: Guest Speakers and development of closer ties with industry and alumni Projects/Competition Participation in regional/national conferences Leadership and professional development training Outreach Activities NOT FOR T-SHIRT NOT FOR GENERAL MEETING FOOD GIFTS ONLY FROM UCR BOOKSTORE

22 ASUCR Funding Activate Your Account Submit your funding proposal on 2 nd week of Fall Funding proposal upper limit (increase 10%/yr) Matching/Deposit Amount ASUCR Proposal Funds Fundraised Funds Food $ 200.00 T-Shirt $ 200.00 Activites $ 200.00 Other $ 600.00 Travel $ 400.00 Total $ 800.00 Total $ 800.00 Subtotal $ 1,600.00

23 Donation and Fundraising Contact Jun Wang regarding procedure on approaching to companies/alumni for donation Hosting large community outreach events Contact student life for all campus vendor info Grants & Company Sponsorships Other ideas have been done before: Sale T-shirts, gadgets, lab parts TV-Taping, Group Trips, Restaurant rebate Recycling, Workshops

24 Fundraising Ideas - Merchandise

25 Fundraising Ideas  Sporting Event Competition  Trivia Face-Off  Help Students Move In/Out  Casino or Movie Nights  Cook Off/Bake Off/BBQ  Lab manual sales  T-shirt sales  Food Sales  spice it up with an all you can eat potato bar  Coffee and Donut stand  Waffles & Pancakes Sales  Bake Sale  spice it up by connecting it to a holiday  deliver purchases  50/50 Raffle  Bachelor/Bachelorette/Butler Auction  PE Review Course  Technical Seminar(most popular)  Guitar Hero/Wii Competition  Bid for Your Dinner  Game Tournament  Break The Balloon  Christmas Tree Ornament Sale  Dog Wash  Drive-In Movie

26 Fundraising Strategies  Start fundraising on-campus first  Consider contacting the Student Government Association and Alumni Affairs for assistance  Ask club members for support  Approach local restaurants and small businesses  Approach corporations with the Office of Annual Giving’s permission  Give reasons why companies should give  Be specific in your donation request Example: Donation of 200 cupcakes for bake sale

27  Offer business visibility  Signage  Business name on flyers  Name recognition the day of the event  Request that the donation be given from the marketing budget  Follow up!!  Build relationships  Business might be more willing to give again next time  Thank the business for their donation  Letter of acknowledgement from club president, faculty member or club advisor

28 Individuals :members, Alumni etc. Corporations: small business Foundations: – have your own solid

29 Recruiting Sponsorships  Identify your sponsorship opportunity  Develop your proposal  Identify your prospects  Prepare a professional looking packet for your prospect  Platinum Level $5000  Gold Level $2000  Silver Level $1000  Allow plenty of time for this process  Start your document with a one- sentence statement of problem  Explain in two or three graphs what your proposed project will do about the problem  Demonstrate how you and your org have the expertise to carry out the project.  Indicate a continuation plan  How will you evaluate the results on the project  Complete your preproposal with a simple budget Grant writing

30 General/All Purpose Fundraising: Fundraising Online Resources Grantwriting: (The Foundation Center) (federal government grants) Special Events: s.htm Events.htm

31 Student Club Purchasing Policies & Upcoming Important Activities Rosie Zhang Professional Development Officer Office: Bourns Hall A165 Tel: (951) 827-2708 Email:

32 Purchasing – Preferably by UC Employee a. Is the purchase necessary? What is it for? What was the event and why was item needed? Are funds available ? b. Pre approval (before purchase is made) Pinkie  Provide vendor name, address, phone number & contact  Item(s) to be purchased, qty, part #, price(s)  Email to : c. Can purchase be made with a P.O.(Purchase Order)?  If yes a P.O. will be processed and sent to the vendor  No P.O.? Then acquire itemized receipt from purchase (Discuss with me first if P.O. is not an option with the vendor. We have a credit card we can use. Reimbursements will NOT ALWAYS be approved, especially if they are over $100.) d. Turn in itemized receipt or invoice and attendee list with additional info to @A165 Your full name Your club name W9 form (Personal check  Correct current home address!!!) Credit card information

33 Travel Reimbursements – Processed through iTravel a. Is travel necessary? Where are you going & why? How many days? Will you stay at a hotel b. Is a Fleet Services Vehicle an option? If yes then how many occupants c. Is flying an option? If yes then contact Dean’s office to arrange flight. d. If neither then personal vehicle is ok if travel is less than 300 RT  Provide vehicle license plate number  Do you have liability insurance yes/no, if yes please provide copies? e. Are funds available? f. Pre approval (before travel) Are you an employee? If not complete required W-9 form Provide final destination address & reason for travel Provide departure date/time and expected return date/time g. Once returned, travel reimbursement processed through iTravel (travel reimbursement must be completed no later than 14 days after return) h. You will need to sign the travel form in person – check will be sent to home address on file.

34 Entertainment Reimbursements -Preferably to UC Employees a. What is the purpose for the entertainment (food) request? Who will it be for? b. Are funds available? c. Pre approval (before food is purchased) Pinkie d. Provide reason for entertainment, location, date & time e. Where will the purchase(s) be made? f. What will be purchase and for how much? g. Can food be bought with a P.O.? i.e. Costco h. If yes, a P.O. will be setup and a special letter will be provided i. Once returned from Costco, submit receipt immediately to the Dean’s office j. The day after event submit guest list or sign up sheet k. P.O. not an option? Then acquire itemized receipt from purchase l. Once returned, submit receipt immediately to Rosie’s office. m. Include w/ receipt your name, club, event name & location. n. The day after event submit guest list or sign up sheet o. An entertainment check request (ECR) will be processed and sent to accounting – check will be mailed to home department 2-3weeks

35 Requesting Procedure  Download and fill out the pre-approval form   Email to a. All requests must be pre-approved first by Development Director Director Jun Wang. No P.O.’s or reimbursements will be processed without proper approvals first. Please provide all requests (pinkies) to Rosie at least one week in advance. Late requests will not be rushed, no matter what the reason. b. Please review monthly expense reports to see how much funds are available before making purchases. Remember that the club should have funds in their ASUCR account that need to be considered.

36 Upcoming Events DateEventTimeLocation Co- Host 9/27/2014LC Training9:00-4:00 pmWCH205/206LC 9/29/2014MDO Transfer12:15-1:30 pmMSE116 BreezewayLC 10/1/2014MDO FreshmenAll dayBCOELC 10/16/2014Career Expo11:00-3:00 pmHUB302 10/18/2014BSA Hornaday Day Event8:00-5:00 pmWCH138 lot 24IEEE 10/21/2014GEICO Tech Talk6:00-7:00pm TBP 10/22/2014IEEE & SCE Workshop6:00-7:00 pmWCH205/206IEEE 10/23/2014IOM310:00-6:00 pmWCH205/206 10/29/2014STEM JOB Fair11:00-2:30 pmHUB302 10/29/2014Sears Holding Employment6:00-7:00pmWCH205/206ACM 10/29/2014Google Information Session3:00-5:30pmA265ACM 10/31/2014MESA SLC10:00amSan diego 10/31/2014Graduate and Profesional School10:00-2:00 pmRivera Library Walkway 11/13/2014Career in gaming with Riot1:00-7:00pmWCH205/206

37 MDO – Mandatory Dean’s Orientation Monday, Sept 29 th, 12:15- 1:30PM (Set up time 12:00PM) Location: MSE116 Breezeway AIChE BMES ACM SAE SACNAS MRS EWB Wednesday, Oct 1 th (Set up time: 10 min earlier than the schedule ) THETA TAU SWE SHPE ASME NSBE TBP IEEE

38 Community Outreach Riverside STEP Conference Tue – Wed, Oct 14 – 15, 2014 Bourns Inc. Come be part of one of the largest Science and Engineering out reach events in the area, Almost 4000 students attend this event! MESA Robotics Workshop Thursday, Oct 23 th : 6pm– 8:00pm Come help us interact and assist our robotic teams as they prepare for the robotics competition in November MESA Robotics Invitational Saturday, November 8,2014 8:00am-2:00pm UCR College of Engineering –Come volunteer to be part of our annual robotics event Contact MESA OFFICE: or

39 Community Outreach BCoE Engineering Day Thu – Wed, Feb19th, 2015 BCoE 8:00am-1:00pm MESA Day Competition Sat – Feb21st, 2015 BCoE 8:00am-4:00pm MESA Year End Showcase Sat – May 2 ND 2015 8:00am-4:00pm

40 Leadership Council LC Website - (update) Your Student Organization Websites: Make sure you update it all the time Make sure all contact info are update(plaques in the lobby) Activities: MDO Leadership Workshop Engineering Week Engineering Banquet Meetings: (bi-monthly) One preventative from each org

41 Student Org Meeting Time/Room Rooms and Spaces Available WCH 205/6 (80), 232 (150), 202 (25), 203 (25) WCH 2 nd Floor Courtyard Bourns A265 (80), A275 (15), A277 (15) Bourns A171 (30) Other classrooms: General Meeting Calendar: Lectern Instruction for 205/206 Keep the room clean, bring back all the furniture and throw the trash to the dumpster beside WCH Close the browser window completely before exiting the room Do not unplug from the wall any of the cables that run from the lectern Do not shut down the computer Leave the blue media bag and its contents in the room near letern More Policy :

42 Contact Info Jun Wang Office: Bourns Hall A143 Tel: (951) 827-2708 Email: Add me on Facebook & LinkedIn Rosie Zhang Office: Bourns Hall A165 Email: Tel: (951) 827-3188

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