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Funding for International Outreach Projects and Internships: Project Planning Tips and Identifying Funding Sources Office of Information & Communications.

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1 Funding for International Outreach Projects and Internships: Project Planning Tips and Identifying Funding Sources Office of Information & Communications GrantSource Library

2 2 Office of Information & Communications GrantSource Library 307 Bynum Hall (on Cameron Avenue) Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

3 3 Contact Us Public Service Desk 919-962-3463 Susan Gramling, GrantSource Librarian 919-962-7766 Elizabeth Allen, GrantSource Librarian 919-962-6022

4 4 Workshop Resources This PowerPoint presentation orkshops_archive.php#cgi_projects orkshops_archive.php#cgi_projects Sample funding search bin/fo2/showSearch?id=1030511&tick et=a35d37baa97c6b06e4fa148d7c04 0b8e bin/fo2/showSearch?id=1030511&tick et=a35d37baa97c6b06e4fa148d7c04 0b8e

5 5 Applying for Funding— Reality Check Starting early is extremely important Ask about funding through your mentor or other faculty member doing similar work Foundations and many other sponsors usually require 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and will not fund individual Your question—who or what is the applicant? You, the student The University or another nonprofit

6 6 A Student as Applicant Portable (i.e., unrestricted) funding for internships and travel for students is limited Most graduate funding is in form of fellowships, research grants, or thesis/dissertation awards Be sure to check internal funding sources Be resourceful

7 7 A Nonprofit as Applicant: Options at Carolina Apply through Carolina with faculty member as Principal Investigator, student as co-PI Partner with another existing nonprofit Use Student Activity Fund Office (SAFO) as fiscal agent If official UNC student organization recognized for University purposes, then UNC can be designated recipient Incorporate as separate nonprofit organization

8 8 Identifying Potential Partners Foundation Center Tips on Finding Nonprofits ml/internet_resources.html ml/internet_resources.html Search by name, geographic area or subject GuideStar =hplogin =hplogin Advanced search by keyword, name or location

9 9 Fiscal Agency Find nonprofit to serve as fiscal agent (receiving and administering grant) Increases chances of securing foundation support Funding comes to nonprofit to cover project costs Work with nonprofit to plan project Define roles carefully and in writing

10 10 Establishing a Nonprofit Pros More control over mission and budget Tax exemption and eligibility for grants Limited liability Cons Takes a lot of time, money and paperwork Maintaining continuity and passion Shared control Public scrutiny on.html

11 11 Online Help NC Center for Nonprofits Online resources and consultants Foundation Center utorials/establish/index.html utorials/establish/index.html Online tutorial and checklist of steps on.html

12 12 Legal Advice Regarding Nonprofit Status Student Legal Services Dottie Bernholz, Director 962-1303 How to work with SAFO as fiscal agent Legal advice on setting up a separate nonprofit

13 13 Resources at Carolina SPH Office of Global Health or 843-7723 Website and newsletter including funding Center for Global Initiatives Offers competitive funding opportunities Bi-weekly e-bulletin

14 14 Resources at Carolina Continued UNC Global Funding Sources _content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=63 _content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=63 Funding opportunities for global activities Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases announcements.php announcements.php Opportunities for faculty and students University Career Services Information about finding and funding internships and preparing for them

15 15 Tips for Planning Your Proposal Plan carefully Involve partners and community in planning Document local support (letters of endorsement) Get a letter of agreement about project activities and roles of various partners Collaboration and broad impact are often major strengthening elements Budget carefully and anticipate all expenses

16 16 Timeline for Planning Your Project Abroad Career Services “Preparing for an International Internship Experience” nternational_internships.pdf nternational_internships.pdf AMSA “Checklist for Going Abroad” ist.doc ist.doc Fulfill reporting requirements Thank your sponsors

17 17 Conducting a Funding Search

18 18 Funding Fundamentals Start early—don’t wait until your project or internship is settled to start funding search Be aware of lengthy turnaround times Use a variety of resources, including print, electronic, and especially people Check for funding offered by church, professional organization, honor society, and other affiliation groups PDF Handout: Funding FundamentalsFunding Fundamentals

19 19 Tips for Researching Funding Opportunities Look for potential sponsors which have missions compatible with your project Identify funders’ goals or needs Broaden your search Approach your search from different perspectives PDF Handout: Tips for Researching Funding OpportunitiesTips for Researching Funding Opportunities

20 20 Things to Consider Before Searching Keywords that apply to your project Categories that apply to the applicant, whether that is you, a faculty member, or an organization Types of awards sought

21 21 Where to Start Your Search Visit our website and search on your own Visit the GrantSource Library for in person help and instruction in using online and library resources Email or call if you have questions

22 22

23 23 Carolina Internal Funding Database Information on funding provided by or administered by UNC-Chapel Hill Searchable by only one field at a time Search by “doctoral” or “master’s” Search by “internal sponsor” such as CGI or SPH or Graduate School Search by “award type” such as travel Keyword search such as “international” Smaller database Don’t overlook this important resource

24 24 COS Funding Opportunities Database Advanced search (recommended) Recommended fields = keywords, requirements, citizenship or residency, activity location, and funding type Click “Keywords” in “More Search Fields” and then “Browse” to view keyword subject tree Use “Search” feature to find keywords you want Uncheck “Explode” when you use broad keywords PDF Handout: Searching COS Funding OpportunitiesSearching COS Funding Opportunities

25 25 COS Saved Funding Searches Weekly email alert with new and/or updated opportunities For best results, do these steps: first, “register for an account” to create your COS account (student accounts are unpublished) click “Create my Account” and then “COS Profile” Select “Workbench Home” tab Click “Add a Search” to do a search and then “Save Search” PDF Handout: Intro to COS Workbench & Funding AlertsIntro to COS Workbench & Funding Alerts

26 26 InfoEd SPIN Funding Opportunities Database Similar to COS Main differences Additional opportunities not in COS Different keywords and search terms (summer, travel abroad, travel domestic, internships, outreach) Different interface (keywords alphabetized) Be certain to use “Search” and not press “Enter” Save your search to receive alerts

27 27 Funding Databases (continued) Specialized databases IIE Passport Study Abroad Funding Foundation Directory Platinum Online (in library only) Environmental Grantmaking Foundations on CD-ROM php#specialized

28 28 Funding Guides Selected major fellowships for graduate students Subject- and population-specific resources NEW! Customized guides for public health publichealth publichealth NEW! Funding guides for international organizations ntl_orgs ntl_orgs

29 29 Sample Funding Opportunities C.V. Starr International Fellowship Society of Public Health Education Student Fellowship in Environmental Health Promotion MAP International Medical Fellowship Echoing Green Foundation Fellowship Pan American Health and Education Foundation Small Grant

30 30 Non-Traditional Funding Sources Religious organizations Sister City organizations Partners of the Americas ure_Program_EN.asp?SnID=989682463 ure_Program_EN.asp?SnID=989682463 Ethnic organizations Chapters of professional associations Local/regional businesses and corporations Civic organizations Local newspapers and magazines

31 31 Print Resource Collection Financial Aid for Study and Training Abroad Financial Aid for Research Abroad Money for Graduate Students series Financial Aids series for minorities, women, disabled Sample successful fellowship proposals Proposal writing guides

32 32 Proposal Writing Resources Proposal assistance and resources at Carolina SPH Office of Research Online proposal writing guides, especially Grantsmanship in Support of Study or Research: Writing a Fellowship Proposal or Statement of Purpose, Harvard (chapter 5) Contains sample fellowship proposals, cover letters, biographical statements, CVs, and more Funding Your Graduate Work, UCLA

33 33 Thank You! Please take a moment to tell us how we did. Handout: GrantSource Library Presentation Evaluation

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