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The Energy Management and Building Science Program Have you ever wondered what we do in an Energy Management class?

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2 The Energy Management and Building Science Program Have you ever wondered what we do in an Energy Management class?

3 Well……….we’re just NOT sitting in a classroom delivering and listening to boring lectures!

4 Do you want to be prepared for the Clean and Green Tech Jobs of the future? JOIN US!!!!!! – Classroom Learning combined with REAL Hands-on learning outside the classroom New California Legislation will create TENS OF THOUSANDS of WELL PAYING, CLEAN TECH JOBS in the NEXT FEW YEARS- right here in the Bay Area! We will prepare you in the classroom and outside it with education and experience that will set you apart from the competition. We offer LIVE and Distance Learning Energy Management Classes to fit your busy schedule. Many late starting, mid quarter classes allow you to add AFTER the 12 week “last day to add date”. Help to create a more Renewable and Sustainable way to Power our lives and Reduce GHGs

5 CHECK OUT what employers- who are hiring- say about De Anza’s Energy Management Program Johnson Controls: – “If an employment candidate had these skills and out of classroom experiences, I would hire them”- Rory Moore- Johnson Controls Schneider Electric: – “This is the education and skills we are looking for in our employment candidates”- Marina Pelosi- Schneider Electric SunWork: – “ We were extremely impressed with the students you sent to our training session. They knew way more than the typical solar trainee”- Doug McKenzie- SunWork

6 Here’s how we prepare you! Learning while doing- ES 74 Lighting Distribution Systems Class-Winter 2015- Students measuring Light Illuminance in our ES 74 Lighting Class Students Measuring vertical lighting illuminance in our ES 74 class in preparation for the LED Streetlight retrofit internship with the City of Sunnyvale

7 We promise- You won’t be bored! Students Measuring Horizontal illuminance In our ES 74 Lighting Class Students recording light readings During our ES 74 Lighting class

8 Learn in the Kirsch Solar Education Lab

9 ESCI 61- Intro to PV Technology Class Students with instructors building a solar array and measuring the clean solar energy they are producing Learn While Doing!

10 Students observe the large condenser water supply and return pipes. The supply pipe carries relatively cool water underground, under the street to the S6 chiller/boiler central plant where it is used to absorb heat from the chiller’s condenser unit. Once heated, it flows back to the cooling tower via condenser Water return piping to be cooled again – completing the cycle. Use the Campus as Your Lab! De Anza’s Central Cooling Tower

11 Central Cooling Tower-Variable Frequency Drives Students inspect a large set of variable frequency drives used to control the speed of all of the large motors in the plant in our ES 70LX Class. VFDs are a tremendous energy saver.

12 Want to know how Motors Work? Students Looking at nameplate Data on this motor in one of the De Anza Campus Control Rooms in our Winter 2015 Motors and Drives Class

13 Instructor Richard Holman explaining what students will learn in the motors control room in our Winter 2015 Motors and Drives class We’re hands on and involved in making you successful

14 Want to get involved with the community and learn at the same time? Check out our Internships!

15 Get recognized and be part of the team that assists cities with their Climate Action Plan De Anza Energy Management Program LED Streetlight Internship project with The City of Sunnyvale Jan-March 2015 Our Students shine brightly!

16 A SUCCESSFUL NIGHT! Our De Anza Energy Management LED Streetlight field measurement teams at the end of the evening on Jan 21, 2015

17 Become certified to install solar systems

18 Students working on a SunWork Solar Installation on March 15, 2015

19 Current Internship Opportunities City of Sunnyvale LED Streetlight retrofit- Supports city Climate Action Plan- Ends March 2015 SunWork Solar Design and Installation Internships – Starts March 2015, Next training May Local School K-12 School Building Energy Audits and School District benchmarking- PROP 39 Funded- Starts June 2015 City of Sunnyvale “Georgetown University” $5M Residential Energy Challenge- Summer- Starts May 2015 PG&E Funded- Energy Reduction Campaign /competition between SJ and SF- Starts in July- will run thru 2015

20 Energy Management Internship Schedule * See Bill Roeder ( for internship details and academic

21 Our Internships Look great on your resume’ Look great on your four year college transfer application Provide you academic credit Allow you to network with people hiring Allow you to gain on-the-job experience In some cases, could put money on your pocket

22 SPRING 2015 Energy Management Class Schedule Don’t be left out- sign up for classes NOW!!! * YOU MUST BE ENROLLED IN AN ENERGY MANAGEMENT CLASS TO PARTICIPATE IN INTERNSHIPS

23 Need more information? Contact Bill Roeder, Lead Energy Management and Building Science Instructor @ the Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies EMAIL: Website:

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