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Asha Internship Program Asha for Education Internship Program.

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1 Asha Internship Program Asha for Education Internship Program

2 Asha Internship Program Executive Summary In January 2004, Asha volunteers recognized the need to streamline a process to handle internship queries. The group realized that a well run Internship program for placing interns from across the world in India could create value for Asha, NGOs and interns. In April 2004, the Asha Internship Program was launched with an announcement and a web site, The first year was planned as a pilot to evaluate the potential benefit to Asha, the NGO and the interns. Response has been overwhelming. Out of 15 applications received, 7 interns have been placed. Initial results are positive. Next step is to create a more streamlined process for intern evaluation and placement

3 Asha Internship Program Aim Provide the opportunity for any individual to work with a non- profit organization Increase awareness of Asha and NGO work in India Utilize the experience and intellect of experienced internships to bring value to the NGO – Cross pollination, free quality labor Allows interns to align academic, professional and personal interests with Asha for Education “The Asha Internship Program is a 3 way synergetic partnership - between Asha, the NGO and the intern”

4 Asha Internship Program Application Form Basic Information - Contact information - Time spent in India, rural India - Indian languages proficiency Experience - Work experience, experience with NGOs, with Asha. - Skills: teaching, computer, proposal writing etc. Internship Preferences - Duration, financial support (no support from Asha) - Urban or rural, specific organizations, sector/type

5 Asha Internship Program Current Program Guidelines Intern’s age, financial support, relevant experience and Indian language proficiency is factored strongly in the intern selection and NGO matching process The NGO is evaluated for its ability and desire to host interns Full-time Intern commitment is strongly preferred over part-time involvement NGO charges the intern for the cost of lodging, boarding. No stipend is provided to the intern.

6 Asha Internship Program Current Program Results Approximately 15 applications Applications from the US, India, Europe and Japan 7 applicants placed Most interns preferred urban placements

7 Asha Internship Program Evaluation process (for intern) What were your duties and responsibilities? What type of training/orientation did you receive? Nature of your professional relationship with the personnel in the organization? What were the most beneficial aspects of your internship? What were some of your frustrations with the internship? Did your experience help to clarify your career objectives at the organization? What recommendations would you offer to students undertaking an internship with this org. in the future?

8 Asha Internship Program Evaluation process (for Org) Performance of Duties and Responsibilities: Ability To Follow Suggestions of Superiors: Display of Initiative: Working Relationship with Fellow Employees: Skills/Languages Necessary to Successfully Perform Duties: Ability to Adapt to the Social and Work Culture of the Region and of the Organization: Overall, was the experience beneficial to your organization

9 Asha Internship Program Intern Internship Committee CURRENT SYSTEM Asha Volunteer In India Organization In India where Intern to be placed

10 Asha Internship Program Intern Chapter EFFICIENT SYSTEM (NEAR FUTURE) Asha Vol’r In India Organization In India where Intern to be placed Internship Committee

11 Asha Internship Program Efficient System Sign on chapters willing to participate in the internship program, beforehand Have a list of Organizations willing to host interns (through funding chapters) Provide this list on the electronic form Each applicant puts in top three choices If “fit” does not work, decline acceptance into program

12 Asha Internship Program Efficient System (cont.) Have a “summer” and a “winter” internship program Accept applications via web the year round Summer Internship - Deadline: March 15 - Final decision: April 15 Winter Internship - Deadline: October 15 - Final decision: November 15 If deadline is missed, application will be automatically considered for next internship cycle

13 Asha Internship Program Efficient System (cont.) Better system of background checks/references Better matching of organizations Firm “selection guidelines” in place for Internship Committee to accept applicants Involve as many Asha Chapters as possible Aim for 20-25 organizations willing to host interns Improve the “evaluation/feedback” loop

14 Asha Internship Program Questions Comments Suggestions

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