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D ETAILS ON L A T ROBE N URSE P RACTITIONER M ASTERS For clinical/academic advice: Gerry Lee For admin details.

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1 D ETAILS ON L A T ROBE N URSE P RACTITIONER M ASTERS For clinical/academic advice: Gerry Lee ( For admin details and application forms: Robin Owen 9479 5906 or 1


3 C LINICAL I NTERNSHIP O BJECTIVES - AIMED TO AID STUDENT IN PREPARING PORTFOLIO FOR ENDORSEMENT CLINICAL: Interdependently practice advanced health assessment and diagnostic skills Develop and apply advanced clinical knowledge and decision making skills Select, perform and interpret appropriate diagnostic & other laboratory tests Apply pharmacological interventions appropriately Compile & complete clinical log Integrate data from standardized tests into patient care Use clinical decision making processes EVIDENCE BASED: Implement evidence-based guidelines for use in your practice LEADERSHIP: Demonstrate clinical leadership in clinical practice Develop professional multidisciplinary relationships Undertake continuous quality evaluation Utilize appropriate hospital and community resources Provide clinical & educational support to nursing staff Provide relevant health education & health promotion Provide clinical audit of workload of patient/client group 3

4 W HO SHOULD BE A MENTOR /W HAT NEEDS TO BE DONE ? The student needs to identify suitable mentor(s) Within their specialty (or suitable GP for rural) Must be approved director of nursing &/or medical consultant before internship starts Clinical agency needs to be supportive of their Nurse Practitioner candidates (given the impact on health care resources) TO DO! Organize weekly meetings & develop clinical learning plan including setting clinical objectives Present weekly clinical case presentations Ensure patient log is kept up-to-date and complete

5 W HAT D O THEY DO ? M ENTOR RESPONSIBILITIES Meet weekly (for at least one hour) Ensure meetings have a structured approach Set objectives with student for semester Go through the patient log Critique clinical case presentations  The mentor & student MUST keep a log of the meetings & show how objectives achieved. 5

6 P ATIENT LOG : Reviewed weekly by the mentor All patients seen (assessment findings, tests ordered & rationale, diagnosis, mentor review and plan of care) Log – clinical record at work and also used specifically for the case presentations required (as part of the academic assessment) 6

7 1.Present a patient (current issues, PMH, etc) 2.Diagnostics ordered 3.Results & working diagnosis 4. Plan of care including: meds/therapies ordered, referrals & follow-up, specific instructions 7 Clinical case presentation Presented to mentor [weekly] Presented to peers in the classroom [4 per semester] 3,000 word written assignment [1 per semester]

8 CLINICAL CASE PRESENTATIONS ARE BASED ON ANMC NP COMPETENCIES Systematically carries out a comprehensive initial and ongoing assessment to determine patient’s needs and determine tests required Consistently and systematically orders & interprets all relevant pathology, radiology and other relevant tests Provides good rationale for diagnostic tests & can provide an acceptable working diagnosis based on findings with autonomy and accountability in practice. Prioritizes nursing care based on assessment of immediate and ongoing patient/s needs and provides adequate education/information Collaborates with the multidisciplinary team (incl. contributing to ward round), patient and significant others in leading /managing patient/client care. Plans for discharge and follow-up or transfer taking patient/client culture and lifestyle into consideration. Critiques own practice and uses peer review taking health policies, social factors, professional, organizational and financial issues into consideration. 8

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