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Mari Peets ERASMUSBILATERAL AGREEMENTS  Limited for the European Union  Safe, organized  Available for everyone  Scholarships for.

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1 Mari Peets

2 ERASMUSBILATERAL AGREEMENTS  Limited for the European Union  Safe, organized  Available for everyone  Scholarships for everyone  Scholarship covers travel + ca 350-450 Eur living grant  Clear documentation  For the EXPERIENCED  And the BRAVEST  Very different cultures  Very far from home  Tuition fees waved  NO DEFINITE SCHOLARSHIPS  Need to be in excellent academic standing

3  TUT participates in the programme 12 years  More than 300 partnership agreements  Last academic year ◦ Erasmus outgoing students: 158 ◦ Ersmus interns: 61 ◦ (Other bilateral agreements: 11 students)  Incoming students: about 270

4  Most successful mobility program in the world  All EU countries and candidate countries + Norway and Switzerland  Student exchange 3 –12 months (1 semester)  Well established system – simple paperwork  Erasmus scholarship

5 ◦ Opportunity to live and study abroad ◦ Opportunity to improve your English or learn a new foreign language ◦ Opportunity to get to know a new culture ◦ Valuable addition to your CV ◦ Gain independence, put yourself to a test ◦ Make new friends – for life _______________________________________ SAFE AND WELL ORGANIZED NO TUITION FEES FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROM THE ERASMUS PROGRAM

6  Active student status  One completed study year in TUT  Grade point average at least 3.0  Sufficient knowledge of the foreign language you’re going to study in (B2 language level)  High, „right kind of“ motivation

7  Exchange is only possible between universities that have signed an agreement   Agreements are between FACULTIES.  Agreements state a specific number or students and study months.  NB! INSTITUTIONAL AGREEMENTS  Depending on available spots, you can also apply to other faculties’ agreements

8  Depends on the country and university  In most universities, at least some courses are offered in English (as a rule NOT in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal...)  Opportunity to participate in the Erasmus language and culture courses (small languages of EU)

9  You can attend courses or write your final thesis (Only if the receiving university can provide you with a supervisor)  Minimum 15 ECP per semester  All courses taken at the host university are confirmed with a LEARNING AGREEMENT before the study period begins.  All subjects confirmed on the Learning Agreement will be transferred to TUT.  IF YOU GO ON EXCHANGE, YOUR STUDY PERIOD IN ESTONIA WILL BE EXTENDED BY A SEMESTER!

10  No tuition fees during the exchange!  (NB! Registration fee 64 Eur per semester)  Erasmus scholarship consists of two parts: ◦ Travel grant ◦ Living grant - €320 to €450 per month  Scholarship WILL NOT COVER all expenses!  Erasmus minimum if you receive other support  Additional scholarhsip for disabled students  Credit transfer is free of charge

11 Civil Engineering: Betra LEESMENT Power Engineering: Zoja RAUD Social Sciences (including Law): Andreas SEPP Infotechnology: Rauno GORDON Chemistry : Tiina LÕUGAS Science: Viia LEPANE Economics (including International Relations): Kaja LUTSOJA Mechanical Engineering: Jüri LAVRENTJEV

12 Each student can participate in the Erasmus programme twice:  Erasmus studies – 3-12 months  Erasmus internship – 3-12 months

13 In a company/organization in the field of your studies In partner university’s labs or officies Not allowed: Official European Union institutions and organizations Foreign embassies and consulates of Estonia

14  Mostly independently by contacting companies directly  During Erasmus studies  With faculty coordinator’s help  In the web page of International Relations Office Erasmus Placements

15  WORK PLAN ◦ Completed with the help of the receiving company/organization ◦ Confirmed by three parties – the student, his home university and the receiving company  PLACEMENT AGREEMENT ◦ A financial agreement between the student and his home university  CONFIRMATION LETTER about completion of the internship  INTERNSHIP FINAL REPORT

16  Agreements in Asia: ◦ Korea ◦ China ◦ Taiwan ◦ Singapore ◦ Japan  Agreements in Russia: ◦ Moscow ◦ St. Petersburg  Georgia  Canada  Mexico

17  Hallym University ◦ International Business Management, Political Sciences, Chemistry, Biotechnology ◦ DUO Korea scholarship (2 students from Estonia)  Kyungpook National University ◦ Business Management, Political Sciences ◦ KNU special scholarships (2011/2012 – 2 students)  Sun Moon University ◦ Civil Engineering, Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering ◦ Scholarship to cover dormitory and meal plan

18  University of Science and Technology, Beijing ◦ Considers our offer of free accommodations  University of Shanghai for Science and Technology ◦ In Sino-British College all courses in English ◦ Shanghai Government Scholarships for International Students  University of Southern Taiwan ◦ 3 Master programs in English Global Business Administration, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering ◦ Free accommodations  Taiwan TECH ◦ New agreement, no definite scholarships yet

19  National University of Electrocommunications ◦ Language and culture courses ◦ Core studies in English ◦ Science and Engineering studies in English (15 – 18 subjects from 7 departments ◦ INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH PROJECT in English  Master students who have completed at least one semester of study  Scholarship programme JUSST - Japanese Studies in Science and Technology – covers travel+accommodations

20  Russia:  Bauman Moscow State Technical University ◦ One of Russias oldest, largest, most prestigious universities  St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics (ENGECON)  Georgia:  Caucasus University ◦ Prestigious private university in Tbilisi ◦ Small, modern, innovative ◦ TUT agreement with Tallinn Law School  Currently no scholarships available

21  National University of Singapore (NUS) ◦ One of the top universities of the world ◦ Language of instruction – English ◦ TOEFL or IELTS certificate required ◦ Very popular among TUT students ◦ We can send 2 students per year, one per semester  DUO Singapore scholarship

22  CANADA  Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax ◦ Bachelor studies only ◦ Very many different fields ◦ Language of Instruction – English  MEXICO  IPADE Business school ◦ Most prestigious business school in Latin America ◦ Selected courses in English (field of business)  No scholarships available at this point

23  No definite scholarships for outside of EU  Some schools offer their special scholarships to TUT students (University of Electrocommunications in Japan, Fachhochschule Kiel in Germany, Sun Moon University in Korea, Southern Taiwan University+possibly Beijing and Kyungpook)  For most, students have to apply for competitive national or international scholarships  Excellent academic standing and language skills required.

24  BOTH ERASMUS AND BILATERAL AGREEMENTS  Application deadline is 28 September, 2012  1. Study the website:  2. Select 3 partner universties 3. Submit the Exchange Studies application via OIS  Upload your CV and  language certificate.  4. Check your e-mail and OIS for an invitation to interview  5. Pass an interview to prove your motivation  6. Decision within 3 weeks.

25  This opportunity is open for you only during your university years  Later in life you can study, live or work abroad, but nobody will help you organize it and you won’t get a scholarship  Don’t miss your opportunity!

26  Any questions you have, please contact  MARI PEETS  III- 210   THANK YOU!

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