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Hessen/Wisconsin Exchange Hessen Networks! - Networking for international internships Internship Program.

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1 Hessen/Wisconsin Exchange Hessen Networks! - Networking for international internships Internship Program for Wisconsin Students in Hessen

2 Partner Network in Hessen HS Fulda University of Applied Sciences (Hessen Networks! Coordinator) and Institute inter.research e.V. University Kassel Philips University Marburg Justus Liebig University Giessen and FH Giessen- Friedberg, University of Applied Sciences Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt and FH Frankfurt, University of Applied Sciences FH Wiesbaden, University of Applied Sciences Technical University Darmstadt and HS Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences

3 Framework The Internsip Program is part of the Hessen Wisconsin Exchange Program Supported by the State of Wisconsin and the State of Hessen Coordination and Contact Points of the Hessen Wisconsin Exchange Program Wisconsin – UW Milwaukee Giessen – University Giessen

4 What we can do for You Search for an internship placement Search for housing Central Contact Point for the Hessen Internship Program in Fulda Contact person at each university in Hessen Excursions and other program activities Administrative support (work permit/visa) Website, forum, CD-Rom

5 Why should you do an internship abroad? Practical Experiences Learning a foreign language in an applied way in the country of origin Development of intercultural competence Training of organisational and self-management skills Maybe the most important experience in your life – discover a “new ground”, a “real life environment”, different to home

6 Why should you come to Hessen? …to the center of Germany in the heart of Europe

7 Why Hessen? Hessen Wisconsin Exchange program Hessen Networks! – a unique network of 10 universities, each providing contacts to research institutions, companies, public and private sector organisations (potential host organisations for internships) Support of the Hessen Networks! Central Contact Point in Fulda Unique diversity of opportunities

8 How can you apply? The closing date for application is 6 months before starting the internship at the Coordination and Contact Point in Milwaukee. The application documents should include: 1.Application Form from of the Coordination and Contact Point in Milwaukee 2. Curriculum Vitae (according to European Standard CV) 3. Letter of Motivation: Guidelines to write this Letter of Motivation available in German and in English 4. a current Enrollment Certification The application documents are available on the website:

9 Guidelines for the "Letter of Motivation“ 1) What is your motivation for your international internship? What are your reasons for doing the internship abroad? 2) Why did you choose Germany, in particular Hessen? 3) What are your qualifications that you can offer your host organisation of your internship? How did you prepare for your internship abroad? 4) How do you think you will benefit from this internship concerning your personal development and your studies? 5) Please enumerate some of your professional aims you want to achieve by doing the internship. Please describe the work or project you want to pursue, the duration and time you are available.

10 What‘s next? Your application is processed in Milwaukee and in Giessen respectively. If you are selected for the program your application is forwarded to the Hessen Networks! Contact Point in Fulda, which is responsible for the internship program in Hessen (placement, accommodation, work permit, excursions etc.). Please check the academic recognition of your internship with your local co-ordinator in Wisconsin, before applying to the program. CU in Hessen

11 Hessen Networks! Infothek

12 Contact Details Katja Mruk (Project Coordinator) Hessen Networks! Coordination and Contact Point Am Alten Schlachthof 4 36037 Fulda Tel.: +49 (0) 661-2504021 Fax.: +49 (0) 661-2504012 email:

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