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Army Psychology SSG Adam Hendrickson (404) call or text

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1 Army Psychology SSG Adam Hendrickson (404) 808-6790 call or text

2 Army Psychology Jobs Brigade Psychologists
Direct support to troops (infantry, aviation, MP, MI) Combat Stress Control Detachment Area Support Medical Company MEDDAC/MEDCEN Outpatient Clinic May have subspecialties Cadet Center for Personnel Development Special Operation Survival Evasion Resistance & Escape (SERE) School Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA) Intelligence Command (INSCOM)


4 Army Psychology Jobs Special Operations Cont’d Program Director at MTF
Ranger Regiment Group Psychologist Special Operation Aviation Regiment (SOAR) Special Operation Warfare Center (Assessment & Selection) Program Director at MTF Uniformed Services University Recruiting Command


6 Paths to Army Psychology
Health Professions Scholarship Program: apply in either 2nd or 3rd year of graduate program Clinical Psychology Internship Programs Clinical Psychology Residency Programs Direct Accession for licensed psychologists

7 Clinical Psychology Internship Programs
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda, MD Madigan Army Medical Center Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu, HI Eisenhower Army Medical Center Ft. Gordon, GA San Antonio Military Medical Center Ft. Sam Houston, Texas Clinical Psychology Internship Programs

8 Madigan Healthcare System Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.

9 Madigan Army Medical Center
Located near Tacoma, Washington “World-class military medicine and compassionate, innovative, academic health care for Warriors and Warrior Families past, present, and future.” Internship accredited by APA for 9 years in 2013 Residency accredited by APA for 9 years in 2013 Regional Trauma Center Patient population 36,000+ Active Duty service members (always in deployment cycle) 108,000+ total beneficiaries (families, retirees, etc.) The Army’s Behavioral Health Technology Center (T2)

10 Internship Training Rotations
Behavioral Health Clinic (6 months) Primary Care Consultation (2 months) Neuropsychology (2 months) Emphasis on TBI assessment Trainee-selected elective (2 months) Pediatric Psychology Programs and Research Service Health Psychology

11 Additional Training Didactic Series Military Culture Outings
Assessment Intervention Psychopharmacology Data-driven decision making Using research to inform clinical practice Special Topics e.g. ethics, military culture, diversity issues Military Culture Outings Simulated firing ranges Simulated convoy operations “Field trips” to see operational components of local Army, Air Force, and Navy assets

12 Tripler Army Medical Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

13 Tripler Army Medical Center
Located on the Moanalua ridge overlooking Honolulu “Service to our Nation through high quality healthcare" Serves the entire pacific region Center of Excellence for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

14 TAMC Three four-month rotations Adult rotation mandatory
Two optional rotations Neuropsychology Child Psychology Health Psychology Community Psychology

15 TAMC Community Rotation Unique, rural, primary care setting
Comprehensive health center and provide adult outpatient, substance abuse, ER, and psychological consultation Fast paced environment under the supervision of four psychologists and two psychiatrists.  Cross cultural issues

16 Brooke Army Medical Center
Ft. Sam Houston, Texas

17 BAMC/SAMMC Located in San Antonio, Texas
“We are Dedicated to Warrior Service” Level 1 Trauma Center Army’s Institute of Surgical Research Burn Center Combat Casualty Care Center Center for the Intrepid (2007)

18 BAMC/SAMMC Three mandatory 3-month rotations:
Campus Behavioral Health Service Neuropsychology Adult Outpatient Fourth Rotation, choose from: Child & Adolescent Clinical Health Evidence Based Treatment rotation focus on EBT for PTSD, Insomnia, Nightmares, Panic Disorders

19 Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Augusta, Ga.

20 Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center
DDEAMC Located in Augusta, Georgia “Provide excellent healthcare, ensure readiness, and enhance training” APA approved Southern Regional Medical Command Fort Gordon is home of the Signal Corps

21 DDEAMC CPIP Six required rotations
Adult Assessment Health Psychology Military Psychology Neuropsychology Warrior Transition Battalion Liaison Inpatient Psychiatry Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Spans the entire year Crisis intervention, intakes, short to intermediate length psychotherapy modalities

22 Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Bethesda, Md.

23 Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Located just outside Washington, DC in Bethesda, Maryland “We Provide Warrior Care” Long standing APA accredited program Accredited since 1958 Large Military Medical Center setting Remarkably diverse patient population Direct patient care of Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

24 WRNMMC Core Rotation: clinical skills in assessment and psychotherapeutic intervention Specialty training through rotations: Outpatient Rotation Assessment Rotation Psychological Health Traumatic Brain Injury Rotation

25 After Internship Optional One-Year Postdoctoral Residency Program – located at each internship site Or Competitive selection for Clinical and Operational Psychology Residency at FT Bragg Assignments vary depending on licensure > 75% of our graduates since 2001 have been deployed in support of OIF/OEF


27 Clinical Psychology Residency Programs
12 month post-doctoral residencies co-located at each internship site Prepares residents for licensing examination and provides post-doctoral supervision Emphasizes military specific applications of clinical psychology and provide advanced skills in preparation for deployment Select post-doctoral residencies will accept accessions from civilian applicants who are attending or have completed an APA accredited internship and have completed all other doctoral degree requirements at an APA accredited Counseling Psychology or Clinical Psychology program No additional Service Obligation connected to the Residency

28 What to Expect 4 weeks in-processing and orientation
Basic Officer Leadership Course 12 Month Internship Program Residency or Assignment


30 BOLC 8 week core curriculum course 2 week Behavioral Health Track
Classroom instruction Field Exercise 2 week Behavioral Health Track Includes psychology, social work, and occupational therapy officers

31 Career Path Basic Officer Leadership Course
10 weeks Attend prior to internship Internship (& doctoral graduation) Licensure One year Post Doctoral Residency Available for those with dissertation complete Allows supervision for licensure Study and take EPPP Do it on own Initial assignment Typically a 2-3 year tour Fellowship opportunities

32 Career Path 2 year Fellowships Captain’s Career Course Neuropsychology
BAMC, WRAMC or TAMC Trauma and Resiliency BAMC Clinical Health TAMC Forensic Psychology WRAMC Captain’s Career Course

33 Career Path Utilization Tour or Special Assignment
Depends on interest and officer’s preference Intermediate Level Education War College Other assignments


35 Army Benefits Excellent Salary 100% Health, Dental, Vision
30 days of Annual Leave Continuing Education In-house Fellowships Professional Pay for Licensure and ABPP Army Family Retirement Thrift Savings Plan Life Insurance Pro pay for licensed clinical psychologists is $5,000 annually paid monthly; ABPP is $6,000 annually; RB also available ($10,000, $15,000, and $20,000) after initial ADSO is completed

36 First Year Pay & Allowances
Single Soldier Married Soldier Base Pay per month $3,873.90 Housing Pay* per month $2,343.00 $2,781.00 BAS* per month $246.24 Total monthly salary $6,463.14 $6,901.14 Total annual salary $77,557.68 $82,813.68 This example is for an 0-3 with less than 2 years time in service living in the Bethesda, MD area Housing reimbursement is dependent upon housing location * pay is non-taxable

37 How to Apply Contact an Army Healthcare Recruiter who will assist you with the application process Complete APPIC application by site deadlines WRNMMC – 16 November 2014 Madigan AMC – 15 November 2014 SAMMC – 8 November 2014 Tripler AMC – 7 November 2014 Eisenhower AMC – 16 November 2014 Recruiter will submit complete package to the Army Accession Board (13 JAN 2015)

38 Applicant Requirements
Completed all resident coursework in an APA approved program U.S. citizen (or permanent immigrant visa) Be less than 42 years of age Meet the qualifications for commission as an AD Officer prior to selection 3-year Active Duty Service Obligation


40 Questions? SSG Adam Hendrickson (404) 808-6790 call or text

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