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INTERNSHIP Anne Marie Chudleigh Academic Internship Coordinator Anne Leverman Internship Administrative Support School University Partnerships Office (SUPO),

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1 INTERNSHIP Anne Marie Chudleigh Academic Internship Coordinator Anne Leverman Internship Administrative Support School University Partnerships Office (SUPO), 8 th floor

2 INTERNSHIP… ….your opportunity…. A story to begin

3 Purpose of the Internship (p. 31) OISE’s Internship program provides Teacher Candidates with an opportunity to complete the teacher education program with an experience that is purposely self-selected and self-directed. The self-selection process begins with Teacher Candidates identifying their professional interests and needs, and considering what kind of Internship would provide them with an opportunity to build on and extend their professional development as a teacher. This self-directed aspect of the Internship reflects the principles of adult learning, and ensures that each Teacher Candidate at OISE has a culminating experience that focuses on their unique professional interests and needs.

4 Internship dates: Mon., April 26 to Thurs., May 27, 2010 The Internship is: (YOUR) Opportunity SELF-DIRECTED and SELF-SELECTING Teacher Candidates make all the arrangements for their Internship. THE INTERNSHIP IS MANDATORY Culminating field experience Required program component

5 Academic Criteria Internship activities need to connect to the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession (min. of 3 SOPs) The Internship is not: – A third practicum – Paid – Supply teaching FLEXIBLE - 3 types of Internships: School Site Internship Non-School Site Internship International Internship

6 Examples of School Site Internship Activities (p. 33) Assisting personnel in a variety of program areas, e.g., the arts, library, guidance, school administration. Working closely with a number of teachers from various areas of support, e.g., ESL, special education, Reading Recovery. Helping with the organization and implementation of co-curricular activities, e.g., clubs, sports, school committees. Assisting with the organization and implementation of school-wide events such as concerts, science fairs, math nights, open house, and/or the creation of an environmental garden. Assisting, supporting and/or teaching in a classroom. Assisting in curriculum development in a subject area, or across various subject areas, i.e., integration. Gathering information on the various assessment and evaluation practices across a school, or in a certain grade level, to promote further sharing and development in this area. Often, School Site Internships are a combination of activities.

7 Examples of Non School-Site Internships (p.34) Community Organizations Canadian Children’s Book Centre Community Centres Latin American Centre Metrac (Metro Action Committee Against Violence Against Women and Children) Public Libraries Museum ProgramsArt Gallery of Ontario Bata Shoe Museum Community Museums Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art Ontario Science Centre Royal Ontario Museum Textile Museum of Canada Toronto Zoo Professional OrganizationsOntario College of Teachers Teacher Federations Ontario Curriculum Centre Ministry of Education

8 Examples of Non School-Site Internships cont’d. Performing Arts Organizations Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre Canadian Opera Company CanStage Harbourfront Centre National Ballet of Canada Equity / Social Justice ProgramsSave the Children Canada ACORN Canada Canadian Race Relations Foundation Athletic / Recreation ProgramsHeart and Stroke Foundation Right to Play Environmental OrganizationsOntario EcoSchools Learning for a Sustainable Future Citizens’ Environment Watch

9 International Internships (p. 35) Last year, over 60 internships were completed outside of Canada. This included internships in Belgium, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Australia, Hawaii, Egypt, Swaziland, New York, Spain, and Switzerland. International Internships are arranged through the Teacher Candidate. Factors to consider include: 1)SafetyDepartment of Foreign Affairs U. of T.’s Safety Abroad Advisor – Holly Luffman 2)Finances ~ $1500 - $3500 + 3)Employment opportunities

10 How does a Teacher Candidate find an Internship placement? (pp. 38-39) *build on your strengths *explore your interests *look at your learning needs *think about broadening your employment opportunities 2 big questions: *school site or non-school site? *near home or far away?

11 Internship website: “2010 Internship Postings”

12 School site Non-school site International site

13 Internship Details Number of Placements: 6 Description: Rosedale Public School is a dynamic, small, friendly school with enthusiastic students. We have had great success with our intern partnership in the past few years as we believe in creating a collaborative and supportive learning environment. We are offering 6 internship placements this year. As part of our WRITE ON! Program we are offering 2 placements in our Junior division and 3 in our Primary division. The WRITE ON! program fosters student writing in a variety of genres by encouraging them to explore their ideas through art and/or technology. Interns will be able to choose an area of specific interest within the program, and, with staff support and resources, work with students to create a rewarding learning opportunity. We are also offering another opportunity for one intern to work with our Primary and Junior division students as part of our Sports Leadership program that promotes leadership, co-operation and conflict resolution skills through cooperative games and sports activities. Skills: For the WRITE ON! Program, interns should have a love of literature and enjoy expressing ideas in creative ways. We are looking for interns that collaborate well with others. For the Sports Leadership placement the intern should enjoy working with students to build their leadership skills and have had experience with a variety of sports, gymnasium and outdoor games. Application Procedure: For further information, and to apply, please email _______ at _______ and provide a day and evening phone number where you can be reached.

14 1. TC communicates with person at Internship site about possible Internship. 2. TC completes ACTION PLAN on website at: 3. Action Plan is electronically sent to Site Supervisor to obtain their agreement. 4. Action Plan is viewed by OISE for approval (by Feb. 5, 2010). INTERNSHIP PLANNING PROCESS Following OISE approval, a TC is all set until Internship starts on Monday, April 26, 2010. OISE approval




18 Important Date: Friday, February 5, 2010 Other important dates: Monday, April 26, 2010 – Internship begins Friday, April 30 – TC electronically submits revised Action Plan Friday, May 12 – Formative Assessment completed by Site Supervisor May 26/27 – Ensure Site Supervisor is aware of need to complete the on-line “Verification of Completion” form. Thursday, May 27 – Last day of Internship Friday, May 28 – In-Faculty day at OISE Friday, May 28 is an “In-Faculty Day” which requires you to come to OISE with your Option or TES class. If your Internship site is more than 2 hours from OISE, you are not required to attend the “In-Faculty Day”. WARNING: Late submission of Internship forms may result in delayed convocation!

19 Verification of Completion of the OISE Internship Program April 26, 2010 – May 27, 2010 ____________________________________ __________ Print Teacher Candidate Name Option/SP ___________________________________________________ Print Internship Site Name Successful completion of the Internship includes four criteria: The Teacher Candidate has completed the Internship Journal Tracking each week. The Teacher Candidate has successfully carried out the tasks of her/his Action Plan. The Teacher Candidate has met minimum attendance requirements. The Teacher Candidate has acted according to the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession. Please check the box that applies: The Teacher Candidate has□ successfully completed the Teacher Internship. □ not successfully completed the Teacher Internship. Site Supervisor’s comments on the Internship experience: ____________________________________ Site Supervisor Signature In order to convocate, this form must be submitted to SUPO upon completion of internship. Failure to submit this form on time will lead to a delay in conferment of the B.Ed. degree.

20 Internship Journal Tracking System (p. 42) The Journal Tracking System is a record of progress and activities in which the TC is engaged in during the Internship. The Journal Tracking Form is updated by each TC on a weekly basis, and submitted electronically to your OISE Internship Advisor every Friday during the Internship. When you log onto Internship database in April, you will see instructions on how to complete the tracking.

21 First steps… 1.Review the questions outlined in the Pre-Action Plan process (p. 38) 2.Prepare what you will say when you make the first contact by reviewing the points on page 39 3.Have reference material available to share, e.g., Internship flyer and/or Internship website print-outs, resume 4.Know the structure of the school, and think about the best person to make the first contact with – not necessarily the principal 5.Be courteous and professional

22 Page 40: Once the Action Plan Agreement has been approved by OISE, it is not possible to change an Internship site. OISE recognizes that a Teacher Candidate’s professional interests and needs will further develop after the completion of the Action Plan Agreement and prior to the beginning of the Internship, but the Agreement is a professional contract, and OISE maintains a very strict policy in this regard. If a Teacher Candidate has exceptional circumstances to support a request for an Internship site change, they must immediately contact the Academic Internship Coordinator to arrange a meeting. CHANGES = NO CHANGES!

23 Attendance, p. 44 Attendance during the Internship is mandatory. Teacher Candidates assume the same responsibilities of attendance and punctuality as regular members of the staff at the Internship site. A day of Internship activities should reflect the equivalent of a full working day. Because attendance is of critical importance, Teacher Candidates are expected to: Make medical and other personal appointments after school hours; Limit absences to illness or bereavement. Recognizing that May is often a time for employment interviews, Teacher Candidates are asked to seek approval from both their Site Supervisor and their OISE Advisor if they need to be absent for employment-related activities, e.g., job interview.

24 FAQ’s (pp. 45-47) Can I complete my Internship placement at one of my Practicum schools? Can J/I Teacher Candidates complete the Internship in a secondary school? Can I/S Teacher Candidates complete their Internship in the J/I division of an elementary school? Can I start my Internship before the official start date? Can I complete my internship at more than one Site? Can I change my mind after I agree to an Internship? Do I have to meet all five Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession? Can I do my Internship at a site where there are family members present (e.g. at my child’s school)? Can a family member/close friend supervise my Internship?

25 ? What are your questions? Thank you!

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