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1 The Eiffel Internship Experience Christakis A. Roushias

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2 1 The Eiffel Internship Experience Christakis A. Roushias

3 2 Why being an intern? The main reason I choose to work as an intern in the Eiffel project was to gain experience in the fields of developing, testing, and implementing effective teaching methods to the use of media and technologies. I wanted to work with teachers, educators, and administrators towards the above goal (especially in the Internet-related fields), which will finally enhance the process of learning in our schools.

4 3 The Schools During this semester I have been working closely with elementary school teachers from three different schools in Manhattan:  Sister Clara Mohammed School  Manhattan School for Children,and  Public School 11 Most of the 6 teachers I have been working with had little experience with new media technologies. However, they do have many technology resources in their schools.

5 4 The Teachers Khaleelah Ziyad-Islam (S.C.M.) Khaleelah Ziyad-Islam Lynda Abdul Ali (S.C.M.) Wendy Smith (M.S.C.) Wendy Smith Heidi Paisner (M.S.C.) Kate Abell (P.S.11) Kate Abell Betty White (P.S.11) Betty White

6 5 Teacher Projects (a few examples) The Silk Road by Kate Abell The Silk Road Asia Quest by Kate Abell Asia Quest Weather Wise by Khaleelah Ziyad Weather Wise Grant Information by Khaleelah Ziyad Grant Information Writing Resources by Khaleelah Ziyad Writing Resources Literature Lesson by Khaleelah Ziyad Literature Lesson Story Time for Tots by Lynda Abdul Ali Story Time for Tots Native Americans by Wendy Smith Native Americans Our Classroom Model by Heidi Paisner Our Classroom Model Animals around the world by Betty White

7 6 Reflect… The teachers I work with, have started realizing the essence of technology. They acknowledge that technology is very much our own response to overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of a better, more productive way of life. I believe, I helped them see that technology is us - our tools, our methods, and our own creative attempts to solve problems in our environments.

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