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Counseling Practicum and Internship Orientation to the IUPUI C/CE Program.

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1 Counseling Practicum and Internship Orientation to the IUPUI C/CE Program

2 Practicum--G524 Z100 hours on site Z40 hours of direct client contact ZAt least 10 hours of the 40 must be group work Z60 hours of relevant on-site work

3 Practicum ZPracticum is in a school ZIn some cases, may be in an agency ZClass is offered spring, fall, an summer terms ZSummer term is from early June to end of first week in August

4 Practicum Class and Supervision ZClass meets weekly ZGeneral class structure: ZThree hour class Z90 minute group session Z1 hour of individual or dyadic/triadic supervision with instructor or designee ZIndividual supervision may occur at various times during week, various formats (e.g., telephone, face-face) ZInstructor has flexibility in the agenda and supervision methods

5 Practicum Class and Supervision ZClass session and individual supervision includes the following: ZReview of student activities ZReview of taped sessions ZReview of progress notes/other documents ZReview of logs (instructor discretion) ZOther learning activities designated by instructor

6 On-Site Activities ZDirect Services: ZIndividual and group counseling ZConsultation ZAssessment

7 On-Site Activities ZOther activities ZScheduling ZAcademic advising ZProgram delivery ZAttending learning activities ZAbout anything work-related can count

8 On-Site Supervision Z90 minutes with supervisor ZCan be in one or multiple sessions ZSite supervisors must be licensed in their fields ZSupervisor should Zreview notes ZReview tapes ZMay co-counsel early in experience

9 The Log ZUse CCE log to record direct and indirect service hours ZKeep weekly and running tally ZAt end of semester: ZHave supervisor sign ZDeliver to practicum instructor

10 Periodic evaluations ZMidterm and near end of semester ZStudents receive evaluation forms in class ZTake to on-site supervisor and return to instructor ASAP

11 To apply for practicum ZForms on line and beside doors of Professors Robison and Morran ZYou’ll need to obtain professional liability insurance (more on next slide) ZComplete and return with completed program outline and resume to: Z Kelly Dunn

12 Professional Liability Insurance ZMust have a student policy covering student counselors ZTeacher’s insurance may be acceptable if it covers counseling ZVarious companies offer this insurance

13 Professional Liability Insurance ZSome good ones: ZACA, ASCA (membership required) ZMarsh Professional (professional membership encouraged) ZCost is about 35.00

14 Next Practicum deadline ZSeptember 15, 2008 ZDeadlines typically are in: ZSeptember for the spring term ZFebruary for the summer/fall terms

15 Internship -- G550 ZInternship may follow successful completion of practicum Z600 hours on site over two academic terms ZInternship offered spring and fall terms, not summer

16 Distribution of Internship Hours Z540 at primary specialization Z30 at each of the secondary specializations ZWork activities should be balanced across the various counseling tasks (recommend at least 240 hours direct service)

17 Transfer of Practicum Hours to internship ZStudents may transfer up to 100 hours over and above those needed for practicum if: ZPracticum passed with B or better ZThe first semester of internship occurs in the next available semester after practicum is completed ZThe hours were supervised on site ZThe hours are truly not needed for G524 ZThe faculty field experience director approves a formal request to transfer the hours

18 Hours Per Semester of Internship ZAll interns must: ZComplete at least two semesters of internship (students can take up to 4 semesters of internship) ZComplete at least 100 hours per internship semester unless authorized to do otherwise

19 Internship Supervision ZWeekly internship class ZAt least one hour weekly with internship supervisor, at one time or over the week ZNo taping required in internship ZInterns continue to maintain the weekly log ZInterns have first semester, and final written evaluations -same procedures

20 Internship ZPracticum and internship sites may be the same site Site supervisors must be licensed in their fields

21 To Apply ZContact Kelly Dunn, to whom applications should be submitted ZForms are on the web site or by Robison’s/Morran’s door ZNext deadline is September 15, 2008 for Spring, 2009 ZDeadline for Summer and Fall is February 15, 2009

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