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InterExchange Career Training USA Internship Placement Program

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1 InterExchange Career Training USA Internship Placement Program

2 What InterExchange Does
Assists employers with recruiting qualified candidates for their internship opportunities. Screens suitable candidates to recommend to employers. Helps candidates with writing strong resumes and cover letters. Coordinates interviews between candidates and employers. Provides J-1 Visa sponsorship for placed candidates.

3 Role of Cooperators First line of communication for candidates.
Explain all details of the program. Recruit qualified candidates for available internships. Answer candidates’ questions about the application and placement process. Help placed candidates apply for their visas.

4 Important Details to Know Before Recruiting for the Program
We do not do independent job searches for candidates. Interested candidates can only apply to available positions on our internship board. We cannot guarantee interviews or placements to all candidates who apply. All hiring decisions are made by the employer. To begin the application process, you should FIRST send us resume forms (in our template) of interested candidates to review—not the complete application. Candidates should not fill out an application until they have gone through our pre-screening process and have been asked to complete an application. Cooperators and candidates should never contact employers directly—all information must go through InterExchange Career Training USA.

5 The Placement Process Please see the slides that follow for a detailed description of each step of the placement process. Step 1: Recruit for Available Placement Positions Step 2: Pre-Screening Process Step 3: Application Submission and Review Step 4: Program Acceptance/Rejection Step 5: Employer Interview Process Step 6: Post-Interview Follow-Up Step 7: U.S. Embassy Procedures Step 8: Pre-Arrival Details

6 Step 1: Recruit for Available Placement Positions (Part 1)
Reviewing Available Placement Positions on the Internship Board: All of the internships for which we are currently recruiting are posted here. Candidates should carefully review the postings to make sure they are qualified for the position and are satisfied with all of the specific details listed in the posting. If candidates are not interested in or qualified for any of the posted positions, they should keep checking back for new postings. The internship board is updated as new positions become available and as old ones are filled. We will not accept resumes/applications from candidates who are not applying to one of the positions on the internship board.

7 Internship Location Candidates must research the location to make sure that they would be happy living there Candidates must research the cost of living, public transportation and other details about the area to ensure that the location is satisfactory For housing information in the area, candidates should do an internet search on websites such as

8 Salary Requirements Will candidates rely solely on their salary to financially support themselves? If candidates accept a low-paying or unpaid internship, will they have sufficient funds to support themselves for the duration of their programs? Candidates should think about the cost of living in the area to decide if they can afford housing, transportation, etc. Hospitality candidates should take into account that the base salary might be lower for positions that include gratuities.

9 Required vs. Preferred Skills
REQUIRED SKILLS: Candidates must have the skills that are listed as “required” in the posting. For example, in this posting, candidates who do not have a degree in computer engineering/IT are not eligible to apply to this position. There are no exceptions. Candidates must have all of the required skills to apply to the position. Even if they are only missing one requirement, they are still ineligible to apply!

10 Required vs. Preferred Skills
Candidates are eligible to apply to positions even if they don’t have the “preferred” skills listed. For example, in this posting, candidates who do not have experience with the preferred programming languages are still eligible to apply, as long as they meet the other requirements.

11 Step 1: Recruit for Available Placement Positions (Part 2)
Recruiting for Available Placement Positions: Reach out to local universities. Advertise in local newspapers, magazines and school newspapers. Post flyers around local universities. Use past candidates to spread the word about the program.

12 Good Candidates for the Program…
Are interested in one of the positions on the internship board. Meet employer requirements listed in the internship posting. Have researched the location/salary/additional details of the internship before applying. Have good past/present work experience in the field. Have preferably worked abroad before. Meet all J-1 Visa requirements.

13 J-1 Visa Intern Requirements
To apply as an Intern: Candidates must be currently enrolled in a degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. OR Have graduated from such an institution within 12 months of the program start date. Interns may only apply for internships that are directly related to their academic field of study.

14 J-1 Visa Trainee Requirements
To apply as a Trainee: Candidates must have a degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of related professional experience acquired outside the U.S. OR Have five years of related professional experience acquired outside the U.S. Trainees may only apply for training programs that are directly related to their occupational field.

15 Additional Program Requirements
J-1 Visa and Career Training program regulations require that all candidates: Are between the ages of 18 and 38. Have verifiable English language skills. Possess sufficient funds for the length of the program. Must be able to provide two letters of reference from professional or academic sources.

16 Quiz: Determining Eligibility
Which internships in the right column are the candidates in the left column eligible to apply for? There may be more than one right answer for each candidate. Current student majoring in accounting. Recent graduate (less than 1 year) who has worked at a hotel for 2 months and majored in communications. Professional with a degree in hospitality (graduate more than 1 year ago) and a year of work experience in IT. Hospitality internship. B. IT internship. C. Accounting internship at an established accountancy firm. D. PR/Marketing internship. Accounting internship within a hotel. Accounting internship within a non-profit organization

17 Quiz Answers – Question #1
The current student majoring in accounting can apply for the: C. Accounting internship at an established accountancy firm. F. Accounting internship within a non-profit organization An accounting student can do an accounting internship with an acceptable host employer—it does not just have to be an accounting firm. Accounting departments within other types of businesses would be ok, too, as long as they have sufficient full time accounting staff to provide the training. We do not sponsor business/finance related internships at hospitality employers so answer E is wrong.

18 Quiz Answers – Question #2
2. The recent graduate (less than 1 year) who has worked at a hotel for 2 months and majored in communications can apply for the: D. PR/Marketing internship ONLY. Recent graduates typically apply as Interns, which requires them to do an internship related to their academic field. If this candidate had a degree and at least one year of experience in hospitality, he or she could apply for a hospitality position as a Trainee.

19 Quiz Answers – Question #3
The professional with a degree in hospitality (graduated more than 1 year ago) and a year of work experience in IT can apply for the: B. IT internship ONLY. This candidate qualifies as a Trainee since he or she earned a degree more than a year ago and has at least one year of experience. For Trainees, the field of their internship/training program must be related to their occupational field, as this is what counts towards eligibility requirements. The field of their degree is not considered.

20 So Then…Who Can Apply for the Hospitality Internship?

21 Candidates Eligible for Hospitality Internships
A current student in a hospitality degree- or certificate-granting program outside the U.S. A graduate of a hospitality degree- or certificate-granting program outside the U.S. (if graduated within 1 year of program start date) A graduate who has a degree and at least one year of professional experience in hospitality from outside the U.S. A professional with at least 5 years of professional experience in hospitality from outside the U.S. Hospitality and Tourism are not interchangeable. Hospitality applicants must have hospitality backgrounds. Candidates with backgrounds in Tourism only are not eligible for hospitality internships and vice versa.

22 Determining Eligibility for Other Fields
For example…a marketing internship. Simply replace the word “hospitality” on the previous slide with the word “marketing”. Any candidate who meets the criteria would be eligible for marketing internships!

23 Step 2: Pre-Screening Process (Part 1)
Resume Review All candidates must complete our fillable Resume Form PDF in order to be considered for any of our positions. us a completed Career Training Resume Form and cover letter for a specific position from any interested and eligible candidates. We will review the documents to ensure they meet program eligibility and to determine whether they are a good match for the position. Resumes must be up-to-date Candidates may be asked to revise their resumes or cover letters. If they do not do so, they will not be able to proceed to the next step. Cover letters should provide additional information that is not included in a resume.

24 Resumes The resume PDF can be found in the Cooperator Resource Center . Applicants must complete this resume PDF to be considered for any of our positions. Responses must be typed directly into the form. The form must be saved and ed so that we can import the data into our database. Do not scan this form. Please ensure that the form is saved properly and all fields are completed.

25 Good Resume Bad Resume Should we keep these resume resource pages? Might be a good resource for general job search efforts but not really for our purposes anymore. I can also replace this with a good version and a bad version of the resume pdf filled out.

26 What makes this a good resume?
Lists contact information clearly. All fields are filled out. Includes the candidate’s school, academic major/degree and exact dates of attendance and/or graduation year. Exact employment dates are included and jobs are listed in chronological order, with the most recent position first. Company names and locations are listed. Explains the responsibilities and achievements from previous jobs in detail. Resume has been edited for grammar and spelling mistakes.

27 What’s Wrong With This Resume?
Candidates should have professional addresses. Resume has not been proofread for grammar/correct use of English and spelling. Missing important fields such as country of citizenship, country of employment, field of study Missing / incomplete dates of school attendance and employment Previous work experience is not described in detail and does not outline specific tasks and responsibilities.

28 Step 2: Pre-Screening Process (Part 2)
Pre-screening Interview An InterExchange Placement Associate will conduct an interview with candidates that are a good match for the position based off of their resume and cover letter. They should be prepared to speak, in English, about their past experiences and qualifications and their interest in the position to which they are applying. It is expected that candidates will have reviewed the job description and researched the internship location prior to their interview. The pre-screening interview does not replace the interview with the employer. Candidates whose interviews are unsuccessful will not be accepted to the placement program, but they may still apply for the J-1 Visa Sponsorship program if they find their own internships that meet J-1 Visa regulations and if they have sufficient English language ability.

29 Step 3: Application Review
If candidates have a successful interview, they will be asked to submit a complete Career Training USA application. We will not send candidates to the employer for consideration until we have received a complete application. A $100 non-refundable application-processing fee is due with the application. The above fee covers the application processing costs. It will not be refunded under any circumstances. Once the application is received and reviewed, we will notify you whether the J-1 Visa application is approved or rejected. If approved, candidates will be able to advance to the employer interview stage.

30 Step 4: Program Acceptance/Rejection
If candidates are accepted to the program, their resumes and cover letters will be sent to the employer for review. We will update you once employers give us feedback about your candidates. Some employers can take awhile to get back to us so you and your candidates should be patient—we will notify you immediately when we receive feedback. If you haven’t heard from us, it means that we are still awaiting a response from the employer.

31 Step 5: Employer Interview Process
If an employer wishes to interview a candidate: We will contact candidates to schedule the interview. Candidates should check their daily so they can reply promptly to interview requests. We will provide the employer's details so the candidate can research the company to prepare for the interview.

32 Step 5: Employer Interview Process
If an employer does not wish to interview a candidate: Candidates may apply to other positions if they are eligible to do so. These candidates will be considered first for new positions that become available. We will send them an Endorsement Letter to increase their chances of finding an internship on their own. The Endorsement Letter outlines our program to prospective employers and guarantee that we will sponsor the applicant if the position and employer meet J-1 Visa requirements.

33 Interview Tips for Candidates
They should research the company prior to the interview and develop a list of questions to ask. It is important to choose a quiet location and not conduct the interview in a public place or someplace where others can interrupt. They should test interview equipment prior to interview (check webcam, make sure cell phone works). Practice! Candidates should be prepared to speak, in English, about their past work experience and why they are interested in the position.

34 Step 6: Post-Interview Follow-Up
After the interview, we will inform you whether the employer wishes to extend an offer, schedule another interview or not hire your candidate—cooperators and candidates should not contact the employer directly. Some employers might require additional interviews with different members of their team or ask the candidate to complete a small project to test their abilities. Candidates that do not receive offers can apply to other available positions if they are eligible to do so and will also be given an Endorsement Letter.

35 the placement will be offered to another candidate! *
Internship Offers When an employer extends an offer, the following steps will occur: Candidates will speak with a member of the Placement Team to discuss and confirm the details of the internship offer. Candidates and employers will receive, review and sign the Program Contract. The employer will complete the final version of the DS-7002, which we will send to you to have the candidate sign. Once the candidate has signed the DS-7002 form, you must return to the form to our office for final review and our signature. Candidates must pay the full program/insurance fees. We will send the sponsor signed DS-2019 and DS-7002 forms to your office. You or the candidate must then pay the SEVIS fee. Candidates must go to the Embassy to apply for their visas. *All deadlines indicated by InterExchange Career Training USA must be met or the placement will be offered to another candidate! *

36 Program Contract This form outlines the details of the placement.
Candidates should carefully read the details of the internship before signing the contract. Contact the Placement Team if there are any questions/concerns about the offer. Signing this form is an official acceptance of the offer. Things to look out for: Is the salary/housing information the same as what was discussed during the interview? Are the program dates correct? Can the candidate arrive by the start date? Are there any other details that were discussed during the interview that are left out or listed incorrectly on this form?

37 Employer Paperwork Employers might need to revise the training plan in order to customize it to the candidate’s skills. This may delay the visa paperwork but it is important that the plan is accurate. We will send updates about when the paperwork will get sent out as we receive the final DS-7002 from the employer.

38 Payment Candidates should submit their program fees while the employers finalize the DS Deadlines will be provided for when payment must be received. We cannot send out the visa paperwork until fees are paid in full. If candidates do not pay their fees by the assigned deadline, this might affect their arrival dates which could result in employers rescinding their offer. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by paying online with a credit card at:

39 Visa Paperwork Once we receive payment and the final DS-7002 has been approved, we will send out the visa paperwork. The following documents will be included: DS-7002 Form (Training Plan)- signed by InterExchange, the participant and the employer DS-2019 Form- signed by InterExchange Inside the USA Handbook Career Training USA Handbook Embassy interview instructions Insurance brochure/card Paperwork will be sent out via UPS. We will you the tracking number for the package. Candidates should review all of the information included and make sure that the information on the DS-7002 and DS-2019 is correct before going to the Embassy.

40 SEVIS Fee We will send an with details on how to pay the SEVIS fee. This will also include the tracking number for the candidate’s paperwork. Please read and follow the directions to properly pay the SEVIS fee. The SEVIS fee must be paid before candidates can apply for their visa at the Embassy.

41 Step 7: U.S. Embassy Procedures
Embassy interviews should be made within a week of the candidates receiving their paperwork. Interviews should be scheduled as soon as possible so candidates will be able start their internships on time. Check with the Embassy about visa wait times and how long it will take for candidates to get their passports/visas back. Candidates must take the original copies of the DS-7002 and DS-2019 Forms with them to the U.S. Embassy.

42 Step 7: U.S. Embassy Procedures (continued)
Check the Embassy’s website to determine which additional supporting documents the candidate should bring to the interview. Contact InterExchange immediately after the visa interview to inform us whether the a visa was granted or denied. Do not contact the employer about visa denials. Contact us immediately to let us know the reason for the visa denial and if candidates want to reapply. We will discuss the possibility of them going for a second interview and will inform the employer. Let us know about any delays that might affect candidates’ start dates!

43 Step 8: Pre-Arrival Details - Flights
Do not allow candidates to buy their flights before getting their visa unless it is a refundable flight. This will prevent candidates from losing money on a flight in case of a visa denial or delay at the Embassy. Neither InterExchange nor the Embassy will be able to expedite the visa process to accommodate flight schedules. Candidates should book their flights for a date that allows them to get to the U.S. in time for their scheduled start date. Contact us immediately if candidates cannot arrive by their scheduled start date. This is extremely important for maintaining appropriate SEVIS status. Candidates must arrange for their transportation from the airport to their lodging/internship if this is not provided by the employer. InterExchange does not do airport pickups.

44 Step 8: Pre-Arrival Details - Housing
Candidates should make sure they have arranged temporary housing (if not provided by the employer) prior to their arrival in the U.S. Candidates should consider temporary housing options for the first week or two to give them time to look for more permanent housing in person. We do not find housing for candidates. They can speak with their employer for advice about finding housing in the area of their internship. Should I add in Links to the Online Orientation? When will that be available?

45 A Few Final Notes We are the main contact for your candidates throughout the duration of their internship. If they contact you about problems during their internship or other issues regarding their placement, please let us know and tell them to contact our office immediately for assistance. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Placement Program!

46 Thank you for your hard work in finding highly qualified candidates for the Internship Placement Program!

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