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2 AGENDA What is Co-op/Internship and why participate Program details and criteria to participate The Career Centre Next Steps Questions

3 WHAT IS INTERNSHIP Internship work terms are normally 12 or 16 months in length and could start in May, September or January. The extended work term provides an opportunity to take on long- term projects and to integrate fully as a contributing member of a team.

4 WHAT IS CO-OP The term co-op normally applies to a 3 or 4 month work term, usually served in the summer period between years of undergraduate study. Back-to-back co-ops of 8 months may be served with the same company, or with two separate employers. In a co-op term, a student will acquire an appreciation of company culture and management structure and have the chance to apply academic theory in a practical setting.

5 CHANGE IN LENGTH OF TERM Should you accept an extension of your co-op or internship term, beyond the original set end date, you will be enrolled, and $500 fee billed to your mycampus account in the following semester(s) You may start out in a 4 or 8 month co-op and be changed to an internship if your work term extends to 12 to 16 months

6 WHAT COULD YOU GAIN FROM PARTICIPATING IN A CO-OP OR INTERNSHIP? Gain industry experience in a chosen field Strengthen skills through practical application Enhance your resumé through acquisition of relevant technical and employability skills Explore future employment potential Clarify career direction, define employment goals Increase motivation to learn and better understand significance of course material Develop a valuable network, build confidence in interacting with employers Earn money, offset costs of education, reduce debt load Acquire up to 12 months of pre-graduation experience towards the required 48 months for PEO licensing

7 WHY EMPLOYERS PARTICIPATE? Injection of new skills, enthusiasm, ideas Try out new talent with a view to future recruitment Develop a collaborative relationship with the university, tap into training and research opportunities Tax Credits

8 PROGRAM DETAILS Criteria Optional Fees OSAP SA/medical coverage Laptops Courses Student Status Work term reports

9 CRITERIA TO PARTICIPATE *Participation in program is optional* CO-OP 4 months, normally in summer Eligibility requirements; minimum 2.3 cumulative GPA, good standing Position does not have to be approved Can participate after year one Several Co-op terms can be served INTERNSHIP 12 or 16 months, May or September start; January start is possible for 12 months Eligibility requirements; minimum 2.3 cumulative GPA, good standing Position must be approved Can participate after year three, or year four of a five year program

10 FEES Co-op and Internship fees are $500 per semester. This fee is subject to change, without notice, based on UOIT Board approval Students in 2011 work terms earned wages ranging from $7,800 to $14,560 per semester Each semester the co-op/internship fee will be posted on your My Campus account Late fees are charged

11 International Student Participation A Canadian Social Insurance number ( card) is required to participate in a summer co-op position Participating in a co-op or internship as an international student involves working with both the internship coordinator and the international office to obtain a Social Insurance Card and to access assistance with your resume, cover letter and behavioural interview skills

12 OSAP Start repayment after six months out but interest payments start right away Re-payment of OSAP loan is suspended again upon return to school See Financial Aid or lending bank for more info Link to Form 32 SA Medical Coverage Valid until Aug. 31 Letters provided for family coverage by request

13 Technology-Enriched Learning Environment Laptops must be returned by internship students and 8 month co-op students prior to the end of the first summer semester Summer co-op students may retain their computer Students taking a course during co-op/internship with special permission from their faculty will have the opportunity to participate in Technology- Enriched Learning Environment receiving a part-time machine incurring a per semester technology-enriched learning fee. Students returning to school for their final year, will receive a 1 year old laptop. There is no guarantee that you will get your own laptop back when you return to school If you are graduating you can purchase your 2 year old laptop for $1.00 at the end of the school year

14 Student Status Part-time for interns; Cards issued in August Special gym membership rate of $145.00 Can be member of clubs but no executive positions

15 Work Reports Work reports are due two weeks after your co-op or internship ends Work reports are given a pass/fail grading, by your Faculty, which appears on your transcript Pass/fail does not factor into your GPA Many employers do not recognize a co-op or internship that does not appear on your transcript Work reports are later used to receive credit for up to 12 months of pre-graduation experience towards your PEO license

16 Connect with employers Post positions on the UOIT student experience portal under career services, Internship and Co-op postings Assist students with job search strategies, resume and cover letter writing and interview skills Process student applications, coordinate on-campus interviews Conduct Co-op and Internship Success Sessions for students Liaise with Registration, Accounting, and Financial Aid Provide guidance, support and intervention assistance to interns and co-op students as necessary Career Centre

17 Creating opportunities We encourage you to take initiative and seek out co-op and internship opportunities Network with family and friends Register at or to be aware of additional companies that employ engineers Bring the details to the internship coordinator for acceptance into the program

18 Hello, this is _____________. I am currently a __ year student at UOIT in __________________ and I am very interested in the possibility of completing an internship or co-op work term with ______________________________. Does your company offer internship or co-op? May I speak to the person who recruits for this type of position? (Repeat introduction to that person). In addition to my academic background, I have experience in _____________ and I would bring to the company _____________________. Can you tell me what are some of the key skills that you look for? What are the next steps in the application process? NETWORKING – PLAN YOUR INTRODUCTION

19 NEXT STEPS Complete the internship/co-op application form -link Create a draft of your resume. Utilize the assistance of on-line career tools of Career Cruising/or Perfect Interview Resume Creator Attend relevant workshops on resume and cover letter creation and behavioural interview techniques Link to on line resume and cover letter workshops Check the student experience portal for posted opportunities and follow application directions

20 QUESTIONS/COMMENTS? For more information Contact: Anne Coulby Internship Coordinator Janette Banga Internship Assistant


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