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This document serves as one key tool related to Work-Based Learning and the P-TECH 9-14 model. For more information about the P-TECH 9-14 model, please.

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1 This document serves as one key tool related to Work-Based Learning and the P-TECH 9-14 model. For more information about the P-TECH 9-14 model, please visit © Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.SPONSORED BY P-TECH 9-14 MODEL TOOL

2 Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) Brooklyn Internships@IBM: Summer 2014 Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs IBM Corporation

3 Agenda Internship Program Overview Program Structure Supervision and Support Evaluation Q&A

4 Overview What is P-TECH Brooklyn? P-TECH Brooklyn is an innovative grade 9-14 school in Brooklyn, New York. The school opened in September 2011, and currently has students in grades 9, 10, and 11 of the six-year program. Students attending P-TECH Brooklyn will graduate with an Associate in Applied Science degree that will enable them to garner a job in the IT industry or continue their studies in a four-year institution. What are P-TECH 9-14 school Internships? P-TECH 9-14 school internships are skills-based, paid internships designed to help P-TECH Brooklyn students build upon their considerable skills and get real-world experience in the workplace that will help them become truly career-ready.

5 The Students P-TECH Brooklyn interns are in their third year (traditional junior year) of their school program, pursuing their AAS degree in either Computer Systems Technology or Electromechanical Engineering Technology. Most students are 16 or 17-years-old. These students are eligible for internships based on two factors: –Enrollment in college classes at the New York City College of - Technology (Students have attained as many as 42 credits.) –Participation in workplace learning courses, including Virtual Enterprise, which enables students to work in teams to create their own IT companies

6 The Internships Every intern will contribute to a real, meaningful work project that is aligned with their skill set. While the work assignments do not have to be technical in nature, they should expose students to various aspects of the work in the technology field. Work assignments will vary from site to site based on employer needs, but can include: –Social media/Communications strategy –Team consulting projects –Client research and competitive analysis –Testing new applications/products/software –Designing and administering client surveys –Assisting with a marketing campaign –Coding and website re-design

7 Program Structure Schedule: –Duration: 6-8 weeks –Monday- Thursday, 9am- 5pm (no more than 32 hrs/wk) –Friday- report to P-TECH Brooklyn for a weekly seminar (unpaid) –Start date: June 30 (unless otherwise noted by CCCA) –End date: mid-late August Location: –IBM Client Sites –33 Maiden Lane (unless provided with space by IBM Supervisor) Supervision/Support: –Daily check-ins with interns at minimum –Weekly check-ins with P-TECH Brooklyn Workplace Learning Supervisor at minimum Evaluation: –Every supervisor will need to complete a formal assessment of their intern(s) at the end of the program.

8 Before the Internship Confirm the end date for all internships with Temeca Confirm location with Temeca Send welcome email to intern(s) –Project Overview/Department Description –How they can reach supervisor –Weekly check-in –Other meetings –What to do if you have a question –Plans to see in person (if appropriate) –IBM ACTION: PLEASE SEND BY June 30!

9 The First Day! Location: 33 Maiden Lane (all interns) Time: 9AM-5PM Led by HR and CC&CA Agenda: –Breakfast –Welcome/Introductions –Paperwork –Computer Set-up –Badge Distribution/Desk Assignments –Lunch –Tour of 33 Maiden Lane –Session: Succeeding at IBM –Call with supervisor/team (after 1:00PM) –Begin Work!

10 The First Days Orientation to IBM –A tour of the workplace –Company goals and purposes –An introduction to the supervisor and co-workers –Company rules and procedures –Safety issues What do your interns need to know the first day? –Who is the designated supervisor or point of contact for interns? –Introductions: Who else will they be working with? –Location: Where will interns work? Where is their desk? –Facilities: Where is the bathroom, break room, is there a place to keep a lunch? –What are the safety procedures at your worksite? –Are there any areas that are off limits?

11 The First Days –What are your daily tasks and weekly deliverables? –How do you communicate with your supervisor/colleagues if you have a question or are facing a challenge? –Describe your responsibilities as a team member. –How does the company communicate internal information? –Describe appropriate telephone/conference call etiquette –Explain the importance of your current assignment to the company –Explain the importance of the department or area where you work as it relates to other departments in the company –Explain how the company/department/product is special or different from other similar companies –What is the history of the company/ department/product (briefly)? Below are suggested questions that will help interns learn about your department, understand their role in your organization, meet your expectation for a successful internship, and transfer what they learn during their internship to future jobs

12 Learning about Your Summer Interns What do you need to know about your interns? –Their skills and interests –Their school work: All students are tasked with developing their professional portfolio. If there are activities that would be useful for the site and showcase their skills, please communicate those opportunities with your student. 12

13 During the Internship: Coaching Interns for Success For most of your students, this is their first job. To move them into productive work as quickly as possible, and to help them take ownership of their own learning during the internship, it is often helpful to create a written agreement for initial tasks. As first-time interns, they are likely to need more feedback than an experienced employee. –Are they making progress towards the task? –Are they working too hard, or not hard enough? –Based on your feedback, they should be able to start self-monitoring –Mistakes are how we learn to improve If a student makes an honest mistake, make sure they understand the mistake, and help them find a new way to avoid repeating the mistake as they return to the task

14 During the Internship: Coaching Interns for Success Interns are able to succeed at work when they have: –clarity of goals –immediacy of feedback –balance between the challenge presented and their skill / ability to meet it Helping them find balance in these three areas supports your intern in learning to maintain focus on the task at hand, and encourages them to work hard by finding pleasure in the task. 14

15 Supervision and Support Students need daily supervision, and there will be various layers of support to enable this P-TECH Brooklyn teachers will provide on-site support at 33 Maiden Lane 3 days a week P-TECH Brooklyn Workplace Learning Coordinator will check in with students weekly School-based session for all interns led by teachers every Friday MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Supervisor check-in Teacher check-in Supervisor check-in School Coordinator check-in with intern Review with intern and supervisor School-based session for all interns led by teachers Check in with school liaison and supervisor Teachers will serve as on-site support, but managers will need to support/guide students on project- specific questions and issues Regular check ins with mentors (optional) could also be a great resource for interns Weekly check ins with school coordinators and IBM supervisors will be 15-30 minute calls

16 Roles and Responsibilities IBM Supervisor P-TECH Brooklyn Workplace Learning Coordinator P-TECH Brooklyn Teachers Oversees intern ’ s work and reviews the final product. The supervisor will have a daily check-in call or in-person meeting (30 minutes) with their intern(s). IBM ACTION: Please send a Lotus Notes calendar weekly invite to your intern. Be clear about the agenda and expectations on each call. Will check in with students and supervisors once a week at the worksite. For remote/virtual supervisors, P-TECH Brooklyn Workplace Learning Coordinator will contact by phone. IBM ACTION: Please work with the coordinator to set up time to meet each week. These are important meetings that will give the school insight into how students are progressing. Will check in with students once a week at their worksite and during the Friday seminars. NOTE: There will be a P-TECH Brooklyn teacher/administrator present at the main IBM site (33 Maiden Lane) for supervision at all times.

17 Evaluation Evaluation is an essential component of the internship experience. All supervisors will complete a formal assessment of the intern(s) based on the following categories: –Attendance/Punctuality –Quality and quantity of work –Initiative –Cooperation –Attitude –Knowledge –Interest Electronic evaluation forms will be sent out by CC&CA prior to the end of the internship

18 Thank You! Q&A

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