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Orientation to Internship Application for Fall 2015 Semester College of Education & Professional Studies Lisa Light, Director of Clinical Experiences.

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1 Orientation to Internship Application for Fall 2015 Semester College of Education & Professional Studies Lisa Light, Director of Clinical Experiences

2 The following slides give pertinent information related to the internship experience in the College of Education and Professional Studies. YOU WILL WANT TO TAKE EXTENSIVE NOTES ON THIS MATERIAL! Welcome!

3 Internship Testing and Admission Requirements

4 Praxis II Policy Fall 2015 Internship To be eligible for Fall 2015 internship, passing scores for all necessary Praxis II exams must be received at JSU via electronic transmission from ETS no later than July 18, 2015.

5 If you are planning to enroll in internship for Fall 2015,… the last Praxis II testing window is June 15-27, 2015 (exception Teaching Reading; see note below). Teaching Reading Praxis II: last testing window for Fall 2015 internship: May 11-23, 2015 (no testing window offered in June 2015).

6 You are strongly encouraged… to take the appropriate Praxis II exams (based on your major) during the May 11-23, 2015 testing window in the event you need to retake a test due to a failing score.

7 Only official ETS score reports… sent directly to JSU and ALSDE by electronic transmission from ETS will be accepted. JSU must be listed as a score recipient.

8 Contact your advisor, instructor, or department head… for details regarding Praxis II test(s) code(s) and requirement(s) for your respective major. Praxis II Test Centers and Dates Praxis II Tests & Code Numbers –Praxis II Tests & Code Numbers (AL State Approved)

9 Praxis II Test Help Dr. Joseph Akpan, College of Education – Praxis II workshops Praxis II Study Guides – available from ETS and

10 Alabama – Praxis Requirements

11 Alabama – Praxis Requirements con’t.


13 Prepare for Praxis II Test

14 For Interns Holding a Current Alabama Teaching Certificate Interns holding a current Alabama teaching certification (does not include SAC or ABC) are not required to take the PLT. “Applicants should contact the Certification Officer at the Alabama college or university where they are enrolled for additional information regarding program entry requirements and test implementation dates according to current Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) policies. Individuals who choose to test without advisement from a Certification Officer at an Alabama college or university according to current ALSDE testing policies do so at their own risk.”

15 Notice to Alternative 5 th Year Students Who Are Employed As Teachers: In order to meet internship requirements, you must be employed in your field and teaching under a Special Alternative Certificate (SAC). If you are BY and employed to teach GS all day, this will not satisfy requirements. You must be full-time employed in the area in which you are seeking certification and within the corresponding grade level(s). Some students have had to take a leave of absence. If you are employed in a private school or seek private school placement, the school must meet certain requirements: –must be SACS accredited –recognized by the State

16 Final Information for Alternative 5 th Year Students : If you secure employment after application, you must contact Clinical Experiences immediately and provide the necessary documentation (a letter from your superintendent and a copy of your current certificate). If you become unemployed between now and internship, you must notify the office as well. If you are employed out of field, you will need to secure a leave of absence if you cannot gain employment within field. If you are employed as a teacher’s aide, you will need to secure a leave of absence from that role.

17 Test Requirements for Graduation for Undergraduate Students ONLY ECE (English Competency Exam) Taken once you complete English 101 & 102 and have acquired 60 hours. Register on-line at ECE Dates for Spring 2015: Absolutely no late registration: Phone contact # 782-5411 or 782-5412 The test is administered at JSU by the English Department. No testing fee. Great info for ECE:

18 Test Requirements for Graduation for Undergraduate Students ONLY One of these assessments must be completed in order to meet graduation requirements. EPP - ETS Proficiency Profile (On Campus Students) - This assessment is proctored on campus in a designated computer lab on scheduled test dates. This test takes the place of the CBASE.EPP - ETS Proficiency Profile(On Campus Students) CLA+ - Collegiate Learning Assessment - (if selected by the Office of Planning and Research) It can be taken in place of the EPP to meet graduation requirements. It is performance based and provides a measure of an institution's contribution to the development of critical thinking and writing skills. (Computer based)

19 EPP – Con’t. Take on campus in a designated computer lab on scheduled test dates DURING THE SEMESTER IN WHICH YOU ARE GRADUATING. Can’t register before. Director of Clinical Experiences will secure special testing dates for Fall 2015 interns. You will be notified of these dates and location(s) at the Fall 2015 Internship Orientation Meeting. Register through Counseling Services at… 256-782-5475 – Norma Penny (Counseling Services)

20 Test Requirements for Graduation for Undergraduate Students ONLY in the Following Majors: Biology (BY), History (HY), English/Language Arts (ELA), Math (MS), Music (MU) IN-FIELD MAJOR FIELD TEST (In-field MFT) Test taken the semester that you intern, if you are in one of the majors listed above. Contact your department to find out when the test will be given. This is a requirement for GRADUATION, not internship!! Register with your department. If this requirement is dropped, you will be notified. Currently, it is required.

21 Test Requirements for Graduation for Graduate Students ONLY COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAMS Comps are given through your department the semester that you intern (your LAST semester). Contact your department for specific dates given. You register online through the Graduate School. Clinical Experiences Office does not know testing dates, as they differ according to each major & within each department. Graduate Comps Exam Due Date

22 Other Requirements Prior to Internship: For UNDERGRADS -Overall, professional, & teaching field GPAs must be a 2.5 at minimum. For GRADS –Overall, professional, & teaching field GPAs must be a 3.0 at minimum. Internship should be the last course for the student. Must have earned a “C” or better in all teaching and professional courses (& have no “I” for incomplete courses). You will formally apply for the internship one semester before you actually plan to intern. Should you apply & not actually intern for any reason, you will reapply again at the appropriate time.

23 Proof of Professional Liability Insurance is REQUIRED! You may not attend your placement school nor will we send placement information without appropriate coverage. Remember, you will begin internship in August 2015, as per your assigned school calendar for teachers. If you choose SAEA membership for your liability insurance, you will need to purchase that after June 1 st to get coverage for the 2015-2016 school year (see next slide). Proof of insurance MUST be turned in to Christi Rickson in the Office of Clinical Experiences by August 1, 2015. Liability Insurance Requirements Liability Insurance Information

24 SAEA Liability Insurance Enrollment for the current membership year is offered online from the start of the membership year, September 1, through the end of May. Beginning June 1, the online system accepts applications for enrollment for the next membership year; however you can still enroll for the current year by submitting a paper enrollment form and check payment. Contact your State Education Association or Student Program Representative if you need an enrollment form.State Education Association The next membership year, 2015-2016, runs from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016. Benefits of membership do not begin until September 1, even if you enroll before that date. If, after June 1, you are not a current-year member but need immediate proof of membership for insurance coverage, please submit a paper enrollment form for current-year membership.

25 Liability Insurance Information (continued) : If you are employed (or become employed) as a teacher, you will not purchase the student membership. You will get this through your Board of Education and will supply proof that you have it with your application. Liability insurance coverage may be purchased through any company of your choice, but documentation for coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 with coverage dates must accompany your application. Coverage must last through the end of your internship semester. Payment may be made online or by check or money order for AEA/SAEA membership in the Office of Clinical Experiences (RWB 311). DO NOT BRING CASH. Follow directions on the membership form, and turn in payment & original form to Christi Rickson in the Office of Clinical Experiences before taking your receipt to Teacher Education Services.

26 Application Procedures: Internship is the LAST course before graduation, and should be the only course you take, unless you are required to take another course designed to be taken concurrently with internship, according to your department. You must have completed your application for internship online and bring ALL required materials at the time of your individual internship checkout with Teacher Education Services (not Clinical Experience Dept.). Everything should be turned in at once. Materials cannot be turned in a few pieces at a time. Completed applications must be on file with Teacher Education Services. Late applications can delay your placement.

27 Special Approval by April 24, 2015  If all you need in Fall is Internship and Seminar (and a recommended course to take with Internship), get your advisor’s signature and bring your trial schedule sheets to Teacher Education Services.  If you need special approval for a course to take during Internship, get signatures from your advisor, department head, and Dr. Hammett and return to Teacher Education Services by April 24, 2015.

28 CHECK, CHECK, & DOUBLE CHECK BEHIND YOUR ADVISOR! You are ultimately responsible for making sure that you meet all requirements (outlined in your catalog/bulletin) in order to student teach. If you have any questions about this, check your JSU bulletin again or ask questions. Refer to your checkout sheet from TSC! If you are missing courses, received an “I”, made less than a “C” in a required course, or your GPA does not meet ALL the minimums, you will need to have taken care of this prior to internship. Please double check to make sure you’re eligible. If you drop a course, you’ll need to take it later before you plan to intern, recalculate your GPA, etc. PLEASE re-check for your own sake & check early!

29 Importance of Keeping ALL Information Current: Notify Clinical Experiences ( immediately if you have changes in information. Students must frequently be contacted, and correct, current information is necessary in order to keep you informed. On your Internship Application, please notice there are two different address listings: one for internship and one for home. On your Blue Sheet, you should list your physical address during Internship for School Year Residence. Information that could potentially change includes: email addresses, phone numbers, physical address, and even name changes, etc. Please notify Clinical Experiences ASAP if you have any information changes. Include your name, major, and semester/year you plan to intern. Also, if you have a teaching job change between now and internship (5 th year students only), you must re-submit new/current/updated information and forms as required on your original application.

30 Internship Placement Policy Link to JSU Clinical Experiences webpage - Placement Policy Link to JSU Clinical Experiences webpage - Placement Policy

31 JSU places interns in some schools in the following AL Counties: Calhoun Cherokee Clay* Cleburne Dekalb* Etowah Marshall* Randolph* St. Clair Talladega * only portions of these counties This information is subject to change.

32 Note on the Counties JSU Serves… This is just the “geographic” area There are many different systems within each of these counties listed that we serve. For example: The Calhoun County area consists of five different school systems: –Anniston City, Calhoun County, Jacksonville City, Oxford City, Piedmont City

33 Rules Related to Internship Placement: 1.You may NOT intern where you have any family attending or employed. Please don’t ask! This information must be disclosed on the application for internship (blue sheet). Give accurate information, please! “Family” is defined as (but not limited to) the following: spouse, child, grandchild, brother/sister, aunt/uncle, grandparents, niece/nephew, cousins, sister-in-law/brother- in-law, mother/father, etc.

34 2.You may NOT intern where you attended high school unless it has been more than ten years. Do not list this as a requested choice for placement on your application for internship. This helps give you a diverse placement/setting. 3.You may intern where you completed your Practicum when both parties agree to it. 4.If you are EED, you must have clinical experience at both upper (4-6) and lower (K-3) levels. If you are ECP, you must also have had K or Pre-K placement specifically.

35 5.Students should NOT contact Boards of Education, schools, or teachers to ask for placement. All placements come through the Office of Clinical Experiences. 6.Applications that are incomplete or not legible will NOT be processed and will delay placement. Be sure you indicate the grade level and school name of ALL practicum experiences.

36 If you have extenuating circumstances related to legitimately needing special consideration with regard to making your placement… you must let Clinical Experiences know upfront and include a written explanation of your circumstances detailing why you might need special consideration with your application.

37 If you absolutely must go outside of JSU’s internship supervision coverage area: COURTESY PLACEMENT If circumstances, such as employment (or a move) force you to intern outside of JSU’s defined supervision area, you might be eligible to complete the internship through a “courtesy” placement. You will need to go to the Placement Policy section of the Clinical Experiences website and follow the Steps for Completing Courtesy Placement. All requests for such placements must be typed & addressed to the Director of Clinical Experiences. They will be given to your department head for approval and then to the Dean for final consideration. Reasons must be valid and necessary. Such requests must be made at the time of application.

38 If you absolutely must go outside of JSU’s internship supervision coverage area… COURTESY PLACEMENT con’t. You will be required to secure your own supervision at your own cost. This is usually several hundred dollars ($500.00 + mileage). You will secure placement through another NCATE/CAEP accredited institution, and/or pay a university supervisor from JSU to supervise you. Note that some states have strict rules, policies, pre- service testing requirements, etc., that may prohibit courtesy placements. You should be familiar with the state(s) requirements for internship and courtesy placements. Steps to Complete Courtesy Placement

39 Internship Application Deadlines

40 APPLICATION DEADLINE The sooner you get your application in the better. Schedule your internship checkout with Teacher Education Services (not Clinical Experiences Dept.). First date for checkouts: FEBRUARY 16, 2015 FINAL DATE FOR CHECK OUTS: MARCH 20, 2015 ***No check outs will be completed March 30, 2015 – May 1, 2015, to allow Teacher Education Services to process graduation requirements.***

41 Special Permission If you need special permission to take a course during Internship, you will be required to fill out a trial schedule with the course information to verify that the course does not conflict with Internship hours. This trial schedule must be signed by your Advisor, Department Head, and the Associate Dean of CEPS before it is returned to Ms. Trammell or Mrs. Murray in the Teacher Service Center. Placement information will not be released to you until the OCE has clearance for special permission, proof of liability insurance, and all passing Praxis II scores.

42 Reminder: Special Approval Deadline A copy of your approved Trial Schedule must be received in the Teacher Service Center by April 24, 2015.

43 Registering for Internship & Reflective Practices in Internship Seminar ED 495/595 ED 496/596

44 Registering for Internship… ED 495/595 & ED 496/596 NO ONE CAN REGISTER FOR INTERNSHIP UNTIL AFTER GRADES POST FOR THE SEMESTER PRIOR TO INTERNSHIP. Currently, Undergraduates register for 1 section of Internship and 1 section of Seminar for a total of 9 hours. You will register for the appropriate Seminar according to your department. Graduates register for 1 section of graduate level Internship and 1 section of graduate level Seminar for a total of 6 hours. You will register for the appropriate Seminar according to your department. IF you need 12 hours for financial aid or insurance reasons, consult your advisor for the appropriate recommendations.

45 Placement Information Can Change: I do not assign interns to teachers. This is left up to the Boards of Education and principals. Much goes into placing you & assigning supervision. For this reason, it is rare that changes on JSU’s end will be made after the fact, unless it is an emergency. Because changes in placement sometimes happen before the semester actually begins, placement information is not released until approximately two weeks before internship begins.

46 School System Calendars Do not plan summer vacation when local schools are starting. You will be required to attend beginning of the year inservice and professional activities as per your assigned school and CT.

47 Placement Notification We will email your placement information to your JSU EMAIL ADDRESS. –Placement Letter – Read it carefully! –School System Calendar We will NOT snail-mail this information.

48 Placement Letters INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT INFORMATION: Intern:Jane Johnson - PE Placement:Jones Middle School/ Smith Elementary School Cooperating Teacher:Robert Williams/Alice Reid Your Internship Start/End Dates:

49 Should you be forced to withdraw/drop from the internship prior to the start of it: It is O.K. if something comes up after you register, and you are forced to withdraw/drop, but you must not only drop the course, you must also notify Clinical Experiences and do so immediately upon dropping it. If you simply drop the course and do not notify the Office of Clinical Experience, there is no way of knowing that you withdrew. Schools will then be expecting you to come, and teachers will have made plans to have you in their rooms. REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL NEED TO REAPPLY AGAIN AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME AND TURN IN A NEW APPLICATION FOR DEGREE!

50 Also… Should you turn in a completed application for internship and then decide (before actual registration) that you will not be able to intern (for any reason), PLEASE notify me via email or phone and let me know so that I don’t place you. ( (256) 782-5854) YOU WILL NEED TO COME TO THE NEXT APPROPRIATE REGISTRATION MEETING AND REPEAT ALL STEPS

51 Thank You!

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