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Australian Internship Agent Presentation

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1 Australian Internship Agent Presentation
Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

2 Presentation Overview
Australian Internships Overview Programs Benefits of completing an Internship Commitment to Interns Application Process Application Documentation Visa Information Prices Testimonials Contact Details Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

3 More facts about Australia…
Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, about the same size as the 48 mainland state of the USA and 50% larger than Europe, but has the lowest population density in the world. Australia boasts of over 10,000 beaches – more than any other nation. Aussie Icon – The kangaroo is unique to Australia and one of our most easily recognisable mammals With 27 million head of cattle, Australia is the world’s largest exporter of beef. The longest stretch of straight railway track in the world crosses the Nullarbor Plain from WA to SA Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

4 Australian Internships Overview
Australian Internships, established in 1998 is a specialist organisation dedicated to arranging internships for young professionals seeking international experience in their academic field. The Internship Program is unique as its principal focus is in identifying and securing the best possible professional internship placement for the applicant. We are able to place students from diverse educational backgrounds into successful internships aligned to their skills and experience. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

5 Australian Internships Programs
Australian Internships offers two programs: Professional Internship Program Hospitality Internship Program Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

6 Professional Internship Program
Eligibility: 18 – 30 years old Start dates: Rolling Admissions Location: Australia Wide Interns may be requested to provide flexibility with their destination to facilitate placement possibilities. E.g. Marine Biology = Queensland/Whitsundays region. Lead Time: 4 months (WHV = 3 months) Availability: From 6 to 26 weeks Remuneration: Unpaid All candidates must have academic background in their chosen field Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

7 Fields or Sectors Banking & Finance Graphic Design* Environment
Engineering Government Marketing Health** Sport Telecommunications Media and Journalism* Hospitality and Tourism Plus many more… * Candidate may be requested to send proof skills in the form of a portfolio. ** Position within the Health industry are limited due to legal restrictions. Medical placements are not available for Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists, etc. Medical placements are available in research and assistance roles. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

8 Internship Locations Australian Internships ensures that all internships are arranged in reputable Host Organisations. Agreements are in place with a number of high quality organisations including the following: Novotel Sofitel Mercure Stamford Hilton Qantas Rydges Volcom Emirates Radio stations Johnson and Johnson Chubb Gadnes Law Telstra Accenture and many more… Australian Internships has over 2000 organisation on their records ranging from small to multinational. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation NOTE: Australian Internships does not guarantee specific organization for interns

9 Internship Locations Australian Internships arranges internships for candidates Australia wide. Candidates have the flexibility to choose their location. Popular destinations include Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Interns may be requested to provide flexibility depending on their chosen field. E.g. Marine Biology is key in Queensland. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

10 Hospitality Internship Program
Eligibility: 18 – 30 years old Start dates: Rolling Admissions Location: Australia Wide Interns must be 100% flexible with their location) Lead Time: 6 months (WHV = 5 months) Paid: 6, 9 or 12 months Positions: Front Office, Food & Beverage and Cookery All candidates must have an academic background and substantial work experience in the hospitality field In detail the current market demand is for interns that meet the following requirements: Minimum of 2 years tertiary education in hospitality Minimum 6 months full time experience with leading hotel chains Candidates need to prove that their experience has been obtained on a continual basis with one property – short stints at several properties is undesirable. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

11 Hospitality Position Details
There are four main roles available within the Hospitality field: Food and Beverage Front Office Culinary Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

12 Hospitality Position Details Food and Beverage
Typical duties and skill development for Food and Beverage Interns are as follows: Industry service standards Operational knowledge of restaurant equipments Beverage/Menu knowledge development Guest seating Service of cuisines Supervisory skill development Roles vary depending on candidates’ skill level. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

13 Hospitality Position Details Front Office
Typical duties and skill development for Front Office Interns are as follows: Sales and Reservations Guest services Guest orientation Finance / Marketing Supervisory skill development Roles vary depending on candidates’ skill level. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

14 Hospitality Position Details Culinary
Typical duties and skill development for Culinary Interns are as follows: Commis Chef Communication Management Team cooperation Hygiene standards Food production Food presentation Inter-departmental Teamwork i.e. Between Kitchen and Food and Beverage staff. Roles vary depending on candidates’ skill level. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

15 Intern Pay Rates All interns are paid according to Australian award rates. Awards will specify rates payable for various skill levels, roles and locations within Australia. All interns are allocated a minimum of 30 hours per week, with many interns working 38 – 40 hours. Examples of the minimum pay rates are as follows: Food and Beverage $13 – $15 per hour Housekeeping $13 – $15 per hour Front Office $15 – $18 per hour Culinary $14 – $16 per hour All pay rates are listed in Australian Dollars. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

16 Internship Locations Australian Internships ensures that all internships are arranged in 4 or 5 star properties. Agreements are in place with a number of high quality properties including the following: Novotel Sofitel Mercure Stamford Quay West Mirvac Group Hilton Taj Hotels Langham Hotels Australian Internships – Agent Presentation NOTE: Australian Internships does not guarantee specific organization for interns

17 Internship Locations All properties are of the highset quality. Please find below some specific hotel images: Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

18 Benefits of an Internship
Internationalize interns resume Gain valuable experience within interns field Develop workplace English skills Form alliances with international companies Gain recognition within interns profession Improve interns career opportunities Develop an appreciation for the Australian work ethic and labour procedures Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

19 Commitment to Interns! The nominated IPS will contact the intern every 2 to 4 weeks by phone or through out the period of their internship (Note: It is a DIAC requirement that interns maintain regular contact with their IPS) Monthly social/intern meetings held in Brisbane and Sydney Monthly Intern Newsletters 24 hour emergency support lines (Diana Pilling) or (Rebekah Gilchrist) Certificate of Participation Languages spoken in the AI office: Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, German and French. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

20 Contact, Feedback, Performance and Review
Throughout the internship participants will receive regular contact and feedback from Australian Internships: Regular and telephone contact Two week feedback review Mid internship feedback Final feedback Feedback from intern and supervisor Intern certificate of participation Performance and Review Report Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

21 Eligibility In order to be eligible for the Internship Program candidates must meet the following requirements: Be between the age of 18 – 30 Selected internship field must be directly related to the candidates educational background Be currently enrolled in a tertiary course, or Be a recent graduate within 24 months of course completion Prove a genuine interest in the internship program Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

22 Application Process Australian Internships – Agent Presentation
Register interest: Eligible candidates will be sent an application form. Program Application: Complete and return the application form along with the supporting documentation and the AU$500 application fee. Pre-Screening interview: Participate in a telephone or face-to-face interview to have your objectives and eligibility for the program assessed. Internship Negotiation: Australian Internships will negotiate your internship details and arrange an interview with a potential Host Organisation. Internship Confirmation: Confirmation of training through a formal Training Agreement. Visa document collation. Fee Payment: Final fees including placement, insurance, visa and service fees to be paid. Visa processing: AI to negotiate with DIAC regarding visa processing. Expect 4 – 8 weeks for visa processing. AI will inform you once your visa is approved. Confirm Travel Arrangements: After arrival please make contact with your Supervisor at Australian Internships. Internship Commencement: AI will monitor your satisfaction and growth throughout your internship. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

23 Application Documentation
A completed Australian Internships application form. Evidence of payment of the AUD$500 application fee.  Current Résumé or Curriculum Vitae via .  Letter of Internships Objectives.  Academic Transcripts.  Evidence of financial support. This may include a copy of a bank statement or a letter of financial support from a family member. Professional: AU$1500 per month Hospitality: AU$3000 in total  Evidence of medical, accident, travel and personal liability insurance. AI requests that interns use the Mondial Insurance policy. NOTE: Applications must be submitted prior to internship commencement. Lead times are as follows: Hospitality: 6 months (WHV = 5 months) Professional: 4 months (WHV = 3 months) Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

24 Visa Information The Australian Internships Program was developed to comply with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) visa requirements. Please refer to DIAC or a registered Migration Agent for any specific visa related advice. i. 416 Special Program Visa (416) ii. Occupational Trainee Visa (OTV) iii. Working Holiday Visa iv. Student Visa Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

25 Visa Information 416 Special Program Visa
i. 416 Special Program Visa: Regulations and Requirements: Professional Internship Program: Current students can complete an internship between 16– 26 weeks in duration Graduates must apply for their internship within 24 months of graduation Graduates can complete an internship between 16– 26 weeks in duration Australian Internships is an approved sponsor for the 416 Special Program Visa. Visa process consists of one part: Visa Application (to be lodged by Australian Internships) Visa processing times are 4 - 6weeks. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

26 Visa Information 442 Occupational Trainee Visa
ii. 442 Occupational Trainee Visa: Hospitality Internship Program: Current students can complete an internship for 6, 9 or 12 months in duration Graduates must apply within 2 years of graduation Graduates can complete an internship for 6, 9 or 12 months in duration Candidates must not have more than 2 years full time work experience Australian Internships is an approved sponsor for the 442 Occupational Trainee Visa. Visa process consists of two parts: Nomination (to be completed by Australian Internships) Visa Application (to be completed by the intern and Australian Internships) Visa processing times are 6 – 8 weeks. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

27 Visa Information Working Holiday Visa
iii. Working Holiday Visa: The Working Holiday Program provides opportunities for people between 18 and 30 to holiday in Australia and to supplement their travel funds through incidental employment. The visa allows a stay of up to 12 months from the date of first entry to Australia, regardless of whether or not you spend the whole time in Australia. Applicants from the following countries can complete an internship on the WHV for a maximum of six months: United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Korea, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China, Finland, the Republic of Cyprus, France, Italy, Belgium, Estonia and Taiwan. (please refer to the DIAC website for confirmation) The applicant must provide Australian Internships with evidence of the WHV prior to the internships start date. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

28 Visa Information Student Visa
iv. Student Visa: Applicants may complete an internship for up to 20 hours per week throughout the semester, or on a full-time basis during scheduled holidays. Students may have the option to complete up to four weeks of  full time internship on completion of their study. Students are required to obtain work rights with the student visa prior to completing the internship. Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

29 Price List 2010 $500 Application fee Professional Internship Fee AUD $
up to 6 weeks 7 – 12 weeks 13 – 20 weeks 21 – 26 weeks Hospitality Internship 26 weeks 38 weeks 52 weeks Insurance Weekly rate 18.20 Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

30 Intern Testimonials Australian Internships – Agent Presentation
“It was more challenging and pressuring than what I expected. I found myself liking the internship, in fact, loving it. After a couple of months of hard work, I was promoted as the Housekeeping Team Leader and then, I was offered the Supervisor's position. The internship program definitely opened the doors of opportunity for me in my chosen field and made me rethink a lot of things. Now, I'm sure that it does not matter if you start at the bottom, for as long as you put your heart into it, work hard, have good timing, and with a little luck success will certainly go your way!" Leica Rose Aban Filipino Hospitality “I recommend my Host organisation because of the professional way they work and the knowledge they have. I gained a very good look into the Australian Planning System and the way such an office works. The staff at my Host Organisation were very friendly and the company has an excellent team of young and experienced planners. The staff were always available for questions and open to the interns ideas. Thank you Australian Internships for your help and for placing me in this company” Jan Strehmann German Town Planning Australian Internships – Agent Presentation

31 Intern Photos!!! Australian Internships – Agent Presentation 2007

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