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QUEST Gifted Internship

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1 QUEST Gifted Internship
Gwinnett County Gifted Program

2 New Horizons Explore career options Learn by doing
Work with a mentor in the professional, political, or business world

3 Examples of QUEST Internship Locations
Law office Hospital Doctor or vet office CDC City hall Interior design office Architect’s office Church Elementary school Middle school Fashion design studio Advertising firm Graphic arts studio Georgia legislature

4 Requirements Must be placed in gifted program
Must complete and return application Must be 11th or 12th grader for next school year Must provide own transportation and insurance Must complete BHS parking class and any other BHS requirements

5 How does it work? Complete 75 hours of internship per semester, but you and your mentor work out the schedule. Leave school 7th period every day. Schedule 5 hours per week. Example: You might attend your internship twice a week for 2.5 hours instead of going every day, or go for 5 hours on Saturday.

6 Side Benefits Leave school seventh period every day.
Get a parking spot, even juniors.

7 How do I find a mentor? Quest placement supervisors find a mentor for you. If you have a contact in your field of interest, the placement supervisors will help you set up your internship with your contact. Mentors must be screened and approved by the school district.

8 How do I get in the class? First Come, First serve.
Pick up an application from A102. Any 11th-12th grade gifted student who completes and returns an application will be accepted until the class is full.

9 Applications Available in wall file next to door of A102
See Mrs. Collins in A102 for more information Submit applications by Feb. 22 to A102.

10 Acceptance If you are among the first 30 students to turn in your completed application and you meet all the other criteria, you will be accepted as an intern.

11 INTERVIEWS will be scheduled in April with the school district’s internship placement supervisors for all students who registered for the QUEST internship program.

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