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An Employer’s Guide to Internships Real experience for the real world.

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1 An Employer’s Guide to Internships Real experience for the real world

2 What is Whitworth’s internship program? Internships at Whitworth are a campus-wide academic program that integrates classroom studies with a supervised work experience. Students apply knowledge and skills, while working as employees on a part or full-time basis. The position must be related to the students major field of study.

3 How does this program benefit an employer? Employers receive motivated students to assist them with workloads and projects. Employers experience increased productivity and are able to devote time to pending projects. Employers gain a cost effective way to recruit capable, potential employees. Employers can be reimbursed if the intern is eligible for work-study and the employer qualifies to become a work-study employer. Employers gain a realistic view of students’ abilities before considering them for a full- time position.

4 How does an employer become involved? Participation in the program is easy. Post your internship description on our website at: Select employers, internships, and then internship posting form. The Career Services Office will make your position available for students to review. If you have further internship needs, please contact the Internship Director, Sandy Nowack at 509-777-4541.

5 What are the employer’s responsibilities? Employer will interview/select the intern. Employer and student agree on learning goals in a signed contract. Employer provides a professional work site. Employer provides training and supervision. Employer completes an evaluation on the student’s work performance at the end of the internship.

6 How to contact us... Whitworth Career Services Internship Office 300 West Hawthorne Road Spokane, WA 99251 Phone: 509-777-3272 FAX: 509-777-3731 Email:

7 Student Internships… A Wise Investment!!

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