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Make your work... WORK for you! Turn your job or volunteer position into an internship Lisa Sanders, M.S. & Nohemy Chavez Internship and Career Center.

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1 Make your work... WORK for you! Turn your job or volunteer position into an internship Lisa Sanders, M.S. & Nohemy Chavez Internship and Career Center

2 Goals: Help you identify your future career goals Learn how you can build career specific experience without adding more to your plate Share the guidelines & benefits of an internship Offer specific steps on how to create an internship (Disclaimer: check with your program area) Give case study examples Help you identify ideas that will work for you Explore resources

3 Benefits of an Internship Provides space to reflect on career and academic goals & interests Increases competitive edge in job searching (resume, application, interview, network & reference) Creates a competitive academic transcript for graduate school Develops essential skills and on-the-job experience Provides an opportunity to establish expectations with your supervisor in a job or volunteer position In this economy, you can’t afford not to do an internship!

4 What is an internship? 40 hours per quarter (10 weeks) or an average of 4 hours a week Student must have a 10 week minimum commitment, but can continue for multiple quarters Paid, non-paid or work-study Professional (not peer) supervisor or faculty person Must be related to academic or career goals Can get academic units

5 What is an internship? (Con’t) Internships can: provide assistance with the ongoing work of a business or organization involve a special project or assignment Can be a student of any level in school Can gain Transcript Notation through Aggie Job Link to document that your experience is University approved

6 Where to start : Indentify your goals Think about: o Your major o Occupations or careers of interest o Skills or experiences that you need to enter the field 1) __________________ 2) __________________ 3) __________________

7 Ideas to turn your job/volunteer work into an internship! Possible avenues that you can take: 1) Look for an already existing paid internship in your field of interest 2) Create your own internship by finding a volunteer position or a job that relates to career goals 3) Create an internship out of your current position

8 1) Look for a paid internship in your field of interest Scenario #1: Third year Sociology major Pre-Law Needs to find a paid internship so that current job can be put on hold Work-study

9 Scenario #1 (con’t): Aggie Job Link current paid internships: California State Rural Health Associations : Research and Development Intern Non-profit organization, $300 Stipend California Coalition for Rural Housing: Affordable Housing & Community Development Intern Summer Internship, pays $12- $14/ hour

10 1) Look for a paid internship in your field of interest (con’t) Tips: Be patient with your search! It takes time to find, apply and land the internship. Be broad when searching. Look for related skills in the internships you are searching for and your career goal. The internship doesn’t have to be exactly what you were looking for. Get units through your department! If you are already going to be at the internship at least four hours a week, get faculty sponsorship for units, that way you have to take one less class!

11 2) Create your own internship Scenario #2: 4 th year, Managerial Economics Major Currently in a student organization Flexible about career when graduating (due to economy) Wants to gain as much experience as possible and to build resume before graduation Decides to take initiative to create an internship locally

12 Scenario #2: (con’t) Approaches Nugget Market (locally owned/corporate headquarters) Asks what projects might be needed or where they need help: Marketing/market research Research project: customer service survey Financial/accounting Management/ HR Option to: Volunteer TN Get units work-study (if eligible) Outcome: gains mentorship, network contacts, reference, insight on business

13 Scenario #2: (con’t) Additional internship options for next quarter: Paid student assistant for the State for Tax Franchise Board because really likes working with financials of Nugget Nugget hires student on for paid position due to initiative, high-quality performance, etc. Student organization- takes on leadership role

14 2) Create your own internship (con’t) Tips: How can you build transferrable skills in business? Be creative about where you can accomplish this (maybe not as prestigious, but valuable just the same) What are the other sectors that are more reliable? Setting goals is key Take initiative Be flexible & really listen to opportunity See the other benefits. Take advantage of mentors, informational interviews, network potential in the position

15 3) Create an internship out of your current position Scenario #3: *Someone who has a current job and is taking a full course-load.

16 3) Create an internship out of your current position Tips: Expand upon the skills/experiences that you need to develop Take initiative Find a project that will help you build skills or knowledge Identify projects or unmet needs in your job Volunteer to fulfill these needs

17 How to talk to your supervisor Talk to your supervisor about your goals Ask what needs they have or where they need help (or pay attention on the job and come to sup with idea) Let them know what experiences you would like to have or what skills you want to develop Present your ideas and come with a plan Ask for the mentorship or support from your supervisor Coordinate compensation: Units, vol, work-study, TN, etc.

18 How to finalize your internship! By getting Transcript Notation: Confirm with program area- HBS, AES, Eng & LABS Get an approved & supervised internship Go online at to log in to Aggie Job Link Complete the online Transcript Notation proposal in AJL Finish the internship and log on to Aggie Job Link to: Complete your time sheet and personal essay Have your employer to log on to Aggie Job Link to complete the supervisor’s evaluation

19 Benefits: Paid position You can be efficient with time Shows initiative Increase chances of promotion or management position Bolster resume/skills Increase experience

20 What ideas do you have? Exercise: Read over your goals & the options we discussed: Write down 3 concrete ideas of how you could create an internship to meet those goals.

21 Campus Jobs 1) UC Davis Student Housing: Cultural/Service Programmer, Resident Advisor (1/15) 2. UC Davis Advising Services: Advising Coordinator, Orientation Leader, EOP 3. UC Davis Campus Recreation & Campus Rec Youth Programs: Personal trainers, Building Supervisors, Camp Student Manager 4. UC Davis Department Assistants: Biomedical Engineering Student Assistant 5. UC Davis Department Laboratory Assistants: Entomology Lab Assistant

22 Campus Jobs 6. UC Davis Information and Education Technology (IET): Computer Room Consultant (CRC), The California Aggie, Creative Media 7. ASUCD: Unitrans, Coffee House, Campus Copies, Classical Notes, Bike Barn, Experimental College. 8. UC Davis Student Firefighter Program 9. UC Davis Bookstore: Student Supervisor 10. UCD Shields Library

23 Resources: Aggie Job Link account Program of Events Internship and Career Fair Resume Books Student Employment Financial Aid/ Work-Study Ami Tripp, Work-Study coordinator 1216 Dutton Hall

24 THANK YOU Nohemy Chavez Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Lisa Sanders Office Hours: Thursday 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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