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Chemical Oceanography Ana Aguilar Islas By: Katy.

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1 Chemical Oceanography Ana Aguilar Islas By: Katy

2 Why are trace metals in the ocean so important? What could be in the fish you eat? Well this slide show will show you what and why.

3 Phytoplankton These organisms live in both salty and fresh water. These organisms have chlorophyll so they can perform photosynthesis but they will also eat other organisms for additional energy. Common phytoplankton include: cyanobacteria, diatom, dinoflagellate, green algae, and coccolithophore.

4 The role phytoplankton play Phytoplankton play an important role in the environment. First of all they are the first link in the food chan. They also do photosynthesis removing carbon dioxide from the ocean and replacing it with oxygen. This allows the ocean to dispose carbon dioxide from the environment.

5 Toxic Metals Metals that are bioactive with phytoplankton are: Molybdenum, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, cadmium, and mercury.

6 The toxic metal Mercury Mercury is a highly toxic metal. This metal can be very dangerous because it can travel through the food chain increasing in amounts as it moves up. This is a problem because mercury is a neurotoxin meaning it can effect the nervous system.

7 Bio magnification Bio magnification is a scary process in which a little bit of a toxic grows and becomes more toxic as the toxic moves through the food chain.

8 How metals get into the ocean Metals enter the ocean natural like: through rivers, rain fall, aerosols falling on the ocean surface, and sediments. This can be enhanced through human activates.

9 Importance of trace metals Overall learning about trace metals is important because just a little bit of a toxic can effect an entire ecosystem.

10 Credits Pictures Pictures defense2.jpg?phpMyAdmin=387c4b701e2at54367afa defense2.jpg?phpMyAdmin=387c4b701e2at54367afa defense2.jpg?phpMyAdmin=387c4b701e2at54367afa defense2.jpg?phpMyAdmin=387c4b701e2at54367afa mg_id=693&p_show_inline=1 mg_id=693&p_show_inline=1 mg_id=693&p_show_inline=1 mg_id=693&p_show_inline=1 Sources Sources Ana Aguilar Islas Ana Aguilar Islas Video Video

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