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2 HOUSES In Brazil people live in a different types of houses, for example some people live in semi-glass and glass houses. Their kitchens are like the African and European ones (Portugal, Italy, Spain, Poland and Switzerland).

3 FOOD The national food of Brazil is feijoada. However, different regions of Brazil have different typical foods. For instance, in the southern region, the common foods include churfasco and barreado while the south eastern region is home to foods such as farofa and moqueca capixaba. Brazil’s cousine is varied as is its geography and culture. On the other hand some may find it an unrefined mélange, and everyday fare can be bland and morotoras. While there are some quite unique dishes of regional dishes, many dishes were brought by overseas , immigrants and have been adapted to local tastes through the generations. In Brazil, Italian and Chineese food can often be as baffling as Amazonian fare. Also they eat root vegetables such as cassara and fruits like acai, cupuacu, mango, papaya, guara, orange, passion fruit e.t.c.

4 CLOTHES Since the weather in Brazil is most of the time warm, people prefer to wear casual informal and comfortable clothes. Most of Brazilians wear jeans and T-Shirts during the day, though men tend to dress up more at night. Young men are likely seen in nice jeans and shirts, girls in heal dresses and nice tops. For formal occasions like receptions men wear classical suits and ties while women wear an appropriate formal dress.




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