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Photography by Ken Chan Total of 30 photos - taken between 2000-2006 新 疆新 疆 Automatic advance.

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2 Photography by Ken Chan Total of 30 photos - taken between 新 疆新 疆 Automatic advance

3 Located in land-locked Central Asia, Xinjiang shares border with 7 countries including Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan Xinjiang is a primarily Islamic region in northwest China As part of the ancient silkroad, Xinjiang is known for its multi-ethnic Euro-Asian cultures

4 Xinjiang is multi-lingual: Turkic (Arabic based) languages and Chinese

5 It does not take long to realize you are in Islamic territory

6 where men still feel uncomfortable sitting among women

7 Part of tradition in Central Asia : people here love carpet …. music …

8 This instrument resembles Chinese Erhu Not surprising because Erhu was originally introduced by nomadic horsemen from Central Asia

9 Locals have been using donkey carts like this for centuries Life in the countryside remains very basic

10 Sheep are raised everywhere They often take over the road

11 So are camels except they don’t seem to like walking on paved roads These 2 humped camels are unique in Central Asia Those in Middle East are single humped

12 Baked bread here is called Nang ….. bagels !

13 Many restaurants here are operated by Chinese Muslims called Hui

14 Uyghur is the biggest ethnic group In Xinjiang

15 Kazakhs live in the north Many of them still lead a nomadic life

16 A Kazakh hunter and his golden eagle

17 A Kyrgyzst family in the Pamir

18 Tajiks have strong Persian heritage

19 Regardless of ethnicity or religion everyone here loves this land, and for good reasons

20 With desert oases nourished by snowmelts from Tianshan Mountains

21 Most of the rivers seem to disappear in the vast desert only to resurface at a distant oasis

22 Try driving through the bone dry Taklimakan Desert

23 Visit Ghost Town where the movie Crouching Tiger was filmed

24 Check out where some ancient civilizations used to thrive visit this ruin of the Gaochang Kingdom (600 A.D.) near Turpan

25 To the west of the desert lies the Pamir mountain range

26 Yaks grazing by Karakul Lake in the Pamir

27 Inexpensive lake front property with beautiful views

28 Heavenly Lake in Tianshan Mountain

29 Lake Hanas nested in these Altai Mountains bordering Russia

30 Glacier water in Lake Hanas has a milky appearance

31 Homeward bound for him …. and for me

32 I will be back …. beautiful Xinjiang

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