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Pui Ching Academy Diversity Learning Grant – Other Language Briefing Session 22nd May, 2014.

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1 Pui Ching Academy Diversity Learning Grant – Other Language Briefing Session 22nd May, 2014

2 Agenda 1. Pui Ching Academy Principal – Dr. Shum Kam Hong Briefing session (Delivery of programmes) 2. Pui Ching Academy Tutor (Japanese) – Mr. Isaac Lau Briefing session (Academic) 3. Pui Ching Academy Tutor (French) – Ms. Vivian Yip Briefing session (Academic)

3 Background  Since 2009, EDB launched Diversity Learning Grant (DLG) in order to support the diversity the NSS curriculum  Languages : French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish and Urdu  Each NSS students can receive $3,500 per year

4 Our Role  Since 2011, we provide learning programs in French and Japanese to NSS students.  The program prepare students to sit for Cambridge International AS Examination.

5 Learning Mode Program period  Mid September 2014 to Mid July 2015 Lesson Time  Saturdays 9.30am – 12.30am / 2.00pm – 5.00pm Total Contact Hours  S4 : 120 Hours  S5 : 120 Hours  S6 : 60 Hours

6 Learning Mode (con ’ t) Class Size  20 – 35 per class

7 Course Fee & Payment Schedule Fees  HK$3,500 per student per year Payment Schedule  2 installments  30 Sept 2014 and 31 Jan 2015

8 Quality Assurance and Assessment  Class Observation  Continuous Assessments  Attendance Record Check  Regular Evaluation Report  Academic Report  Electronic Communication Platform (E-CLASS)  Additional Language Proficiency Test  French : DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française)  Japanese : JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

9 Class Observation Schools are welcomed to send representatives for conducting class observation

10 Continuous Assessment Exams and Quizzes will be conducted throughout the year. Reports will be given to each students and schools for record.

11 Attendance Record Attendance record will be sent to schools after the lesson every week. Attendance rate will be formulated in the student report.

12 Program Evaluation A report of the students’ feedback will be sent to the school in each semester.

13 Electronic Communication Platform E-Class system


15 Our Teacher - French 1.Ms. Peggy KWAN  Master of Arts  BA – French Studies  Native French & Cantonese speaker  Over 10 years teaching French experience 2.Ms. Vivian YIP  Master of Arts  BA – French Studies  Native French & Cantonese speaker  Experienced in teaching French

16 Our Teacher - Japanese 1.Ms. Scarlet CHAN  Master of Japan Studies (to be completed in 2014)  BA–East and Southeast Asian Studies  JLPT – Level 1 & Level 2  Over 5 years teaching Japanese experience 2.Mr. Isaac LAU  Master of Linguistic (to be completed in 2015)  Master of Arts  BA–Chinese Language & Literature and Japanese Studies  Member of Society of Japanese Language Edu.HK  1 year Asian Studies program in Japan Osaka  Experienced teacher in teaching HKDSE - NSS program

17 Participating Schools (2013/2014)  Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School  Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo)  Heep Yunn School  Kwun Tong Government Secondary School  Lions College  Maryknoll Fathers ’ School  Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of MFBM  Munsang College  Ning Po No.2 College  Our Lady of the Rosary College  Pooi To Middle School  Pui Ching Middle School  SKH St. Benedict ’ s School  St. Paul ’ s School (Lam Tin)

18 Number of students (2013/2014) French S467 S528 S616 Japanese S4103 S541 S65

19 HKDSE Result (2014)  5 students from Japanese Class join the HKDSE exam in Oct,2013.  ALL of them obtain Merit in the Speaking part NameGrade Cheung Hiu Man A Lam Cheuk Ying A Ng Ching Tao A Wong Wai Shan A Yu Wing Kei A

20 Program schedule - Japanese ClassContact hours Program Period Public Exam S4120Mid September TO Mid July Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 S5120Mid September TO Mid July Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 S660Mid July TO Mid October Cambridge International AS Examination (October)

21  S4 Class Ms Lam Tsz Kwan is qualified for the final round of the contest The 10th HK Primary & Secondary School students Japanese Speech & Verse Speaking Contest (27/04/2014)

22 The SOJLEHK Scholarship and Group Project Award  Purpose - Encourage more secondary school to provide NSS Japanese language course - Motivate student to participate well in the NSS program  We nominate 5 students from S4 class AND 1 group S4 students to join the campaign  More information can be found : www.japanese- www.japanese- www.japanese- www.japanese-

23 Program schedule - French ClassContact hours Program PeriodPublic Exam S4120Mid September TO Mid July DELF A1 S5120Mid September TO Mid July DELF A2 Tutorial (optional) 18Mid July TO Mid August -- S660Mid September TO Mid February Cambridge International AS Examination (May) Tutorial (optional) 18Mid April TO Mid May

24 Tutorial - French Optional  Target student : S6 Class  Minimum intake : 8  Course Fee : $40 - $50/hr  Schedule 1. Summer holiday (S5  S6) 2. Before the Cambridge International AS Examination (May)

25 Tentative Schedule Ref. Booklet P.6

26 Application Procedure Ref. Booklet P.8 Online Application 14/application/ 14/application/) EDB Circular Reference No. 69/2014

27 About Us  Pui Ching Academy (PCA) is a non- profit making education institution under governance of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong since 1999.  PCA is a registered school (Registration No. 550388) with registration status of educational provision under CAP 279 Education Ordinance.

28 Pui Ching Academy We provide services :  Teacher on job training  Other professional training

29 Q & A Section

30 Enquiries  Ms. Charlotte Chan Tel : 2332 6615 Fax :2332 2144 email :  Ms. Mandy Yeung Tel : 2332 6615 Fax :2332 2144 email : Website :

31 Useful Links  Application procedure for Diversity Learning Grant and Sample of 3-year plan can be downloaded from: 69C.pdf 69C.pdf  Subject information tegory_c_subjects/ tegory_c_subjects/  Exam registration  Cambridge International Examinations

32 Thank you

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