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2 Observations  Many CBC young Christian professionals are highly competent and successful in their careers but are drifting away from God and church  Even if they still go to church, many of them are getting discouraged  Their leadership not being nurtured in the local churches

3 Reality check  A affluence (sudden wealth)  B bicultural (racial background)  C cloning (technology)  D decay (morality)  E Enron (ethics)  F family (marriage, parenthood)  G globalization (commercial)

4 Reasons…  Being bicultural, they face extra challenges  They have not been shown how to integrate their faith and career  They see a lot of incompetency in the local churches  They are spiritually malnourished  They have very few models to follow  Dream of wealth and fame suddenly becomes plausible and even near

5 Second generation syndrome?  Second generation CBC has grown up.  Some are from fervent Christian homes.  Some were zealous on campus.  Where are they now?  With the increasing Mandarin-speaking immigrants, there will be more CBC’s

6 CBC young professionals  We need to recognize them  We need to encourage them  We need to care for them  We need to guide them  We need to celebrate them

7 Birth of a vision: Project Contempo  Sense of urgency to reach to this group of Christian professionals  They are supposed to be the church leaders of the next generation  The moral fibers of Canadian society are changing– homosexuality and same sex marriage are examples

8 Importance of vision  Not just together because of identity (it changes) activity (one shot deal)  Only vision draws people of similar mind together  Resource:

9 Key reading  Bringing the Church to the World – renewing the Church to confront the paganism retrenched in Western culture by Tom Wright (1992)

10 Quote  The Christian Gospel has challenged the heart of every society into which it has been introduced, Yet when the Western world is becoming increasingly and overly pagan, many Christians have attempted to retreat into the church as a “safe” haven from such unpleasant and wicked forces.

11 Quote (contd.)  The challenge for today’s church is to follow the New Testament example of the first Christians who successfully confronted a world entrenched in paganism by going to them with the message of the risen Christ.

12 Quote (contd.)  The Church cannot simply recast old models of evangelism and mission.  Combatting the new vigorous paganism requires rethinking and reworking of aims and goals as well as a call to serious prayer for new forms and expressions of the church.

13 Our response  Project Contempo  A national response  Taking a hard look at CBC professionals and the local churches  A reengineering of the scattered church  Partnership provides a broader base

14 Project Contempo  Focus: specific target group  Goal: to provide practical guidance  National movement with regional root  Citywide:inter-denominational/church  Ownership: hosting by CBC young professionals  Partnership: IVCF, AFC, CCCBPA, local churches

15 Target group Working Christian professions (ages 25-35) including:  local born Chinese Christians  overseas Chinese Christians fluent in English  other Pan Asian Christian professionals  Graduating university students welcome

16 Approach  Fact finding, not fault finding  Celebration, not condemnation  Kingdom concept, not territorial  Interchurch, interdenominational  Focused but open to others  Emphasis on how to live our faith outside the church

17 Our first step  Date: October 1st 2005  Location: Toronto  Theme: It’s your call – make a life (not just a living)  Speaker: Rev. Ken Fong

18 Toronto Contempo team  Chairman: Clement Yeung (b:Tham)  Event co-ordinator: Roz Chan (b:Dong)  Assistant co-ordinator: Janet Wu (b:Gabriel)  Treasurer: Kenny So (b: John Chan)  Secretary:  Singspiration leader: SCAC team  Promotion: (b:Ben Li)  General manager: (b:Peter Lau)

19 Program planning  3-4pm Main talk#1(K.Fong)  4-5:30pm Panel  5:30-6pm Small group  6-7pm Dinner  7-7:30pm Testimony  7:30-9pm Main talk#2 (K.Fong)  9:30pm Refreshment

20 Our next step  Gimli conference: sharing the vision of Project Contempo on a national level  Seed money for Toronto: $1000  Shared vision to 70 pastors during C & MA Assembly in Winnipeg

21 Looking forward…  Promotion/vision sharing: pastors, church leaders, congregations, CBC’s  Co-ordination with campus ministry  Forming local steering committees  Council of reference  National think tank

22 A national movement?  Toronto October 1st 2005  Edmonton 2006?  Vancouver 2006?  Ottawa national conference 2006  Western Canada?  Eastern Canada?  Annually? Biannually?

23 Impact on CCCBPA  My initial platform in 2002  CCCBPA needs CBC and vice versa  Provides credibility for project  Links past and future  Bridges east and west  Sets direction for new chapter and upcoming conference

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