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2001-02 Annual Report Together We Create Values! (Theme of 2001-02)

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1 2001-02 Annual Report Together We Create Values! (Theme of 2001-02)

2 Message From The President 2001-02 is a very fruitful year for HKUCSAA. Our member base continues to grow at an encouraging rate to over 720. The converging force among us into a strong alumni network has been the strongest ever. We have our own logo now which is a great symbol of our identity. Through the spring dinner with 180 participants and many other activities, we all sense the power of our increasing size and strengthening unity. Values of various sorts have been and will be created among us, should they be extension of our friendship, sharing of knowledge, or cultivation of business and career development opportunities.

3 Message From The President (cont’) After serving the alumni for two years, it is time for me to leave the executive committee, making room for more energetic and more innovative persons to lead our alumni to reach another summit. I sincerely hope that you will extend your support to the 2002-03 candidate President Lam Ho Cheong (CS91) and his team in the coming year. Freddie Hung (CS87) President 2001-02

4 The Core Team Executive Committee: PresidentFreddie Hung (CS87) Vice PresidentTommy Fung (CS87) Honorary TreasurerPrudence Wong (CS93) Honorary SecretaryWallace Lam (CS97) Secretary, External RelationshipArthur Chang (CS88) Secretary, PublicationH C Lam (CS91) Secretary, EventsThomas Lee (CE94) Secretary, Member RelationshipDavid Wong (CE96) Secretary, SystemAnthony Tsao (CE97) Technical Advisor (by invitation):Daniel Hung (CS87) All the achievements in the past year wouldn’t be possible without the great efforts of our comrades. Some of them serve in the core team below.

5 The Helpers Ashley ChoyBonson So Bernard Siu Chan Wing ShiuCharles Choy Cheung Chun Kwan Chris Lo Davy CheungEric Ng Ho Wai ShingHui Chi Kwong Hui Fung Mang Hysan LiuIrene Soon Jason Lee Jeffrey NgKen LoKenny Chow Lau HingLaw Chi HoMay Lo Micheal ChengPedro NgPheobe Wong Poon Chun Ho Ralph SoRandy Wong Sandy WongTerence TamVivian Mak Vivien ChanWayne AuWilliam Chan William TangWong Ka WaiYeung Wing Tim Zinc Some of them help for individual activities.

6 Member Base The Number of registered members has grown by 24% As of Jun 20, 2001582 New Members+ 140 As of Jun 30, 2002= 722

7 Financial Report – Income for the period 1 Jun 2001 to 31 May 2002 Prepared by Prudence Wong on July 7, 2002 Member's ContributionHK$ 10,750.00 AGM Dinner Surplus (inc. $9,484 member donation) 6,041.30 Spring Dinner Surplus2,155.00 CSIS Department Subsidy (for Logo Contest) 3,000.00 TotalHK$ 21,946.30

8 Financial Report – Expenditure for the period 1 Jun 2001 to 31 May 2002 Pacific Century Cyberworks Line Charges (2000-01)HK$ 2,634.00 HK Domain Name Registration ( Registration of www.hkucs.org491.40 HSBC Service Charge200.00 Business Registration2,250.00 Preparing Annual Return for the Year1,105.00 Accountancy & Audit Fee5,000.00 Taxation1,203.00 Seminar Expenses448.70 Career Talk Expenses249.50 Logo Design Contest Prizes3,150.00 Refund of Overpaid Membership Fee/Contribution 850.00 TotalHK$17,781.60 Prepared by Prudence Wong on July 7, 2002

9 Financial Report – Surplus for the period 1 Jun 2001 to 31 May 2002 Balance brought forward from last yearHK$ 17,375.65 IncomeHK$ 21,946.30 Expenditure HK$ 17,781.60 Surplus / (Deficit) HK$ 4,164.70 Balance brought forward to next yearHK$ 21,540.35 Prepared by Prudence Wong on July 7, 2002

10 Activities (Slide 1 of 4) Member Opinion Survey - Sep 2001 Detail can be found at Top three interests: Group discounts and special offers Regular update of IT industry or professional associations Seminar or happy hour talk Career Talk for Final Year Students - 20 Oct 2001 Detail can be found at Speakers: Mr. Bernard Siu Mr. Eric Ng Mr. Freddie Hung Mr. Tommy Fung Mr. William Chan

11 Activities (Slide 2 of 4) Logo Design Contest - Oct 01 to Feb 02 Detail can be found at Winner: Hysan Chun-Wah Liu, CE96 Judge Panel: Ms Janet Chung, Associate Director, Development & Alumni Affairs Office Dr Francis Lau, Head, CSIS Dept Dr T.H. Tse, Associate Professor, CSIS Dept Mr Freddie Hung, President, HKUCSAA Mr Thomas Lee, Secretary, Events, HKUCSAA Hiking - 16 Dec 2001 Detail can be found at Route: Yeung Ming Shan Chong ( 陽明山莊 ) to Tai Tam Road ( 大潭道 ) to To Dae Wan ( 土地灣 )

12 Activities (Slide 3 of 4) Spring Reunion Dinner - 2 Mar 2002 Detail can be found at Record Breaking Participation 180 lecturers, graduates & students Experience Sharing: Dr. Lucas Hui (CS86) Mr. Terence Tam (CS89) Performance: 3CCom Happy Hour Talk - 8 May 2002 Detail can be found at Speakers: Mr. Fritz Chiu, Center Manager of HKSIIC, HKPC Mr. Peter Yan, CEO of Global e-Business Services Ltd Mr. Terence Tam (CS89), Director of Summation X Holdings Limited Convener: Mr. Randy Wong (CS89)

13 Activities (Slide 4 of 4) HKUCSAA as a Supporting Organization for British Computer Society (HK)’s Seminar - 27 Apr 2002 Detail can be found at Annual General Meeting - 27 Jul 2002 Annual Report Voting for New Executive Committee Demonstration of Web Functions for Class Representatives

14 Publication Published alumni news and activities promotion in our website Broadcasted 2 issues of electronic newsletters Appeared in all 4 convocation issues in the last year

15 System Platform Enhanced Class Mailing List Maintenance Class reps are encouraged to populate their classmates’ email addresses into their class lists, e.g. Enhanced Member Registration Graduates of 2002 and later can complete the authentication of the online member registration by using the passwords of their CSIS Department accounts. They don’t have to sign and fax back the application forms.

16 Contribution Option 2002-03 $200 Contribution Option – Valid Until 30 Jun 2003 Personal website Email, with 50MB storage UNIX account, with 50 MB storage, and following software: Solaris, Apache, Java, PHP, MySQL, C/C++ compiler, Perl, GNU utilities, CYGWIN, OpenGL, CGI Expiry of 2001-02 Subscription on 31 July 2002 Down to 10MB email storage Free for all members ID to access member only area on web Email, with 10MB storage Class distribution list

17 Thank You for Your Support See you in the AGM 6:00pm, 27 July 2002 Rm 308, Chow Yei Ching Bldg, HKU or Vote for the new exco now at

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