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Six Universities Joint Information Session a J-GAP event May 16, 2014 Sydney Macquarie University (Tomoko Koyama) University of New South Wales (Chihiro.

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1 Six Universities Joint Information Session a J-GAP event May 16, 2014 Sydney Macquarie University (Tomoko Koyama) University of New South Wales (Chihiro Thomson) University of Sydney (Seiko Yasumoto) University of Technology, Sydney (Yasushi Hirai) University of Western Sydney (Satomi Kawaguchi) University of Wollongong (Rowena Ward) (in alphabetical order)

2 Today’s talk General info on Learning Japanese at Universities (Chihiro) Employment of Graduates of Japanese in general (Rowena) Graduate Profiles and Q&A (all panel members)

3 Uni Info Info of all 6 Universities including the internet links will be up in the shared This presentation will also be in the

4 Admission to Uni Bonus points for HSC Language students For Arts-related courses, and some others.

5 Learning Japanese at Uni Your students can study Japanese at all 6 universities represented here today. They can continue studying Japanese after HSC Japanese. – Check placement procedures. New students can start studying Japanese.

6 Placement example HSC Beginners HSC Continuers HSC Extension Uni Beginners (Level 1) Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

7 Degrees and Majors Base: Bachelor of Arts Variations: Bachelor of International Studies Combinations with: – B. of Education; B. of Commerce; B. of Law; B. of Engineering; B. of Science, B. of Medicine….. Major in Japanese, double/dual majors with: – Communication; Design; Accounting; Linguistics; History; Architecture; Sociology; Psychology…….

8 If not majoring Most programs allow electives, general education options and other ways to take one or more Japanese (or LOTE) courses. Your students need to talk to the home Faculty (e.g., Engineering), as well as the base Faculty for Japanese (Arts/Humanities).

9 Exchange Opportunities All Universities have multiple exchange partners in Japan. Your students need to start planning in the first year.

10 Student Life Japanese related societies/clubs Martial arts clubs

11 Employment of Graduates of Japanese a cross-section of industries (e.g. government, education and training and medical / scientific) positions (e.g. Research Assistants, Teachers and Public Relations Officers)

12 Survey results graduates of Japanese shows that 75% of respondents feel that they had used the cross- cultural awareness skills developed in learning Japanese in their work Recent graduates recommend that students undertake a second major in addition to their Japanese studies & / or a combined degree as well as undertake an overseas study experience to increase their job prospects.

13 Some comments from graduates Studying the Japanese language helps to develop many important skills that are highly desirable for employers when entering the workplace. Studying the language also helps you to understand a very different culture and society to one’s own, and teaches you how to work in diverse global workplaces. It also shows an ability to think fast and be adaptable. It is useful to combine it with a technical skills or some other professional area. Don't rely on Japanese skills to get a career position. Studying Japanese was a unique selling point in my CV and I believe assisted me during interview stage to gain my graduate position. I was asked to speak Japanese during the interview.

14 Where do our Japanese language graduates end up? Meet some of our graduates

15 Alex Hicks Alex Hicks entered the undergraduate programme at UWS in 2010, using his high school Japanese studies to bridge into second year Japanese. Within two years he completed a Japanese language internship spending his second year at Meiji University. On returning to UWS he established the UWS Kendo club before graduating in 2013. Alex entered the 44th annual Japanese speaking contest 2013 winning first prize in the national open division (view his performance at http://speechcontest.jpf- He also received the Australia Japan Society of NSW prize for Excellence in Japanese Language Studies in 2013. http://speechcontest.jpf-

16 Alex now works at Nishimoto Trading Company, Sydney Branch (International Department)

17 Sorin Ridgway-Browne Education 2004-2008 Bachelor of International Studies (Honours) The University of New South Wales 2006-2007 UNSW Exchange Nagoya City University -2003 Blue Mountains Grammar School

18 Sorin now works at Sojitsu Corporation Experiences 2012- Human Resources Sojitsu Corp, Tokyo Japan 2009-2012 JET Prefectural Advisor Nagoya Prefectural Office International Relations Division 2007-2009 JOGMEC Researcher 2008-2008 JETRO Internship

19 Anna Watanabe 2013: Graduate from UTS with combined degrees in international studies + Journalism 2011-2012: In country Studies ( 茨城大学) 2013: Australia Japan Society of NSW Prize for Best Performance in Japanese Studies, Australia Japan Society of NSW 2011: Engineers Australia Media Scholarship 2010 Highly Commended - Best Print Feature by an Undergraduate Student, Ossie Awards

20 Anna now works at SBS 2013~ : Associate Producer, Insight at SBS Australia.

21 Sally Chan Education 2007-2012 Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Major: Psychology and Advanced Japanese The University of New South Wales 2011 Japanese-Language Program for Overseas Student at Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai 2001-2006 Higher School Certificate Chester Hill High School

22 Sally is a PhD student now at UNSW Achievements 2013- Recipient of Australian Postgraduate Award Publications: Chan, S (2014) “The Effect of Prior Language Knowledge in Japanese Acquisition as a Foreign Language: The Case of the Japanese Noun Modifier No.” New Voices 6: 27-50. Thomson, C.K. and S. Chan (2014) “Improvement of Japanese language Skills of Non-Native Speakers of Japanese through Benkyōkai as a Community of Practice” in D-Y. Lee (Ed.) Proceedings of the 18th Conference of the JSAA: Peer-reviewed full papers. Chan, S. and C.K. Thomson (2014 in press) “Nihongo shuutoki ni okeru bogo no ten’ni no eikyou.” in Nihongo Kyouiku to Nihon Kenkyuu ni okeru Souhoukousei Apuroochi no Jissen to Kanousei. Coco Publishing: Tokyo.

23 Chris Bussey Chris Bussey studied at UWS obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Japanese and a sub-major in Linguistics in 2008. He won a Japanese government funded scholarship to study at UWS's Japanese sister university (Kansai Gaidai University) in his final two semesters while receiving credit for his degree.

24 Upon his return from studying abroad, Chris began working at the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney and has since served as personal assistant to three Consuls-Generals.

25 Joseph Wong Education 1993-1997 Bachelor of Commerce Finance and Advanced Japanese Studies The University of New South Wales 1994-1995 Japanese Government Monbusho Scholarship Nanzan University 1991-1992 AFS New South Wales-Tokyo Sister State Scholarship Tokyo Metropolitan Higashiyamato-Minami Senior High School 1986-1992 Higher School Certificate St Ives High School

26 Joseph is now a Professional Film and Video Maker. Achievements 2012 “Night of the Living Dead” (Short Film) 90 to 5 Editing Challenge 1st Place, True Edit Award 2011 “Line Disconnect” aka “Onshinfutsu” (Feature Film) Finalist at DigiSPAA Digital Feature Film Competition Directorsʼ Day at Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2010 “Honeymoon Panic” (Trailer) Film Fights Online Film Festival Runners up 2009 "Line Disconnect" (Feature Film) Melbourne International Film Festival Market Breakthru Screening 2004 “Wahori Days” (Featurette) Indies Movie Festival Grand Prize, Tokyo 2004 “10 Yen” (Short Film) Akatsuka Kaikan Gag Video Contest Bronze Prize

27 Sooji Hwang Graduated from UNSW in 2011 with the Advanced Japanese Studies major. Sooji now works at UNIQLO in Australia as a manager trainee, and has been involved in Melbourne store and opening the first UNIQLO Sydney Pop UP Store.

28 Q & A

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