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One restriction $4000 maximum spending limit Jae Rhee.

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1 One restriction $4000 maximum spending limit Jae Rhee

2  Starting from Incheon Airport  To BKK Airport in Bangkok  To Singapore International Airport  Back to Incheon Airport  Total of 14 days, 2 weeks  Optimal time to visit Thailand and Singapore is during the months December and January  Temperature drop 10 degrees Celsius, and rain drops to nearly 2mm per month Total cost = 791.00 $

3  This hotel was found through  Rooms are very nice and the price is a great deal  49$ per night  Total cost 573.10$  Breakfast is included everyday and it is easily accessed from the airport.

4  From the airport to the hotel, taxis have a fixed price which is set at 1900 baht. Equivalent to nearly 60$ and that’s a round trip.  I decided to take the taxi everywhere I go because the price is amazingly cheap.  For the total taxi price I estimated about 5000 baht which is about 150$. This should be plenty, more than enough. Total cost = 5000 baht

5  12/14/09 – Arrive at hotel and sleep immediately  12/15/09 – Have breakfast at the hotel, then leave at noon by calling a cab. First destination Jim Thompson’s House (lunch before entering).  Jim Thompson’s house - This is a house build by the famous Jim Thompson who visited Thailand after WWII. He is well known for his silk industry which is now a universal fabric company spread through out wealthy countries. His amazing house no became a museum. Jim Thompson’s House would show and tell me a lot about the country and their styling furniture and clothes. Learning more about Thai’s flagship product: silk. Come back to the hotel and have dinner at the hotel because first day is always tiring at another country.  12/16/09 – Breakfast at the Hotel and after that go to the Pattaya Beach. Pattaya beach is very nice and famous all over the world for its beauty. There are many recreational activities available on the coast of the beach. Variety of activities such as water skiing, parasailing, and jet skiing. Have lunch and dinner both out on the beach because there are plenty of restaurants.

6  12/19/09 – Wake up and have the complimentary breakfast. Then visit the Vimanmek Palace which is the palace the royalty of Thailand lived. It was built in 1990 by the Thai King, King Rama V. In the palace there is a display of photographs, personal art, and handicrafts. This is all part of the national heritage of Thailand. Lunch I would have to have near the palace however depending on the time I get back, dinner will be at the hotel.  12/20/09 – Breakfast at the hotel and at noon again set out to the last human geographical site in Thailand, Wat Pho. The Wat Pho is a critical temple for all of Thailand because it is said that this is where public education first began. It has a gigantic golden sheeted Buddha reclining for a rest. The bottom of his soles contain beautifully crafted mother of pearl. Certainly something everyone has to see if visiting Thailand.  12/21/09 – Breakfast at the hotel and for that last destination in Thailand I will go for a ferry ride on the Chao Phraya River. This river is a huge river that runs through Bangkok and splits the city right in half. Through this ferry ride I can explore the beauty of the river itself and the surroundings. The river cuts through neighborhoods with lug houses and several landmarks.

7  Total cost of the tour cost 150 bahts for human geographical sites and 600 bahts for the physical geographical sites.  As a souvenir from Thailand I will buy a miniature golden Buddha since the temple, Wat Pho, is the main highlight of all the sites I will visit.  On 12/23/09 I will leave for Singapore from Thailand with the taxi that dropped me off at the hotel.

8  Ye Chan, my friend/ interviewee, lives in Singapore therefore I decided to visit Singapore before returning home to Korea.  He currently attends Pasir Ris Secondary School in Bedok Singapore. He also has a guardian, which is where he lives, and the guradian will take of me for the 4 days I am staying with her.  She drives Ye chan everywhere he needs to go and when I come to Singapore (IF) Ye Chan claimed he would show me around Singapore.  Their house is really close from the Airport of Singapore so they can come pick me up from the beginning at the airport.  Food and other neccesities will also be covered by Ye Chan’s guradian therfore although I have loads of money left I will not have a place to spend it.

9  12/24/09 – On the day I arrive Ye Chan and I are going to the mall or a shopping complex that is close to his house. We are going to have lunch there. After dinner at the house He is going to take me to his school where he and his friends play soccer regularly.  12/25/09 – The next day we are going to the Singapore Night Safari which is a very interesting zoo where they change the routine a little bit. Instead of walking around the zoo we get in a truck and drive around a closed field with exotic animals.  12/26/09 – Ye Chan and I are going to the Merlion park because it carries a deep and symbolic meaning for Singapore. The statue/fountain at the Merlion park is a mythical creature that is a cross between a fish and a lion, hence the name Merlion: Mermaid + Lion.

10  On 12/28/09 Ye Chan and I are both coming back to Korea together. We leave from the same airport on the same day but different planes.

11  Hi - สวัสดี  how are you - สบาย ดี ไหม  I am sorry - ฉัน เสียใจ  how do you say - อย่างไร คุณ พูด  where is? - อยู่ ที่ไหน  when is? - คือ อะไร ? เมื่อ  how do I get there? - ฉัน จะ มี ได้ อย่างไร  excuse me - ขอโทษ  Please - ได้ โปรด  thank you - ขอบคุณ


13  $4000  -$791 – Flight  - $573 – Hotel  ----------------------  $2635.90 = 87,551.45 baht  -5000 baht – Taxi/Transportation  -2000 baht – Food  -750 baht – Tour  -500 baht – Souvenir  -----------------------  79301.45 baht left = $2379.04

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