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Characters Lacey Farrell- Lacey is a strong young business woman with a career in the real estate agency. She loves the city just like her father Jack.

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2 Characters Lacey Farrell- Lacey is a strong young business woman with a career in the real estate agency. She loves the city just like her father Jack and also had physical features like him such as fair skin, blue-green eyes, and dark brown hair. She was tall, slim, and her hair was straight and would swing down to her shoulders. Lacey is single and lives on her own in her own apartment. She knows that since she hit thirty her biological clock is ticking but she knows when it’s right it’ll happen. Her character is quite level headed and not too eager to rush into things without thinking. She is a family person and loves her mother and sister as well as her nieces and nephews. Her strength shines through as the plot of the story unfolds and she has to deal with a ruthless killer after her.

3 Sandy Savarano Sandy Savarano is a ruthless hit man with many aliases. To most people he is known as Curtis Caldwell. His character has no conscience and will do anything for his job and in the end save himself from being put in jail. After he murders Isabelle Waring and realizes that Lacey has seen him and his face he tries everything he can to find her and kill her. It’s not part of the job but he wants to make sure that she can’t identify him if the police catch him. Sandy is the villain of the book for quite some time but the real evil master mind who put Sandy to it is brought to light and faced with justice. Sandy has only known life through the eyes of a hit man and he knows he is good at his job. He is average height with cold blue eyes that pierce through you. His appearance is also one of his disguises which he changes throughout the book.

4 Tom Lynch Tom Lynch is the books dreamy older guy that all the girls want. His character’s role is for Lacey to fall head over heals for him while he does the same and acts like the perfect man who will deal with anything. Tom is a bit older than Lacey and is a radio show host who is very popular in Minneapolis. He is tall and fit as he goes to the gym a lot after work and listens and is caring. He is there for Lacey even though they haven't spent much time together at all. In the short time he knows Lacey he falls in love with her as she falls in love with him and in the end they end up together. Tom completes Lacey and Lacey completes Tom.

5 Character Changes Characters Lacey Farrell- Tom Lynch- Change Lacey is scared for her life and the life of her family as she is placed within the Witness Protection Program and taken away from her home, her job, and her family. She becomes upset and worried everyday instead of being her happy confident self. Tom didn’t care about relationships before and he liked to stay singled due to him moving around doing different radio shows. He was used to girls trying to get him but there was something bout Lacey that he couldn’t quite figure out. He falls in love. Event Lacey goes up to Heather Landi’s old apartment that she is going to sell early to meet Heather’s mother there and go over how she wants it sold. She walks in on Isabelle Waring being murdered and stays by her side while she dies. Once Lacey enters Tom’s life he can’t stop thinking about her. When Lacey starts to get upset around him he worries about her and comes to take care of her. When she leaves to protect her family and try to catch Sandy Tom worries the whole time she is gone.

6 Rachel McAdams as Lacey Farrell Rachel McAdams playing Lacey Farrell just makes sense. She can play a strong independent character and matches Lacey’s fair skin and dark brown hair and her eyes. Rachel has played in movies such as The Wedding Crashers, Mean Girls, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and Sherlock Holmes. She is very capable of filling big roles and Lacey’s wouldn’t be a problem for her to fill.

7 Jack Nicholson as Jimmy Landi Jack Nicholson would play the perfect Jimmy Landi because Jimmy is a father who has just lost his daughter. Jack can play the serious role and add a pure sense of anger towards the death of his daughter in the book. Jack has played in many major movies such as The Shining, The Bucket List and The Departed. He can fill the role of a business man quite easily and be a major character in the movie.

8 Jackie Chan as Sandy Savarano I think Jackie Chan would make the perfect assassin due to his martial arts training and the way he could disguise himself into his surroundings. This wouldn’t be the biggest action movie but Jackie Chan could add some stunts and could be the ruthless killer. Even though he has played the good character in many movies he would make a sneaky assassin.

9 Johnny Depp as Tom Lynch I think that Johnny Depp would make a good Tom Lynch due to his own affect on the female population of the world. Johnny can play the sensitive type in movies and would easily be able to play along side Rachel McAdams in a movie that would attract a lot of attention. John has played many key roles and sensitive roles in movies like Benny & Joon, and Don Juan DeMarco.

10 Writing Style 1) “New York is especially beautiful in September, she mused, observing the joggers on the paths that threaded through Central Park, the nannies pushing strollers, the elderly sunning themselves on park benches.” p11 2) The walls were painted a deep, warm blue, with silver bars of music from popular songs randomly scattered against drifting clouds.” p.103 3) “There were millions to be made, plus there was the genuine thrill of glad-handling the movers and shakers, the excitement, and the noise of the slot machines ringing as a hundred bucks worth of quarters gushed out from them, making the players feel like big-time winners.” p. 260 4) “As a young girl she was seen being serenaded by a gondolier; when she was twenty, she’d been painted in as a young woman strolling across the Bridge of Sighs, a song sheet in her hand.” p. 17 5) “He was a swarthy man of sixty-seven, whose hair was still naturally dark, and whose brooding eyes under thick unruly brows gave his face a permanently cynical expression.” p.17

11 Plot At the end of the story the story of Tom Lynch’s and Lacey Farrell’s relationship comes to a climax but at the start of their own little plot together Lacey first hear Tom on his radio show and thought that it would be nice to see the gym that he went to since she was looking for one anyways. When Lacey sees Tom she is instantly attracted to him and over a few weeks she tries to get his attention so that they can talk. When it finally works Lacey is sitting alone at the coffee shop at the gym and there are no other seats so Tom has to sit down. They talk and decide to go out on a date. After awhile Tom falls in love with Lacey but she has found a lead to find out why Isabelle Waring was killed and she leaves without telling her protection unit. One of the head of police gets a tip on where to go for information which is the same place that Lacey is going to. Lacey i9s being followed by Sandy and while Lacey is getting information Sandy comes down the stairs to kill both women but Lacey hears him so she ambushes him at the that instant the police officer comes into the house and shoots Sandy. After all the legal issues are delt with Lacey calls Tom and it ends the book. Both the police officer coming in and shooting Sandy and Lacey calling Tom are climaxes in the plot which solve all Lacey’s problems.

12 Conflict Sandy Savarno’s job was to kill Isabelle Waring and take Heather’s journal back so that no one would know who the killer of Heather was. This conflict is the main reason that Lacey had to go into the Witness Protection Program. If Sandy didn’t kill Isabelle and just stole the journal instead Isabelle would have looked crazy in thinking that Heather was murdered and that if she thought the journal was stolen instead of her losing it would make her look even more crazy and filled with grief. Isabelle never needed to be killed in the first place and her being killed in Heather’s old apartment left the possibility for Lacey to interrupt Sandy and that’s exactly what happened. The stupid decision for Sandy to be hired to kill Isabelle led to the whole plot of the whole story and could have been avoided all together. If Heather’s journal was stolen instead of Isabelle being killed would have kept the bad guys safe but instead Isabelle was killed in an unprofessional manner which led to them losing in the end.

13 Theme Pretend You Don’t See Her is a wonderful title that matches the whole story altogether. After Sandy Savarano shot Isabelle Waring and saw that Lacey saw him after he shot her it would have been nice to pretend that he didn’t see her but he did and he knew that she would tell the police what he looked like. The title shows that most people would like to forget that something's have never happened but in the end they did and if you don’t fix them they will come back to bite you.

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