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Craig L. Carlisle Senior Engineering Geologist San Diego Water Board Update.

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1 Craig L. Carlisle Senior Engineering Geologist San Diego Water Board Update


3 1. Name the only Federal Superfund Site in San Diego County


5 POP QUIZ 2. Name the two contaminants found over the MCL in the greatest number of water supply wells in California.

6 Arsenic and Nitrate

7 POP QUIZ 3. CalEPA consists of 2 Boards, 3 Departments and 1 Office. Name the Office. Hint: Starts with an “O”

8 POP QUIZ 1.Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) 2.Air Resources Board (ARB) 3.Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) 4.Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 5.Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) 6.State Water Resources Control Board

9 San Diego Water Board Public Meetings the second Wednesday of the month Agendas and detailed information available online under “Board Info” “Public Form” opportunity to raise any water quality issue “Executive Officer’s Reports” each month

10 California Drought Emergency State Water Board Approves Emergency Regulation to Ensure Agencies and State Residents Increase Water Conservation “We are facing the worst drought impact that we or our grandparents have ever seen” State Water Board Chair Felicia Marcus.

11 San Diego Water Board Org Chart Groundwater Protection Branch (Julie Chan) Land Discharge Southern Cleanup Central Cleanup Northern Cleanup John Odermatt John Anderson Craig Carlisle Brian Kelly

12 Potential Staff Openings


14 Do I Need a Permit? “Permit” = Waste Discharge Requirements General Order; or Site Specific Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) Waiver (in lieu of a “Permit”)



17 General Orders (WDRs) In-situ Groundwater Remediation Projects Discharges of Treated Groundwater to Land from Volatile Organic Compound Cleanup Sites

18 Waivers Conditional Waivers of Waste Discharge Requirements for Low Threat Discharges in the San Diego Region Order No. R9-2014-0041 12 Waivers covering 36 Categories of Discharges Waiver No. 10: Discharges/Disposal of Solid Wastes to Land:

19 Enrollees#2 Discharge of Recycled Water to Land3 #3 Misc. “low threat” discharges to land3 #4 Discharges of winery process water to lined ponds 6 #5 Discharges to land at composting facilities 2 #7 Discharges from animal operations3

20 Enrollees#8 Discharges from aquatic animal facilities 1 #9 Discharges of slurries to land2 #10 Discharges of solid waste to land9 #11 Aerial discharges of wastes over land 4 #12 Discharges of emergency/disaster related wastes 3

21 Low-Threat UST Case Closure Policy Technical Justification for Soil Screening Levels Technical Justification for Groundwater Media-Specific Criteria Technical Justification for Vapor Intrusion Media-Specific Criteria


23 Future Focus: Chlorinated Solvents and Other VOCs in Water Supply Wells

24 GAMA Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment

25 Miscellaneous Increasing Recycled Water Use Proposed Changing Nitrate Objective for Groundwater Storm Water Implementing 2013 Regional MS4 Permit Enrolling Orange County in the San Diego Bay Sediment Investigations and Cleanup Implementing Bays and Estuaries Policy

26 Senate Bill 445 Adopted 9-25-2014 Extends Cleanup Fund by 10 years to Jan.1 2026 Increases fee from $0.014 to $0.02 per gallon Dedicates 3 mils to small businesses Increases State Water Board authority to address fraud

27 Questions?

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