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Redefining Storage Economics CORAID: Redefining Storage Economics Confidential Analyst Presentation - January 2010 Coraid: Redefining Storage Economics.

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1 Redefining Storage Economics CORAID: Redefining Storage Economics Confidential Analyst Presentation - January 2010 Coraid: Redefining Storage Economics Technical Overview – February 2011

2 Redefining Storage Economics Legacy FC & iSCSI SANs ….not so simple. 2 Switch (FC) HBA Multi-path IO Software Storage Controller Server Virtualization OS Server NPIV (Required for Vmotion) Server Cluster Parallel File System Server  Difficult to configure  Difficult to Scale  Impossible to manage  Vendor with the best interoperability test matrix wins (EMC Matrix: 19,000 pages and counting.

3 Redefining Storage Economics Legacy Storage Architecture Legacy SAN 1:1 Mainframe to storage Today’s SAN Many:1 Servers to storage Many:1 Virtual to physical servers

4 Redefining Storage Economics Scale-out Ethernet SANEthernet AoE Ethernet IP TCP iSCSI SCSI F ibre C han SCSI ATA AoE iSCSIFibre Channel Storage Protocol Stacks Ethernet SAN  Bare metal performance  No controller bottleneck  Eliminates complex topologies  No more complex multi-pathing  Ethernet simplicity  Lightweight protocol wins!

5 Redefining Storage Economics Coraid Ethernet SAN – Redefining Storage Economics 3 Basic Building Blocks: Commodity x86 low-cost hardware used to build scale-out, flexible storage servers (“EtherDrive” Arrays): Non-proprietary, Commodity X86 hardware Supports SATA, SAS, SSD Drives (can be mixed in a single chassis) Qty (6) 1Gb, or (4) 10Gb Ethernet Ports --- 230MB - 1800MB/ per sec, per single EtherDrive Array $500 - $900 per 1 Terabyte Multiple EtherDrive Models (2u, 3u, and 4u / 8, 16, 24, 36 disk slots) Redundant Hot-swap power supplies & fans Ethernet (Layer-2) network is backplane: (No TCP/IP, No iSCSI, No FC) Provides near Bare-metal performance Jumbo Frame support (9K) only requirements for Ethernet switches Market converging to Ethernet, 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb, 100Gb AoE = ATA over Ethernet Storage Protocol: delivers high-performance, low cost alternative to iSCSI & FC SANs Ethernet SAN driver (AoE) native in all LINUX kernels Ethernet SAN HBAs (w/ AoE driver) for non-LINUX platforms - Standard Intel dual-ported PCIe, PCI-X cards, (1Gb, 10Gb) Does not require TCP/IP like iSCSI or proprietary networks like Fibre Channel AoE is a connection-less protocol that connects servers and storage directly across Layer-2 Ethernet Does not require user configured multi-path IO (MPIO or NPIV) software AoE is datagram-based, the bandwidth can scale with additional ports, unlike IP-based solutions Ethernet SAN packets are automatically sent over every available network path between the server and storage (without MPIO configuration) iSCSI can be multi-path in the context that each conversation must take place on a single port thus limits max bandwidth of each conversation to the speed of a single port

6 Redefining Storage Economics What is a Coraid Ethernet SAN? LINUX Server HBA Storage LUNs EtherDrive HBAs - Dual-ported Ethernet Cards 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet LAN Ethernet SAN Non LINUX Capacity Performance Scale-out Ethernet SAN Performance & Capacity scale linearly with each added Coraid storage array or HBA Distributed, controller-less, modular architecture scales from a few Terabytes to multi- Petabytes HBA EtherDrive driver - Native in LINUX Kernel

7 Redefining Storage Economics Simplicity of Coraid Operating System - CorOS CorOS – Coraid Storage Operating System Parallel processing scale-out SAN operating system SAN Fabric + RAID functionality inside a single EtherDrive Server 3 commands to set up Storage Server – configures in < 1 minute All LUN’s use static naming conventions (LUN MetaData stored on disks) MAC address tied to LUN address Completely eliminates MPIO and Port Binding Flood entire Network fabric with I/O and Throughput Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, or JBOD with Global Hot Spares Continuous RAIDShield – testing fixes bad blocks, reduces drive failure RAID configuration stored on each disk allows disk portability Ethernet SAN presents itself as direct-attached disk Compute side see’s HBA not as NIC but as local SCSI device SCSI Commands issued from compute side directly to disks via Ethernet SAN Automatically uses Multiple Paths across all ports to/from storage Coraid EtherDrive Storage is true scale-out architecture Controller-less based architecture Ethernet SAN automatically broadcast all LUN’s to Compute side Physical connection to SAN Fabric & Jumbo Frame support (9K) only requirements Transmission Control built in iSCSI uses Layer-4 TCP for transmission control FC uses proprietary $$$ hardware

8 Redefining Storage Economics Blistering Performance of Ethernet SAN Proven performance equal to FC SAN at price points below iSCSI See ESG Report which compares EMC, NetApp, DAS to Coraid SR Line: 230MB per sec / per Coraid EtherDrive SR Server SRX Line: 530MB – 1800MB per sec / per Coraid EtherDrive SRX Server Customer HPC example: 100TB Coraid + ZFS = 2Gb per sec, 125K IOPS Less than $900 per TB Coraid Microsoft CIFS Driver – 920MB/sec Using Microsoft 2003 / 2008 Automatic Multi-Pathing and Link Utilization Multiple Ethernet Connections to the SAN will automatically be recognized and utilized Transparent to Host – No configuration required Host sees 1 LUN regardless of the number of paths utilized Maximize Throughput Automatic Failover If Physical Connection established it will be used Support LUN Masking, White Lists, VLAN

9 Redefining Storage Economics Cost-Effective Scale-out Storage: EtherDrive SR Series

10 Redefining Storage Economics High-Performance Scale-out Storage - EtherDrive SRX Series

11 Redefining Storage Economics EtherDrive SR4200, SR2421, SR1621, SR821 Drive TypeCapacityRPM SATA500GB7.2k SATA1TB7.2k SATA600GB10k SATA300GB10k SATA2TB5.4k Disk Drive Options EtherDrive SRX3500 (2.5 drives) Drive TypeCapacityRPM SSD32GBN/A SSD64GBN/A SAS146GB15k SATA300GB10k SATA500GB7.2k SATA600GB10k

12 Redefining Storage Economics Disk Drive Options EtherDrive SRX4200, SRX3200, SRX2800 Drive TypeCapacity RPM SSD32GBN/A SSD64GBN/A SAS146GB15k SAS300GB15k SAS600GB15k SATA300GB7.2k SATA500GB10k SATA600GB10k SATA1TB7.2k SATA2TB5.4k

13 Redefining Storage Economics EtherDrive Host Bus Adapter (HBAs)

14 Redefining Storage Economics Supported HBA’s for EtherDrive

15 Redefining Storage Economics TechnologyNetworkHBA$/TB AoE1Gb Ethernet (x2)$199$500 AoE10Gb Ethernet (x2)$899$900 iSCSI1Gb TCP/IP$1,000$1-5K FC2-4Gb Fibre Ch$1-2K$4-10K TechnologyCap ExOp ExPerf AoELow Best iSCSIMedMed-HighLow FCHigh Fast Price-Performance Comparisons

16 Direct Connection Example Ethernet Connection Linux OS can use existing NIC in host Coraid HBA (Host Bus Adapter) AoE Drivers on Host Host Recognizes Available Storage on CORAID Ethernet Connection Host SRxxx SRXxxx EtherDrive Storage

17 Device Identification Represented as a Local SCSI Disk Linux Example /dev/etherd/e10.10 e Persistent Identification Compare Traditional SAN Protocols /dev/sdX X = Arbitrary Letter No persistent identifier Requires additional configurations for naming and identification Ethernet Connection Host SRxxx SRXxxx EtherDrive Storage

18 Multiple Connection Example SR & SRX – multiple Ethernet interfaces Supports multiple Ethernet connections CORAID AOE Driver automatically: Recognizes multiple paths Load Balance across all available paths Increase Throughput Failover Ethernet Connections Host SRxxx SRXxxx EtherDrive Storage

19 Multiple Host Access Multiple “Initiators” (Hosts) may access Coraid storage LUN – Segmentation of Raw Storage Each device accesses assigned LUN LUN Masking Prevents Host A from even seeing the Server’s LUN Ethernet Switch Host A File Server Host A LUN Server LUN SRxxx SRXxx x EtherDrive Storage

20 Redefining Storage Economics EtherDrive SAN Manager Appliance

21 Redefining Storage Economics EtherDrive delivers linear parallel scaling of throughput and capacity, without complex SAN topologies. VirtualizationCloud Storage High Performance Computing Video/Network Surveillance EtherDrive’s totally lightweight SAN protocol provides massive I/O for demanding VMware and Xen projects. 10Gb Ethernet SAN performance, petabyte scale-out architecture, JBOD economics. Beat the big guys at their own game. EtherDrive enables commodity economics for large-scale data collection. No specialized storage expertise required. NAS / File Storage Disk-to-Disk Backup Database and email Development Environments Storage Consolidation University Environments Target Solutions Other solutions in use today:

22 Redefining Storage Economics Virtualization Environment Massive bandwidth to disks Less head contention More independent disk heads Unlimited scalability (>60k nodes) No need for MPIO or NPIV

23 Redefining Storage Economics High Performance Computing Environment Key Points Commodity scale-out architectures are vital to large-scale research and computing projects Coraid EtherDrive has been deployed in a variety of HPC projects, delivering massive capacity and throughput at a fraction of the cost of legacy SAN systems

24 CORAID VSX Appliance

25 Redefining Storage Economics EtherDrive VSX – SAN Virtualization Appliance Key Features and Benefits  Ethernet SAN virtualization appliance, provides volume management for EtherDrive SAN storage  Aggregate pools of EtherDrive SR/SRX LUNs together to form small or large virtual LUNs up to 512TB  Each VSX can manage up to 4080 virtual LUNs  VSX can create up to 255 copy-on-write snapshots per virtual LUN  Snapshots can be cloned by VSX and used as read/write copies  VSX can synchronously mirror logical volumes to create a High Availability (HA) storage system with true No Single Point of Failure  For disaster recovery scenarios the VSX supports asynchronous remote replication  Supports 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet

26 Redefining Storage Economics EtherDrive VSX – True No Single Point of Failure Synchronous Mirroring: For applications that require high availability, data from one EtherDrive storage appliance can be synchronously mirrored to another to protect against whole array failures. Mirroring creates a simultaneous, exact duplicate version of a physical volume (PV) to a local designated EtherDrive storage LUN target.

27 Redefining Storage Economics No Single Point of Failure Storage Architecture VSX 20 VSX 20 10 SRX3200 11 ESX 1ESX 2ESX 3 EtherDrive Storage EtherDrive Storage VSX Synchronous Replication

28 Redefining Storage Economics Async-Replication for DR/COOP VSX 2020 1010 1 EtherDrive Storage VSX 2020 1010 1 EtherDrive Storage EtherDrive Storage VSX Production Site DR/COOP Site IP WAN EtherDrive Storage

29 Redefining Storage Economics Virtualization Communications Flow 1.VSX aggregates storage from SR units into (1) or more Virtual Volume Group(s). 2.VSX can create LUNs of any size from this pool – small partitions or large cross-chassis. 3.LUN growth is configured independent of the initiator and Storage Appliance. VSX SR1621 10 11 20 SR1621 12 Volume Group ESX 1ESX 2 NFS Server LUN 10.1 LUN 11.1 LUN 12.1 LUN 20.1 LUN 20.2 LUN 20.3 EtherDrive Storage EtherDrive Storage EtherDrive Storage VSX

30 Redefining Storage Economics Performance Near-bare-metal, 2x faster than iSCSI and 30% faster than FC, 5-8x price performance over legacy storage Simplicity Ethernet SAN protocol eliminates complex MPIO topologies and arcane Fibre Channel management Scalability Just add more NICs and Disks. Handles 1/10 GB Ethernet, scales to multiple petabytes. Virtualization Optimized Flexible topology, lightweight protocol, massive throughput/IOPS, optimized disk layout Redefining Storage Economics

31 Storage Economics 101 Buy a Petabyte, Get a Petabyte Buy a PB of EtherDrive SRX-Series Get a PB of SR-Series Total cost: $980k for 2 PB (Avg. cost <$500/TB) Go Big: Enterprise License Agreement Multi-petabyte Enterprise software license for CorOS -2 yrs All-you-can-eat EtherDrive SRX & SR CORAID provides you with BOM to procure HW direct from manufacturer Business implications: Amazon economics: <$0.05/GB/month Ethernet simplicity, 10 Gb performance One tier for all! Utility Pricing: Starts $0.03/Gb/month $0.03 for SR-Series (230 MB/sec, 2TB disk) $0.045 for SRX-Series (500+ MB/sec, 1 TB disk) 2-year commit, 6-mo prepay, includes onsite “zero-hour” hot spares

32 Redefining Storage Economics 1200+ Customers “CORAID EtherDrive gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility in how we configure our storage — something that is critical in the fast-changing world of next-generation sequencing.” -Dr. Elliott Margulies, NIH

33 Redefining Storage Economics VMWare References Configuring Coraid EtherDrive SAN appliances and deploying with ESX/ESXi 3.5 and 4.x (Partner Support) Vmware and Coraid Technology Alliance Partner

34 Questions? Lauren Sands 617.455.7289 Dennis Sheehan 301.509.4328

35 Redefining Storage Economics CORAID CUSTOMER SUPPORT SERVICES I. All Coraid Hardware purchased new and in it’s original packaging includes a 36 month warranty. II. CORAID offers two service contract offerings. ( Bolded text indicates 24 x 7 vs. eSupport. ) 1.) eSupport: - S/W Update service. - 24 x 7 access to the CORAID online support web site - email support to our US based support team. - Post email diagnostic RMA services ( Return to manufacturer. ) - Hrs of coverage: From 8am to 5pm All US Time zones. - Days of week: M-F. 2.) 24 x 7 - S/W Update service - 24 x 7 access to the COAID online support web site - Email and telephone support to our support team located in Athens GA, USA - Post diagnostic RMA services & 1 day advanced RMA. Pre diagnostic - Hrs of coverage: 24 hrs a day - Days of week: M-Sun ( 7 days / week.) There is an Optional / add on to 24x 7 service contract that has functional advantages inline with the Coraid SRX architecture. - Zero Hrs / onsite hot spare.. This service includes an on site CORAID Etherdrive SRX chassis with all interconnects. The spare SRX Chassis is put onsite and remains in “stand by mode” ready to accept disk subsystems from active SRX storage array.

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