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Speaker: Au Chun Yu Edmund Chong Siu King Windy North district Hospital HKRA AGM 2011.

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1 Speaker: Au Chun Yu Edmund Chong Siu King Windy North district Hospital HKRA AGM 2011

2  CT machine: GE Lightspeed VCT, 64MSCT  Over 500 cases done (since 2008):  Cardiac CT booked daily  several sub – stages: Protocol selectionScanning parameters Scanning range Breath-hold preparation premedicationContrast volume

3 GE suggestion:International:NDH: kVp:12010080-100 Tube current modulation: ~650mA; 30%-80% ~600mA; 30%-80% <500mA; 40%-80% Scan coverage:Superior: 2cm above carina Inferior: base of heart Superior: sufficiently include LAD Inferior: sufficiently include PLB & PDA Contrast volume:80ml; 5ml/s 60-65ml; 5-5.5ml/s Protocol selection: PulsePulse/SegmentSegment Breathing technique: inspirationNot applicableInspiration/ suspension Beta-blocker:HR:>70bpmHR>70bpmHR:>65bpm mSv117-127.88

4  Analyzed statistically  Maintain diagnostic quality  Radiation protection

5  Limited pre-medication:  Beta-blocker prescribed by Cardiac department  CT machine: GE Lightspeed VCT, 64MSCT  Maintain high image quality for reporting

6  International standard dose for CTCA in 64MSCT :  7-12mSv  Average effective dose in NDH (2010):  7.88mSv  ~10% Dose reduction throughout 2010  Organized, structured & optimized protocol agreed with radiologists  Successful training program for junior radiographers


8  Noise:  standard deviation of the density (in HU) within a large region of interest.  Contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR):  CNR = (HU LV Chamber – HU LV wall)/noise  Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR):  SNR = HU coronary artery lumen/noise Subjective: (analyzed by the radiologists) Image noiseOverall image quality with diagnostic confidence level Objective: Image noiseContrast –to-noise ratioSignal-to-noise ratio


10  kVp adjustment according to patient’s body weight  Radiation dose is proportional to the square of kVp Stage 1:Stage 2:Stage 3: >80kg120 kVp80 kVp100kVp <80kg80kVp

11  Mean dose reduction: 20% Stage 1:Stage 2: mA:Manual mA: >500 Tube current modulation: <500; 40%-80% Mean Dose: (DLP/mGY-cm) 635.76507.90

12  Reduction of 1cm: dose savings of 1 mSv  Radiation dose reduction: 20% Stage 1:Stage 2: Superior aspect:2 cm superior to carina of trachea Sufficiently include LAD Inferior aspect:Base of heartSufficiently include PLB & PDA Mean Dose: (DLP/mGY-cm) 637.5512.05

13  Reduction of contrast :  Decrease probability of allergic reaction  Faster contrast rate:  Better contrast resolution GE suggestion:International:NDH: 80ml; 5ml/s 60-65ml; 5-5.5ml/s

14 Snapshot pulse (HR 30-65BPM) Prospective ECG gating Snapshot segment (HR 30-74BPM) Snapshot burst (HR 75-113) Retrospective ECG gating

15  The most dose-efficient method of ECG-synchronized:  Snapshot pulse  Dose reduction by 64% (compared with segment) Case #Mean dose (DLP/mGy-cm) LowestHighestAverage DLP/slice Burst21723.94548.67899.753.73 pulse4197.46105.10315.560.99 segment136548.54349.54879.082.78

16  X-ray on/off is triggered by ECG R-peak with user selectable time off  Radiation exposure is about 4 times less


18  Pros:  Helical continuous data acquisition  Favor retro-reconstruction  Option for different cardiac pattern;  Enable cardiac function analysis  Larger volume coverage  i.e. bypass graft


20  Options for different types of patient:  Important in evaluation of time for stable HR after breath-hold Stage 1:Stage 2: Breathing technique:Inspiration onlyInspiration/suspension

21  Lower heart beat and stabilize rhythm :  Improve temporal resolution  Options for scanning protocol selection  Flowchart of beta-blocker standardized Stage 1:Stage 2: Heart rate:>70 bpm>65 bpm

22 <65 bpm (1) >65 bpm Stable irregular PulseSegment 1 st β medication 30 mins <65 bpm (1) >65 bpm 2 nd β medication 30 mins <65 bpm (1) >65 bpm Calcium score + consult radiologist

23  No caffeine & smoking 12 hrs before exam  Prepare for contrast CT scan  i.e. fasting, Metformin, LMP  Steroid cover  Measure resting heart rate (HR):  Below 70 bpm: preferable  >70 bpm: consult radiologist for medication  Breathing instruction rehearsal:  Evaluate the time of stable HR after breath-hold  IV access: 18 gauge(5ml/sec), right-sided preferable

24  Test dose:  Calculation of delay time  Contrast volume depends on delay time 1. Scout view: 2. Calcium score: If score >400  consult radiologist 3. Test dose: 20ml IOP370 at 5ml/s + saline at 5ml/s 4. Contrast scan protocol selection: Burst/Segment/Pulse mode


26  Bypass grafting implant of left internal mammary artery (LIMA) to LAD  Right IMA or inferior epigastric artery grafting to RCA  Increase scan coverage superiorly  Only segment protocol applicable


28  Cross-departmental communication:  Improve pre-medication prescription  Pulse scanning protocol trial  Further radiation dose reduction  BMI (body mass index) dependent:  Develop all-rounded & more precise kVp modification

29  Radiation dose reduction with satisfactory image quality  Structured,organized & optimized protocol  Ease the workflow of CT cardiac exam  Improve efficiency and effectiveness for both radiologists and radiographers  Junior radiographers gain confidence in Cardiac CT training program

30  Mr Ho (DM), Mr Wong (SR) & Mr Leung (SR) of NDH  Ms Tracy Chan, Mr Eddy Chan & Mr Wayne Li  Staff of NDH Radiology department  Cardiac team of NDH  HKRA  Patients involved…

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