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LNA Simulation Tutorial

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1 LNA Simulation Tutorial
EE395 Lily Chan Spring 2012 March 22, 2012

2 Step 1 Open Analog Environment Setup models Setup > model libraries
Add paths to models

3 Step 2 Go to Analyses tab Choose dc analysis
Click the box to save DC Operating Point

4 Step 3 Add variables from schematic Variables > Copy from Cellview
Input variable values

5 Step 4 Choose Analyses Select sp in the Analysis section
Click select in the Ports section Click on the input and output ports on the schematic Select Frequency in the Sweep Variable section Enter the start/stop sweep range Select Do Noise = yes Enter your Input and output ports Click on OK Click on Netlist and Run (The traffic light button with the green light in the Analog Environment main screen)

6 Step 5 After the simulation is done running, click on Results > direct plot > main form Choose SP > plot type = Z-smith Then click on S11 and S22 buttons

7 Step 5 Result A window with the Smith chart should pop up showing you the S11 and S22 curves

8 Step 6 Go back to the Direct plot form from step 5
Select plot type Rectangular, Modifier = dB20 Click s11, s22 These are your input/output impedance matching curves

9 Step 7 On the direct plot form, click on S21 This is your gain

10 Step 8 On the direct plot form, choose Function = NF Modifier = db10
Click on Plot This is your noise figure

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