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Before the Inca Chimu Culture Tiwanaku Wari Paracas.

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1 Before the Inca Chimu Culture Tiwanaku Wari Paracas

2 Coastal Peru Chimu culture AD 1000 - AD1500 Masters of adobe construction Innovators of hydraulic irrigation Master weavers and metal workers

3 City of Chan Chan covered 27 sq Km (7.5 miles) All buildings constructed of adobe Agriculture made possible through massive irrigation engineering.




7 As Moche culture declined, Chimu were on the rise. By 800-900 AD a small settlement had been founded on the Moche River. A large, sprawling coastal city grew at the site Multiple flat topped mounds


9 Several satellite settlements north and south along the coast. City had a population estimated at 25,000. Two Inca practices are traceable to Chimu: mit’a system and split inheritance.

10 Mit’a labor: Taxation in the form of labor tribute. Split inheritance: when a leader dies, the successor to the throne receives the title and office only. Palace, land and wealth are distributed among the corporate group or junior kinsmen.

11 Wooden figures at Chan Chan. Likely votive offerings. Many are found in niches in structure walls.








19 Paracas Known mainly for fine textiles and pottery Similarities in motifs with Chavin culture. Images on textiles help identify shaman and supernatural figures. Early practitioners of repousse technique in gold work.


21 Tiwanaku Andean Bolivia. Culture settled first at Lake Titicaca ca. 2000 BC High desert region (altiplanao) 12,600 feet above sea level. One village became center of ceremonial life around 800 BC. This would grow into Tiwanaku.

22 It is suggested among Inca sources that the Inca learned stonework from Tiwanaku. Tiwanaku also likely the source of the economic system used and perfected by the Inca.



25 Monumental architecture begins around first century AD. Stepped platforms oriented on cardinal axis, grid pattern. Several stones used in construction weighed more than 11 tons and were quarried 62 miles away.




29 Gateway of the Sun

30 Tiwanaku economic and political control in the region lasted until about 1000 AD. Similar styles and artistic elements with the more militaristic Wari culture.


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