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Pre-testing Research Findings for VCT Phase 2 Campaign Presentation to PSI team by: Vu Ngoc Khanh Le Linh Chi.

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1 Pre-testing Research Findings for VCT Phase 2 Campaign Presentation to PSI team by: Vu Ngoc Khanh Le Linh Chi

2 Method Total of FGD: 2 FGDs with SWs who are both street based and EE based SWs. 2 FGDs with male clients of SWs Total of participants: 24 participants Time for each FGD: approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes Place: Hanoi

3 COMPREHENSION Overviews of the participants about the billboard Things people could see and read: Chan Troi Moi center; a free, confidential HIV testing and counseling service; people who came to the center could share their worries and concerns and be kept secret The service was promoted in the billboard: Free HIV testing and counseling service and health checking for community Advice people go to Chan Troi Moi to receive counseling and testing on HIV

4 COMPREHENSION (cont’d) Things that created confusion among the participants Almost participants felt confused with the two persons in the 2 creative executions. The lady looks like a counselor, the man look like a client for VCT The addresses of the centers were not enough information because they did not have the phone numbers. The line in the bottom of the billboard that showed the service attributes (free of charge, confidential, and accurate) and the addresses were small and difficult to read.

5 COMPREHENSION (cont’d) With the line: “When counseling we are professional, when talking we are your best friends”. Both groups: Strong & positive impressions about the line SWs: Feeling of peace and trust with the service Get the knowledge on the HIV, how to live with HIV, the medicine etc. and sharing from the counselors. Help people felt more confident and secure about the services. Male Clients: Thinking of a high quality and friendly service Everyone can come and get the service

6 ATTRACTIVENESS Both groups: The ads are attractive in general Things that attracted the participants:  The logo (the sun/sunflower) and the name Chan Troi Moi create optimistic thinking  The yellow in the ad is attractive  Smile of people in the ads

7 ATTRACTIVENESS (cont’d COLOR SWs: The dark and faded colors (on one side) limited the attractiveness of the billboard. Almost all respondents said that they did not like the dark blue sky above the two persons.  Some of participants said that when seeing this dark blue, they linked about the stigma to the HIV positive persons. The background color of the bottom line should be brighter to easier to see the words. Male Clients: Some felt the color of the sun a bit light Some preferred the different colors between the Chan Troi Moi and the background of the line “When counseling we are professional…”

8 ATTRACTIVENESS (cont’d) PICTURE Both groups: People like the smile of the man and the woman  it creates a good feeling, feeling of “no worry” It is not easy to immediately understand they are a normal people who received the service It should be the picture about the service provider or counseling process There should be more than 1 person in the ads Male clients: Some liked only 1 person in the ads

9 ATTRACTIVENESS (cont’d) Structure Both groups: In general, the structure is good (many people) Too many words in the design with the long tagline (with Chan Troi Moi) Add the phone numbers of the centers SWs: Half said that it was not neccessary to have the “peace of mind” line in the ads because:  It made the ads had too much letters  The benefit of the serivce is certain and no need to say more. We should prioritize the space for other information that people are more interested in such as Free of charge, confidential, accurate, etc Half wanted to change the position of the phrase “When counseling...” with this bottom line

10 ACCEPTABILITY All participants thought that their friends would notice and accept the messages in this campaign. If their friends saw the billboards outdoor, they might gave advice for the other to come to the center for checking) whether they knew about their HIV status or not. Some others people imagined that their friends would quietly come to take the service for themselves after finding this advertisement. All participants said that they could be the person in the billboard because HIV issues were related to everybody.

11 IDENTIFICATION The ads are for every one and not only people with high risk of HIV The message in the campaign is relevant to them Male: as clients of SWs SWs: relevant to their daily concern about being HIV infected. New things they learned: Chan Troi Moi is a very helpful service to them as it is good and free

12 PERSUASION People will go to the service for HIV and other counseling on health as well The line “When counseling we are …” will urge people come, almost all of participant liked this sentence very much “Free, confidential, and accurate” was convincing to them.

13 COMPARISON Some of them already seen the VCT phase 1 billboards Almost among those who have ever seen the VCT phase 1 billboards) prefer the VCT phase 1 billboards with the picture of counseling process

14 The “peace of mind” line Both groups: Most respondents voted for the “PEACE OF MIND” as: “Tôi đã từng băn khoăn lo lắng, nhưng giờ thì tôi đã thực sự yên tâm” Almost all: Do not add “with Chan Troi Moi” since it makes the tagline long and duplicate with Chan Troi Moi below Male clients: Some wanted to add “…worried about HIV…” or bring HIV near to “peace of mind” line to make it easier to understand at a quick look Some liked to add some symbol to show that the “peace of mind” line is what the person is speaking or thinking

15 The “peace of mind” line Short, easy to understand and read when people travel quickly in the street “Yên tâm” is stronger, meaning “no worry remains” “Bình tâm” is somewhat “weak”, not urge people use the service, people can go or not go

16 The “peace of mind” line (cont’d) “LOOK FORWARD TO BRIGHTER FUTURE” long and difficult to remember Male clients: it means only people with “shaded future” need to go to Chan Troi Moi Some SWs said that it was also easy to understand but the word “look forward” did not reflect the reality because the HIV positive persons could hope but could not “look forward a brighter future”

17 The “peace of mind” line (cont’d) “PLANNING FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE” long sounds like a business, not very familiar with life (some people in male clients groups) not so important to come to the center (some people in SWs groups)

18 Thank you!

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