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Presents The Accent Terminator ILC Interactive Learning Corporation February 2009.

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1 Presents The Accent Terminator ILC Interactive Learning Corporation February 2009

2 The Problem: You lack confidence speaking English because of your accent…

3 Your Learning and Marks Suffer Speaking out in class Communicating the knowledge that you have to the teacher Interaction with fellow students on collaborative projects Not socializing with people you like and respect

4 The Solution: The Accent Terminator An interactive online speaking course designed for students Entertaining service taught by Andy Krieger, voice coach to movie stars Effective way for non-native English speakers to reduce accent and improve spoken communication

5 Developed by Andy Krieger “Coach K” world famous instructor to the stars Inventor of the K Method Has helped over 7,000 students worldwide Available online through the online courses section at: Li Bing BingJackie Chan Crystal Yifei Liu

6 Unique Learning Approach 5 Key Steps to accent reduction 8 Essential Tips for more effective speaking 9 digital speaking positions The K Method delivers results in as little as TWO hours

7 Testimonials Thanks for giving us such a wonderful course. I would say this is the missing puzzle which I am looking for and complements very well with other traditional oral English/pronunciation trainings. The class is intensive but effective. I have never seen people so focused in class ever yet in such an cozy atmosphere to learn effectively. This have to be the results of many years of distillation and experiment and what we are having are the very essence of the method. I'm sure everyone learning English as a second language would benefit very much from attending this one-day course and keep practising using Andy's approach. Lester W H CHAN HSBC Hong Kong July 08

8 Now Available Online at Key Features Step-by-step guide to the K Method with example videos Accent Terminator interactive video workshop Instant online access 90 day access to course after initial login Usage and score reporting Reduced Pricing for Students

9 Interactive Video Tutorials …show you exactly how to speak.

10 Accent Terminator Video Recorder …to help you analyze and correct your pronunciation. Coach K VideoYour webcam

11 Purchase your Accent Terminator Now Only $49 for three months access 24x7 Money Back Guarantee if your accent is not improved after 10 hours of using this program Go to Act now and get 50% off a Live Communicator Camera and Headset/Microphone to use with the Accent Terminator – available by going to: html

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