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Asian American Studies: & The Discipline, Its Futures. The Movement,

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1 Asian American Studies: & The Discipline, Its Futures. The Movement,






7 San Francisco State Strike (c. 1968-69)


9 Cal Berkeley TWLF Strike (1969)

10 YearTotal U.S. Pop.Asian AmericansPct. Of Total 2000:288,378,13712,868,8454.46% 1990:248,709,8737,273,6622.92% 1980:226,545,8053,500,4391.55% 1970:203,211,9261,538,7210.76% 1960 1 :179,323,175980,3370.55% 1960 2 :178,464,236565,4430.32% Total Asian Americans in the United States







17 Robert Ezra Park Rose Hum Lee [Henry Yu Thinking Orientals ]




21 Detained in this wooden house for several tens of days, It is all because of the Mexican exclusion law which implicates me, It's a pity heroes have no way of exercising their prowess. I can only await the word so that I can snap Zu's whip. From now on, I am departing far from this building. All of my fellow villagers are rejoicing with me. Don't say that everything within is Western styled. Even if it is built of jade, it has turned into a cage.

22 Lai, Him Mark, Genny Lim, and Judy Yung, Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940 (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1991).









31 Roger Daniels Prisoners Without Trial Alice Yang Murray What Did the Internment of the Japanese Americans Mean?

32 Linda Gordon and Gary Y. Okihiro Impounded: Dorothea Lange and the Censored Images of Japanese American Internment

33 Sucheng Chan This Bittersweet Soil: The Chinese in California Agriculture, 1860-1920


35 Ronald Takaki Strangers From a Different Shore

36 Elaine H. Kim Asian American Literature: An Introduction to the Writings and Their Social Context

37 King-Kok Cheung Articulate Silences: Hisaye Yamamoto, Maxine Hong Kingston, Joy Kogawa

38 Lisa Lowe Immigrant Acts: On Asian American Cultural Politics


40 Journal of Asian American Studies (left) AmerAsian Journal (not pictured)

41 David L. Eng & Alice E. Hom Q&A: Queer in Asian America Russell Leong Asian American Sexualities: Dimensions of the Gay & Lesbian Experience Martin F. Manalansan IV Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora

42 Yen Le Espiritu Filipino American Lives Sucheng Chan Hmong Means Free: Life in Laos and America

43 James W. Loewen The Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White Sumaina Marr Maira Desis in the House: Indian American Youth Culture in New York City

44 Frank Wu Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White Hazel M. McFerson Blacks and Asians: Crossings, Conflict and Commonality

45 Madeline F. Hsu Dreaming of Gold, Dreaming of Home Haiming Liu The Transnational History of a Chinese Family

46 Asian Americans: The Movement and the Moment Diane C. Fujino Heartbeat of Struggle: The Revolutionary Life of Yuri Kochiyama

47 We must continually ask ourselves: “ Whose interests will the results of our research serve? How will our research findings affect the populations on whom we rely for our data?” —Sucheng Chan (1981)

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