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1 Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation Collaborate To Innovate May 2008.

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1 1 Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation Collaborate To Innovate May 2008

2 2 since 1997: Co-operation between Singapore’s EDB (Economic Development Board) & OCS (Israel’s Office of Chief Scientist) Mission : To promote, facilitate and support joint Industrial R&D projects between companies from Israel and Singapore About SIIRD

3 3 Organizational Chart

4 4 About SIIRD- budget info’ US$3 million fund per year An average of 10 projects approved per year As at May 2008, 74 Projects approved (software, IT, electronics, gaming etc.) Facilitated R&D Investment of over US$ 70 million & Employment of more than 1,000 Scientists & Engineers

5 5 What is an R&D project ? Development of new technology that would lead to a new innovative product Upgrade of existing technologies into a new “upgraded product” and innovative customization Integration of some technologies into an innovative technology applications ALL SECTORS / TECHNOLOGY AREAS

6 6 About SIIRD – Support & Services Matchmaking Support - Provide matching and brokerage assistance for companies from Singapore and Israel keen on R&D collaboration Information - Provide linkage to Government agencies and organizations in Singapore and Israel

7 7 SIIRD Funding Support Funding support - can reach a ceiling of US$750,000 (or ~ S$1 million*) * 1.3 SGD = 1 USD Funding support - up to 50% of qualified R&D cost items in a project One condition - At least 30% of the actual R&D cost must be spent in Singapore & in Israel (both companies should be R&D companies) A conditional Grant = Repayable - if the project is successfully commercialized, royalties should be paid to SIIRD (2.5% of annual sales) or…..

8 8 Savings in Repayment Grants of 2.5% of annual sales or Years Following First Commercial Transaction Maximum Percentage of Conditional Grant and Other Sums to be Repaid 168% 276% 382% 491% 598% 6 or more100%

9 9 Eligible Cost Items of SIIRD Funding Direct Manpower Consultancy & Sub-Contractors Equipment Expendable Material & Supplies Travel Between Singapore & Israel Upon Approval - 25% Overheads + 5% G&A

10 10 Fund up to US$30,000 OR 50% of the eligible costs Mini R&D Project Fund up to US$100,000 or 50% of the eligible R&D costs Project duration not more than one year Fund between US$100,000 and US$750,000 or Up to 50% of the eligible R&D costs Project duration between one to three years Full-Scale R&D Project Time Financial Support Feasibility Study Types of SIIRD Funding

11 11 Benefits of Joint R&D Collaboration SIIRD shares companies’ risk in facilitation of new products development Increase ability to create innovative product features Expand product portfolio for new customers and markets SIIRD does not take equity SIIRD does not acquire Intellectual Property rights developed

12 12 Project Evaluation & Review process –Parallel Evaluations in Israel by OCS evaluators and in Singapore – by Professors from universities such as NUS (National University of Singapore). –Approval by SIIRD Board Of DirectorsSIIRD Board Of Directors –If approved …… –Reviews (Interim & Final) by SIIRD Israel & Singapore Evaluation Process

13 13 Recent Approved Project Hardware Accelerated AI for Innovative Massive Multiplayer (MMP) Game Lighting Energy Management System (LEMS) Project

14 14 Partner Search Request

15 15 R&D Opportunities in Israel

16 16 SIIRD Important Events CommunicAsia Singapore Biggest Telecom Exhibition in Asia Pacific 17-20 June 2008 Water Expo Singapore 24-26 June 2008 Telecom Israel 4-6 November 2008


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