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GLOBAL MIGRATION & BRAIN DRAIN By Cmdr Viliame Naupoto Director of Immigration 01 Dec 2008.

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2 GLOBAL MIGRATION & BRAIN DRAIN By Cmdr Viliame Naupoto Director of Immigration 01 Dec 2008

3 Migration – Global Context Migration is considered one of the defining global issues of the early twenty-first century, – more and more people are on the move today than at any other point in human history. About 191 million people living outside their place of birth – 3% of the world’s population. – Roughly 1:35 persons in the world is a migrant.

4 Migration – Global Context Between1965 and 1990 - number of international migrants increased by 45 million—an annual growth rate of about 2.1 %. – Current annual growth rate is about 2.9 %. There is growing recognition that migration is an essential and inevitable component of the economic and social life of every State Orderly and properly managed migration can be beneficial for both individuals and societies.

5 Migration – Global Context Migration has multiple and complex dimensions and include: – labour migration – family reunification – migration and security – combating irregular migration – migration and trade – migrant rights – health and migration – integration – migration and development.

6 Migration Push /Supply Factors Pull/Demand Factors More Jobs Higher Wages Better Living Conditions Better Health and Education Services Better Facilities Lesser Chance of Natural Disasters Political Stability Transit to Target Country Unemployment Lower Wages Poor Living Conditions Poor Health and or Education Service Few Facilities Natural Disasters Civil Wars Political Instability

7 Migration – Fiji Context Our pull factors are quite attractive and strong Some of our push factors are pull factors example - our low wages still is attractive to countries with weak currencies in Asia. We are a doorway to the main target countries like the US, Australia, NZ and Canada. Makes Fiji a Good Transit Country The Fiji passports carry well into these countries when compared to some Asian countries Education levels and qualifications are recognized by developed countries like Australia and New Zealand

8 Migration – Fiji Context Fiji is one of those countries that experience migration in all three capacities as source, receiving and transit countries. Migration has moved to non traditional destinations like Middle East countries The remittances are increasing and it is becoming one of our major sources of revenue (2 nd to Tourism) Our migration network is family and community based. There is an increasing international education pull factor from Fiji Continually witnessing more and more signs of human trafficking and or people smuggling.

9 Yes Macau PP KOREA NADI KE822 Cleared in on Ch PP G11741129 as Chen Yong Met by FL Traveled on Midas Travel Minibus driven by ZC Safe House Suva Area Apply for French Visa French Embassy Visa Refused Purchase Ticket on Macau PP For Chan On fm Macquarie Travel Fiji/Spain/Fiji Conspired to use Macau PP No req for visa to Spain Refused Entry Macau PP-Counterfeit KOREA NADI Cleared out by L (Customs) Checked in by KP ATS 28/11/07 29/11/07 30/11/07 Guangzhou 18/12/07 30/11/07 19/12/07 02/1/08 04/1/08 07/1/08 Cleared out on Macau PP M0151667 as Chan On Return to Nadi KE821 Chen Yong/Chan On LKH OPS SEMATA

10 Permit Holders

11 Permit by Countries

12 Work by Sector - 2006

13 Work by Sector - 2007


15 Families by Countries

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