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BIDMC Organizational Charts as of March, 2010

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1 BIDMC Organizational Charts as of March, 2010
Organizational charts are available via the General Portal. If you do not have access to the web and would like a hard copy or have changes, please contact Diana Palmisano at Charts will be updated every 3 months. Organizational charts are currently to the director level.

2 BIDMC Office of the President
Paul Levy, President & CEO Eric Buehrens, EVP & COO S. Fischer CFO & SVP Finance Gail Serra Executive Assistant to CEO Mary Chan Executive Assistant to COO Department Chiefs J. Glasser SVP Communications V. Sukhatme, MD, PhD Chief Academic Officer K. Laping SVP Development P. McGovern General Counsel & SVP Corporate and Community Affairs R. Mason VP Research and Academic Affairs R. Schwartzstein, MD VP Education L. Zankman SVP Human Resources M. Maurer SVP Clinical Operations S. Lewis, MD SVP Network Integration J. Sheehan SVP Ambulatory & Emergency Services K. Sands, MD SVP Health Care Quality J. Halamka CIO & SVP Information Systems W. Armstrong SVP Capital Facilities And Engineering R. Cherry VP Support Services L. Markson VP Clinical Systems & Development J. Powers Chief Administrative Information Officer L. Pascal VP Business Development & Planning A. Lee VP Business Transformation


4 Patient Care Services (Clinical Programs) (Patient Care Services)
Marsha Maurer Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services CNO Wanda Shelton Dir, Patient Care Services (Finance & Systems) BB Wood Dir. Patient Care Services (Projects & Systems) Elena Canacari Director, Perioperative Services Cindy Phelan Director, Operations CVI Laurie Bloom Dir. Professional Development Mary Jo Brogna Director, Throughput Deborah Vona Chief Admin Officer Orthopedics Elizabeth Black Chief Admin Officer, Anesthesia Nick Nace MD Director Jackie Poliseno RN Director Case Management Pat Thurston Chief Admin Officer, Surgery Kim Sulmonte Director, Quality Improvement Barbara Sarnoff-Lee Director, Social Work Phyllis West Director, Operations East Campus Jane Foley Director, Critical Care, Surgery M. Pollard S. Campion Chief Admin Officers OB/GYN Gayle Matheson Chief Admin Officer Neonatology Joanne Casella Chief Admin Officer Medicine Patt Samour Director, Nutrition Julia Dunbar Director, Pastoral Care

5 Revenue Cycle Management
Finance Steven Fischer Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer Stephen Deveau Director Fiscal Services Kim Mulholland Executive Assistant Elizabeth Wood Decision Support George Ogin Reimbursement Mary Feeley Budget Beth O'Toole Senior Director Revenue Cycle Management Katy Coughlin Contracting Tom Slowey CFO BID Needham



8 Marketing and Communications, BID-Needham
Judy Glasser Senior Vice President Ines de la Cruz Administrative Coordinator Cindy Whitcome Rhonda Mann Jerry Berger Director Director Director Internal Communications and Marketing Communications Media Relations Publications Rose Lewis Director Marketing and Communications, BID-Needham


10 Silverman Institute for Health Care Quality and Safety
Kenneth Sands, MD, MPH Senior Vice President & Medical Director Carole Sesling Department Administrator Michael Howell, MD Medical Director Critical Care Quality Kathleen Murray, Director Performance Assessment Regulatory Compliance Francis P. Mitrano, MS, RPh. Director, Pharmacy Services Sharon Brodie Wright, MD Director Hospital Epidemiology & Infection Control Rosemary Kennedy, Director Radiation Safety Anne Marie Jarvey, Director Professional Staff Affairs Meg Femino, Director Emergency Management Patricia Folcarelli, PhD, RN Director, Patient Safety Julius Yang, MD Medical Director Inpatient Quality David Feinbloom, MD Medical Director Medication & Information Management



13 Office of Business Conduct
General Counsel and SVP for Corporate and Community Affairs Patricia McGovern, JD EVP and COO Eric Buehrens Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer Leon Goldman, MD Deputy General Counsel and Director, Research Compliance Emily Wood, JD Director, Corporate Compliance Andrea Williams, CHC Compliance Specialist Phaedra McLaurin Research Compliance Officer


15 Research & Academic Affairs


17 Business Development & Planning
Trinidad Herminda –Owens Administrative Coordinator Laurie Pascal Vice President Donna Hallet Director of Operations Radiology Allen Ready Director of Business Radiology

18 Business Transformation
Alice W. Lee Vice President Trinidad Herminda –Owens Administrative Coordinator Judith Jensen Administrative Director Pathology Vacant Manager Business Transformation

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