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Jackie Chan.

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1 Jackie Chan

2 Jackie Chan – Hong Kong and American actor, stuntman, film director, producer, writer,singer, a martial arts master.

3 Childhood Jackie was born in a poor Chinese family. In 6 years he went to school of Peking Opera. Became interested in martial arts.  In eight years, he began acting in the crowd, and in youth age he participated in the trick of the crowd. In 1976 Jackie Chan moved to his parents in Australia, went to College and worked as a builder.

4 Work In the films he began working as a stuntman. And in1970 begins to play a main role and to create films. He makes pictures entertainment, makes tricks, exposing himself to danger. He is known for his charity. Chan stars there on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong and on the Avenue of Stars in Hollywood, and the Old Arbat street in Moscow. There are many books about Jackie. Jackie Chan is a professional singer, and he sings in English, Japanese and Chinese languages. He wrote 20 albums.


6 in Hong Kong in Hollywood

7 Thank you for your attention
By Kanchurin Ruslan

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